45 Unique & Personalised valentines gifts for Her 2021

As you know, valentines day is coming up. There are many personalised valentines gifts; you can give your other half. Valentine’s gifts for her to show them how much you love them. There are many simple valentine’s day gifts you can give to your loved one to show you appreciate them.

Why Valentine’s day is so important to people?

Every year on February 14th, people exchanges personalised even simple valentines day gifts, such as:

  • Personalised cards,
  • candies flowers with their special people. To show them how much they are really appreciated, to show them, unconditional love.

These personalised valentines gifts are given out of love and so much more. It’s a good way to make your partner happy and give them a personalise but simple valentines day gifts.

There is soo much history around valentines day that we may not know about.

  • February has always been the months were we celebrate romance. That’s where St. Valentine’s day as we know today come from; It contained both Christian and ancient Roman traditions.
  • In the 1300s was when it officially became a holiday which was associated with love.
  • The oldest record of a personalised valentines day gift being sent was in the 15th century.
  • A traditional valentines day gift used to be flowers back in the 17th century as it became a popular custom to give flowers – Red roses are a symbolisation of deep love.
  • Most Valentine’s day gift that people spend money their money on jewellery, of course.
  • In 1861, they introduced the first heart-shaped box of chocolate.
  • It wasn’t until 1866 that the first sweet personalised printed messages on conversation hearts were created – This is a great personalised, simple valentine gift.
  • Nearly over 6 million couples have got engaged on Valentine’s day.
  • Valentine’s day is celebrated differently all around the world.

Personalised valentines day gifts for Her

Here are my Top 5 Personalised valentines days gifts for Her with another 50 amazing other gifts, I know she may love.

Personalised valentines day gifts for her #1 Paperchase (Mugs, Picture frame & Scrapbook)

If you are looking for simple be personalised gifts for your girlfriend. Then paperchase has tons of options for you. They have scrapbooks, wifey mugs, journals, snack boxes and photo frames. These little sentimental gifts will be a great way to show your girlfriend how much you love her. Her knowing that you have personalised the gift for will mean so much to her. Whilst showing her how much affection you have for through these personalised valentines day gifts.

These personalised gifts for her show how creative you can be. It can also be fun making something for your other half. They are the gifts that will be memorable, and your partner will treasure it forever. Personalised valentines gift always have a backstory and shows the happiest, most memorable side of your relationship.

Personalised valentines day gifts for her #2 Personalised Jewellery (Necklace, Earring, Rings)


Jewellery is the best-simple valentines day gift for her. I know about females that they love jewellery, especially if it’s personalised because you can get it engraved with a personal message on it.

It could be the simplest thing ever, including:

  • a ring that engraved your anniversary date
  • a beautiful necklace with a meaningful word on it like ‘I love you’.
  • A pendant with a delicate charm like her birthstone or the stone of the month you met her on.
  • a necklace with her initials or name on it

Choosing something special like this will be sentimental to here and be more significant than you actually realise.

Jewellery brands that will be good for you:

  • Tiffany & co
  • Swarovski
  • Cartier
  • Selfridges
  • Pandora
  • Daphine
  • Daisy London

Personalised valentines day gifts for her #3 Perfume

Perfume as a valentines day gift is always something great to receive on such a romance day. Especially for valentines day for her, It’s such as a romantic, personalised gift because you will always remember to wear it on a special occasion.

Perfume is a beautiful gift and is such a sweet gesture your girlfriend enjoy all year round. Choosing the right perfume is always good because she will always wear it as she knows its from you.

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Personalised valentines day gifts for her #4 Bouquet

Showing up with a bouquet at her door is an amazing but very classic way to show your love for her, especially on Valentine’s day as a gift. But showing her your love through flowers; shows you are thinking about, which is a lovely way to show affection.

But to show her how special she is to you, you can send her a personalised Bouquetn gift Hamper. This hamper can include anything from her favourite chocolate, e.g. Ferrero Rocher, Lindor chocolate. Personalising the Valentines day gift for her is an amazing way to show her you appreciate her and show her you notice the little things about her.

If you are looking for some ideas of where you can buy them from:

Personalised valentines day gifts for her #5 Collection of different bath Bombs/Self-care products

If you know your Girlfriend loves Self-care, then bath bombs and different self-care products are something she will love. You can create a little hamper full of her favourite bath bombs and self-care products.

This will show her how creative you can get and show her you notice the little things about her, and she will love you for it. This is such an amazing personalised valentines day gift to show her your love and how much to pay attention.

pink sweet themed gift with products on it

There are 50 other Personalised valentines day gifts she may love :

  1. Actual Handwriting Bracelet
  2. Gift set of candles
  3. Date Night Bucket List
  4. Back and Neck Massager
  5. Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray
  6. Makeup organiser
  7. Bluetooth shower speaker
  8. Instax Mini 8 Camera
  9. Travel Passport wallet
  10. A romance trip away
  11. Jewellery box
  12. Wireless headphones
  13. Cookbooks – if she is a lover of cooking.
  14. River dining for two
  15. Two-night getaway
  16. Live Love Laugh Wooden Heart Decoration
  17. Wine tasting
  18. London experience by day or night
  19. Dinner Date
  20. Personalised I Love you Cushion
  21. Massive teddy bear
  22. Heated blanket
  23. Fluffy Slippers
  24. Snack Box subscription
  25. Hamper full of her favourite chocolate
  26. PJ sets
  27. Airpods pro
  28. Beauty box subscription
  29. Cute Lingerie
  30. Gymwear
  31. Yoga mat
  32. Set from her favourite Makeup brands
  33. Cosmetic Travel pouch
  34. Watch
  35. designer Bag
  36. Vintage & Co Patterns & petal soap flower
  37. Hair Brush set
  38. Trainers & tracksuit – if she is a tracksuit type of girl
  39. Sleep set – Eye Mask, pillow Mist and more
  40. Hair Straightener Gift set.

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These are all amazing personalised Valentine’s day gifts for her that she will love. I hope they are helpful to you and will give you some inspirations on gifts you can get you to love one to show her how much you love her.

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