82 ideas for self-care that you will love

Self-care is so crucial because it helps you take care of your mind, body and soul. This post will detail ideas for self-care to inspire you to practice different self-care activities. I will categories these ideas for self-care. There are many various practical self-care activities that you can do daily. Learning and realising your self-care and self-worth will allow you to take care of yourself better.

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But why do people find it hard to use self-care daily?

Practising practical self-care activities isn’t always as easy as people think it is. Because a lot of us have crazy busy daily lives. There are so many different Ideas for Self-care that you can use to benefit your present and future. This could include:

– having a stressful job

– having children to look after

– even are too consumed with what is going on in the world.

So me-time maybe the last thing on peoples minds. Self-care can be challenging to start with. This post of 64 ideas for self-care will help get you started on learning how to use self-care daily.

The Ideas for self-care that I am going to mention will help you in different aspects of your life. I hope these IDEAS FOR SELF CARE will help you recognise how important self-care is and help you realise your self-worth.

What is Self-care?

It’s any practical self-care activity that you do to take care of yourself. This can be anything to do with taking care of yourself mentally, physically or emotionally. Practising good self-care is the key to improving your mood, your self-worth and reducing lousy feeling you have about yourself.

What Self-care isn’t about?

Self-care isn’t something you should force yourself to do. It’s used to help people to refuel themself. Also, Self-care isn’t selfish. It just allows you to consider your own needs. It’s also about knowing what you need as a person to help take good care of yourself, while also taking care of others too.

Self-care is different for everyone. Here are three golden rules to help you get started before I get into the 64 ideas for self-care:

  • Start with the basics because you will start to pick up your little routine overtime. Once you’ve picked up the routine, you’ll begin to identify and implement better practical self-care activities. These will work for you and help you grow.
  • Self- care is about actively planning; instead of it be something that just happens out of nowhere. It’s your active choice to treat yourself well. Making a plan and adding it to your calendar is an excellent way to start. This will show how committed you’re on working on your self-care and self-worth.
  • Make sure you maintain a conscious mind throughout because you need to be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. This is a good habit to start doing.

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practical self-care activities for self worth

Ideas for practical Self-care activities:

There are many different ways you can work on your self-care and self-worth. It doesn’t matter what approach you take because there are many ways to figure out what strategy for self-care works for you.

Make sure you learn these ideas that are practical self-care activities. While implementing them into your daily routine can do you all the world of good. It’s a brilliant way to boost your mood.

Top 5 out of the ideas for Self-care

Ideas for self-care 1# Sleep is an important part and needs to be apart of your self-care routine.

Sleep has a massive effect on how you feel daily, whether that’s emotional or physical. If you don’t get enough sleep, it can affect you massively. Many things can cause havoc to your rest, such as stress.

To improve your sleep, think about having a carefully planned night routine, whether that be you reading before bed, freeing yourself of all distractions.

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Ideas for self-care 2# Make exercise apart of your practical self-care activities

Exercise is so good for us. Exercising daily can help us in so many ways by reducing stress, changing our mood and help you lose weight.

This doesn’t mean you have to exercise all day every day, just make sure it’s apart of your routine during the week.

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Ideas for self-care 3# Say No when you need too is apart of self-care

Saying No can be really hard because most of us are not used to saying yes as we want to help people out sometimes. But, if you’re stressed out with other things going on in your life, saying yes to everyone you love can affect you.

Learn to say no in the politest way possible. Making more time for yourself to use practical self-care activities.

Ideas for self-care 4# Get organised

Make sure you are organised is an excellent way to become healthier. It allows you to take care of yourself. Making small changes, such as keeping a planner to help you write down what you need to will keep you organised.

Ideas for self-care 5# Read books on self-care

Read more self-care books because we tend to be on our phones a lot for entertainment.  But instead being on our phones all the times, read a book to help you learn how to better your self-care and self-worth.

You will see a massive difference in how it can help you understand things, instead of your scrolling through your phone all the time.

There are my top 5 out of the ideas for self-care that I am going to mentions. Here are the rest:

  1.  Gratitude journals –Self Care Method: How is Journaling Beneficial?
  2.  Declutter your house
  3.  Binge-watch your favourite Netflix shows
  4. Take gratitude walks
  5. Light a candle and relax in the bath
  6. Brainstorm your dreams and values
  7. Use a face mask and take some time to yourself
  8. Laugh
  9. Make your favourite meal
  10. Treat yourself to something you have always wanted on payday
  11. Give yourself a compliment
  12. Organised a cocktail party with friends
  13. Create a morning routine
  14. Create a night routine
  15. Remove toxic friendship and relationship from your life
  16. Slow yourself down
  17. Meditate or pray
  18. Celebrate your achievements
  19. Take time out for yourself to be alone
  20. Have a no chore day
  21. Do yoga classes – Benefits of yoga
  22. Go on a bike ride
  23. Create your own bucket list
  24. Find a new hobby
  25. Make a vision board – What are Vision Boards & How do they work
  26. Go on a long car ride
  27. Clean out your purse
  28. Read some inspirational quotes
  29. Get some sun

All of the ideas for self-care can help you mentally and physically do better for yourself. While improving so many things in your life.

  1. Take a break from socials
  2. Visit friends
  3. Visit family
  4. Plan a beautiful day trip
  5. learn something new
  6. Sleep in
  7. Have a Spa day
  8. Get some sun
  9. Create a budget for yourself
  10. Dance it out
  11. Listen to music
  12. Be creative
  13. Repeat your affirmations
  14. Cry, let out your emotions
  15. Do something you used to love doing as a kid
  16. Turn your notifications off on your phone
  17. Do meal prep
  18. Schedule time at least once a week to do something you love
  19. Think about where you want to travel
  20. Explore new ideas
  21. Reach out and help others
  22. Forgive yourself
  23. Don’t apologise more than you should
  24. Massage your temples
  25. Eat fruits
  26. Remind yourself you can have fun and be happy
  27. Do a puzzle
  28. write a letter to your younger self
  29. Think about your future plans
  30. Just have fun.
  31. Spend time reading
  32. Set Screen time limit for yourself
  33. Declutter your social media accounts – How to Usefully declutter your life and mind
  34. Get organised
  35. Workout
  36. Do something you as a kid love doing

 Ideas for Self-Care that will beneficial for the future

  1. Do Meal prep
  2. Have an early night
  3. Create a Spotify playlist
  4. Note down quotes and affirmations that will benefit you and your future
  5. Think about where you want to travel to in future
  6. Read motivation books
  7. Be positive at work
  8. Create a folder for all your accomplishment
  9. Gossip less
  10. Experience life as much as you can
  11. Read positive quotes

There are soo many things you can do.

These ideas for practical self-care activities are just a few. I hope you enjoy and use some of these ideas for practical self-care activities to help you with your self-care and self-worth.


82 Simple self care ideas you will loveHow to use self care when life gets tough















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