13 ways to get into the Christmas Spirit

And you want Christmas Countdown is here. This year has been a tough one to be fair; I know it must be hard for a lot of people to get into the Christmas spirit. 2020 has been hard, but we are all pushing through. There are many examples of how to get back into the Christmas spirit.

Especially when you grow older because life comes with loads of commitments. These commitments include:

  • Loneliness
  • Work commitments
  • Family issues
  • and other things

All of these things can make you lose that amazing Christmas spirit that you once had.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to spend with your loved ones. We’re are supposed to be joyful, generous, kind, forgiving and loving. But sometimes life gets in the way of all of that. And Christmas Countdown is here, so get into the Christmas Spirit for 2020. This post will help you get back into the Christmas spirit and Enjoy Christmas 2020.  Providing you with examples of how to get back into the  Christmas spirit.

Surely these suggestions, for example of how to get back into the Christmas spirit will lift your spirits.

Examples of Christmas Spirit Ideas #1 – Stream Christmas Movies

There are many Christmas movies that you can start watching from now to get you into the Christmas spirit.  As they say, Seeing is believing. There are many Christmas movies from classic animations, family comedies to romantic feel-good movies.

Exposing yourself to all these wonderful Christmas movies will give you such as appreciation of how wonderful Christmas actually is. This will get you excited for Christmas and get your Christmas countdown started.

Most of the movies I am going to list below are before my time, But One thing I do know is Old Classic always get you in the Christmas Spirit.

Here are some of my favourites that will help you get into the Christmas spirit and get your countdown in no time:

  • Home alone
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Scrooged
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • Christmas Inheritance
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • The Holiday
  • White Christmas
  • How the Grinch stole Christmas
  • Bad Santa
  • Love Actually
  • The Polar Express
  • Arthur Christmas
  • Fred Claus

Examples of Christmas Spirit Ideas #2 – Take a drive & look at Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are so beautiful. There is something so magical about Christmas lights. I must admit, seeing Christmas lights always gets me into Christmas spirit, as well as getting me ready for Christmas countdown.

There are many Christmas light displays in London:

  1. Oxford Street Christmas Lights
  2. Carnaby Christmas Lights
  3. Covent Garden Christmas
  4. Christmas at Kew Gardens

Examples of Christmas Spirit Ideas #3 – Create the Christmas Spirit in your own home

If you are not getting into the Christmas spirit, then I would say start putting up all your Christmas ornaments. This always gets me ready and wanting to start the countdown for Christmas.

I have noticed when you are focused on just putting the ornaments up; it’s no fun whatsoever. But what makes it really more fun is when you have other members of your family helping you with the tree, Listening to Christmas song whilst you do it, or even have Christmas movie on whilst doing so. That’s when you will really start getting into the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

#4 – Give since its the season of giving

Christmas is the season of giving. It is the best time to get creative withing your Christmas Countdown and give to people who need it the most.

Whether that be helping out family members, surprise friend with a free babysitter so that they can go and do shopping, volunteer and give extra to help to those in need and leave a healthy tip when you are out.

5# – Throw a Christmas party

Don’t ever feel like you should Isolate yourself during the Christmas holiday and you want to get into the Christmas spirit.

Throw a get together with some of your closest friends, Or even throw a Dinner party.

6# – Cut Down on your to-do list

If you are not feeling Christmassy this year, I say cut back on your chores, responsibilities and more. Christmas is about relaxing and spending time with your family.

You’ll be happy with less chore and responsibilities, and you’ll be able to join in and have fun with your family and friends.

Please hear me on this Christmas is about family and what’s important to you.

Christmas is about fun, family, giving, and a lot of love.

7# – Make the best Christmas memories

Christmas is about spending time with family. Making memories with them that are more fulfilling than materialistic things. Getting together with friends or family and do something together like got to the theatres to see a play.

Enjoy your time with your friends and family because Christmas is about making the best memories with your friends & families

Other things you can do with friends and family:

  • go out for a nice dinner
  • Go to local Attraction
  • Theme park
  • Ice skating

8# – Use Christmas Colours around your house

It’s imperative that every Christmas you put up your Christmas tree and ornaments.  This will definitely get you into the holiday vibe.  For my Christmas decorations, I always make sure the colour scheme is either red, gold or white, silver.

All of these colours can go together; you can use drapes or artificial garlands over different parts of your house. You can also have additional ornaments that bring wonderful colours of Christmas, getting you into the joys of Christmas. Whilst getting you in the countdown for Christmas.

9# Make some hot chocolate or eggnog

Christmas is a festive season. Many things make the season special, from Christmas movies, Christmas lights and much more. Especially if you love making seasonal beverages like hot chocolate or eggnog.

Whipping up a hot chocolate for you to get comfy on your sofa, before you pick up a good book or before you get comfy watching a movie.

10# Turn on the Christmas music

There is nothing better than listening to Christmas music. Once you hear those familiar Christmas songs, that you’ve been singing along to since you was little, it will definitely get you feeling Christmassy again.

The Holiday spirit is about being cheerful and loving; that’s what I feel Christmas music is about.  It’s not only Christmas music, but you can watch favourite Christmas movies that allow you to sing along too.

Examples of Christmas Spirit Ideas 11# Embrace the small things in life.

The little things at Christmas are so important because there are always the things that mean the most to people. Sometimes the biggest things at Christmas don’t always matter. We, as humans, always notice the small things that matter the best. This includes a little extra love and all of the little touches you have made in your house to get you into the Christmas spirit.

It really doesn’t matter about going all out. This is because the simple things that make Christmas come together are way bigger than a few Christmas decoration. So. embrace playing holiday music, embrace watching Christmas movies in your PJ, embrace decorating, embrace the Christmas season altogether.

12#. Be thankful

Being thankful is so important, especially at Christmas. So Embrace gratitude if you’re not in the Christmas spirit. I know, we are at the being of the Christmas season but using gratitude can lift your mood and brighten up your mood.

November has gone by quickly, and you have so many blessing in your life that you may not have even realised. So practice writing down 3-4 things you are thankful for.  This might be something you did throughout the day you are happy about. Practising such things can lift your mood completely.

Read More –How to incorporate gratitude into your life gradually

13# You can be imperfect during this Christmas season

Being Perfect at Christmas is not a necessity. You. Don’t need to be perfect at anything, which includes being the perfect host, decorating the perfect tree.

You have gotta be you, permit yourself to take a break from all types of perfection. It’s your own journey, don’t compare what you see on socials because you can only do you.

Remember to take these tips and use them through the Christmas Period. I hope all of these tips will help you get back into the Christmas spirit in no time. But I hope you have a very GOOD CHRISTMAS & HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Videos for getting into the Christmas Spirit:

How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit!! | DIY Decor, Treat


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