94 Amazing blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers in 2020

Ever had writer’s block and need some ideas for lifestyle blog posts? Especially for a lifestyle blogger, there are so many trending lifestyle topics you can talk discuss.

Writer’s block is inescapable for every blogger, and it happens every once and a while.

The Lifestyle niche has many different aspects you can focus many on personal interest, hobbies, positive tips to help with a person daily activities, personal development, self-care, and so much more.


The great thing about blog post ideas is you can always tweak the different post ideas to fit the topic you want you’re discussing. Lifestyle bloggers can write on so many different things because it’s such a vast topic, and it varies so much. There are many various trending lifestyle topics you can write.

Amazing trending Lifestyle blog post ideas

Beauty/Wellness & Health/Fitness Blog post ideas

  1. Night Self-care routines
  2. Morning Self-care routines
  3. How eating can affect your skin
  4. Break down of your self-care routine
  5. Importance of exercising
  6. Favourite Beauty products
  7. Your daily fitness routine
  8. Date night recipes you can make
  9. Changes you can make to have more of a healthy lifestyle
  10. List of your favourite restaurants
  11. DIY Ideas

Tips & Tricks for blogging and Lifestyle blog post ideas

  1. Share Productivity tips
  2. Lifestyle hacks you never knew about
  3. Decluttering tips for your house, bedroom and more
  4. Tips and trick you have used on your blog
  5. New bloggers tips
  6. Pinterest tips
  7. Self- care tips
  8. Hacks on the best way to get organised
  9. Cleaning hacks
  10. Photography tips
  11. Biggest Mistake you can make in life

Money & Saving Blog Post Ideas

  1. Saving strategies
  2. Tips and tools you can use to help with saving money
  3. Budget planning ideas
  4. Finding ways to even extra money online
  5. Things you can do to improve your financial debt

Career/Business Post Ideas

  1.  Boosting your self-confidence in business
  2. How to achieve personal goals in your career you set for yourself
  3. Successful habits for successful people
  4. How to improve your workspace
  5. Coping with a busy work schedule
  6. Time management tips
  7. Monthly goals
  8. Tips to have a successful interview
  9. How to make a vision board
  10. How to work productively with a co-worker

All about you Post Ideas

  1. Things you don’t know about me
  2. Something I have learnt from my friends and family
  3. Travel bucket list
  4. The many challenges I have overcome
  5. Things inspiring to me
  6. Future letter to yourself
  7. What is your biggest accomplishment so far
  8. Things making you happy in life
  9. Your top travelling destinations
  10. Something you can’t live without

Self-care Blog Post ideas

  1. How to stay relaxed after having a long day
  2. Best self-care books for female entrepreneurs
  3. Self-care habit of helping with destressing
  4. Self-care ideas
  5. 25 Affirmation to boost your confidence
  6. Meditation techniques for beginners
  7. Journal prompts
  8. The importance of gratitude
  9. How to improve your mental health
  10. practices to boost your mood

Productivity post ideas

  1. Discuss success story
  2. Books to help you be more productive
  3. How to boost your creativity
  4. Apps & tools to improve your work
  5. How to become organised & improve your productivity
  6. Productive things to do after work
  7. Productive Tips to help manage things
  8. Create a productive space to work –How to turn Procrastination into living Productivity
  9. Productivity quotes for life
  10. Habits to help boost your productivity
  11. Minimalism to increase productivity
  12. time-saving tips

Personal development post ideas

  1. How to reinvent your self
  2. best personal development podcast
  3. How to become a better person and improve your life
  4. Habits to help you make decisions
  5. How to stimulate your personal growth
  6. Interview a business owner on how to deal with personal development
  7. How to improve your self-confidence
  8. Personal growth books
  9. How to get yourself together
  10. Life-changing habit for you change your life
  11. Best way to better sleep
  12. How to live a healthy lifestyle

Positive thinking Blog Post ideas

  1. How to stay positive in hard situations
  2. How to train your mind to think more positively
  3. Benefits of having a positive mindset – 40 Positive quotes on improvement and progress for a better lifestyle
  4. 50 empowering affirmations – Why are positive affirmations helpful for your confidence
  5. How to practice positive self-talk
  6. strategies to manage your anxiety
  7. signs your anxiety is out of control
  8. TED talks on positivity
  9. How to overcome challenges
  10. Best way to stay motivated and productive
  11. How to make a great first impression
  12. Best way to relieve stress
  13. Motivation tips


I believe these are excellent lifestyle blog post ideas to help you if you are out of lifestyle blog post ideas. These are trending lifestyle topics you can use to create posts around.

These posts don’t have to be precisely the same, but you can adapt these ideas to help you create content. You can come up with some amazing blog post titles you can come up with from a few of these post I have mentioned.

Brainstorming for blog ideas can be hard, so I hope these will help you get some ideas.

As a lifestyle blogger myself, I have had times when I have lost the motivation and inspiration to be able to write a post. But finding the right topic to get you motivated will have you writing non-stop.

lifestyle blog post ideas

A few tips for you to remember:

  • Make sure you do your research on topics for you to get the information you need about it. This will allow you to share the information which factual-based.
  • Make sure your posts are readable, it’s essential to make sure you are linking related existing post into a new post and also add good links to another post for reference.
  • Ensure you have pins for these post to promote and get the traffic to your blog from Pinterest.  Ensure all Images on your post have alt titles with. keyword associated in your blog post
  • Share your own story through your blog post because you need to make sure your readers know who you are.

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94 Amazing blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers in 2020

94 amazing lifestyle blog post for bloggerExtraordinary lifestyle blog posts for all lifestyle bloggers to get traffic

94 Amazing blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers in 2020

Hope these trending lifestyle topic are helpful to you.



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    So many inspiring ideas! Can’t wait to start creating new content now

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    Love this article. So motivating for a lifestyle blogger and great ideas to encourage motivation Thankyou .

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  4. May 3, 2020 / 2:04 pm

    Some really good ideas from your post. Thanks for sharing with us these great blogging tips.

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    Awesome checklist! I actually do this for all of my blog posts, it’s really helpful if you’re trying to optimize content and draw more eyes to your site! Sharing on social and repurposing content to share with your audience is also incredibly important to cultivate that following and increase engagement.

    • lifetimeflux
      August 16, 2020 / 12:54 pm

      Thank you, everything you’ve mentioned are good ways of increasing your engagement and its all very important.

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