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about me

Who runs Lifetime Influx?

I’m Porsha. I am 23 years old, currently living in London. I decided to start blogging as I feel blogs allow a person to express themselves without feeling uncomfortable. I am on a mission to inspire young people my age to fulfil their goals. After four years of work and uni together, with all the working, I decided to take up my adventure and explore my entrepreneurial skills. I need to experience and explore new challenges for myself which I believe will help establish and show what I love doing.

I realised for me to move forward and grow I need to start making some changes.

Being a very outgoing and bubbly person, but that only comes from getting to know me. But once I am comfortable with you, my personality will start to shine. All in all, I am a timid person.

Blogging allows me to show my personality; I feel like through blogging, I can show who I am and what I love doing as well as my experiences!!!!

I am ready to grab this opportunity and to be a part of something I would never have had the courage to do before.

Allowing me to share my experiences and lifestyle with my readers.


On my blog, you will find the blog posts are about: Lifestyle (Personal development) & Blogging Tips.

My posts are written for aspiring Entrepreneurs/Bloggers who are looking for empowerment.

I am very passionate about inspiring people of all ages but especially young women and empowering them to take every day working on their dreams and living their life to the fullest.

To live, it not just about a continuous routine but more about living to your best ability.

I am not here to waste your time; I want to you love and get inspired by the posts I write.

Because some of the things I write about are things, I have struggled with myself. Lifetime Influx Is about helping you reach your goals, whether that be in your career or business/blogging ventures.

As I continue to learn about personal development, lifestyle and blogging, I will continue to share my advice on what I’ve learnt in the easiest way possible.

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Whether working on your personal growth or become an entrepreneur,  fulfil your desire and passion or either learn more about yourself. I am here to help you master your goals and take the action you need to start improving your life

Whatever that is know you can do whatever you put your mind to – believe in yourself because I am right there with you taking on different challenges and learning what I want to do and become

Enjoy the read, Subscribe, Comment and Share.

Don’t be afraid to contact me; I don’t bite. I would love to get to me my readers as well as allowing them to get to know me. As well as if you need any help contact me on lifetimeinflux@gmail.com

Thank yous for reading and Enjoy 🙂

Loves Porsha