Free Customisable Pinterest Templates (Customise with ease)

NEED TO SAVE TIME ON CREATING PINTEREST PINS? Well you’ve luckily come to the right place? Get your free customisable Pinterest templates here… For all you bloggers, who are having trouble with designing Pinterest pin.…

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7 Types of Blog Posts Every New Blogger Needs To Know

When starting as a new blogger… Blog posts can be hard to write if you are unaware of the different types of blog posts you can write. Tbh when I first started, I was in…

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How changing your habits helps make better decisions

Habits are the decision-makers of your life. Habits are your unconscious behaviours and thinking patterns we engage in our daily life. Everyone always has good and bad practices. These habits I believe, are behind all…

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How to clear negative energy to improve your life

Negativity can make you feel down, heavy. What negativity means to me could be very different from what it means to you. To me, negativity is unhealthy and unhelpful energy which surrounds you by specific…

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8 Blogging myths bloggers must ignore

There are a lot of myths about blogging that are entirely not true.  For example, do you even money from it? Is it even a real job? And honestly, I can tell you that blogging…

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