10 things needed before launching a Blog

Do you know what to do before launching a blog? This post is very important for new bloggers to make sure you as a new blogger to check off the things you should do before starting a blog!

This is for those who have already started their blog or those who have started but are not as confident, this post is for you.

Launching your blog up for the first time can be intimidating. But once you get to grips with it, it will be amazing. There are things you should do before starting a blog, these are very important to get your blog up and running successfully.

Launching a blog is very important to prepare yourself before the actual launch. So you are prepared.

You’re going to have learn and understand all the different aspects and different successful blog strategy.

These successful blog strategy will help you move up and understand blogging better. By the end of this post, you’ll understand the bigger picture of how to create a new blog.

What to do before launching a successful Blog

1. Brainstorm your content Ideas and Figure out your niche

One of the first things you do before starting a blog is to make sure you know what niche you want your blog to be in. This is very important because it’s the frame of how to start your blog so when you get into blogging you don’t branch out from it.

Expanding over your blog niches and going into other categories can be confusing for your audience. While also making it hard for tools you may use to generate traffic to understand your blog, such a Pinterest.

Make sure you brainstorm your content ideas before launching your blog. Because it allows you to gather your thoughts and get all that content down before launching. For example, One of the things I did before launching my blog what write at least 4 posts for each of the areas of my blog. This is a successful blog strategy to get you started

2. Get a Self-Host before you launch your blog

Getting a self-hosted blog is a vital part of what to do before launching a blog. I say this because with self-hosting everything on your blog you own. WHEN I SAY EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING.

It’s very important you have your own domain with your brand for your upcoming audience to come and see all the things you and all thing your business.

When launching a blog, There are many different sites for self-hosting site to use. I would recommend using Siteground. They have the Best Customer service to help you with any issue to do with the hosting site. They answer your questions within a quick response time. I have never had an issue with my website. Honestly, it is the best. I highly recommend it.

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3. Create a Stunning but easy to use theme

Creating and picking a nice theme and then make sure you edit the theme to make it display what you want. You can use Elementor to help you change it up to make you own. And make it stand out from other bloggers.

Keep mind that you the audience will look are the appearance of the site, No matter how good your content is. This is something you should think about before launching a blog. Is the blog theme eye-catching?

4. Make a Pinterest Business Account

Before launching a blog, Make sure you make a Pinterest Business account. Because when Pinterest is utilised properly, it can become one of the top ways your blog can get incoming traffic from getting thousand and thousands of viewers.

This is one of the top things you should do before launching or starting a blog. Optimising Pinterest in the best way possible with keywords found of the platform.

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5. Use tailwind and Purchase it

things you should do before launching a blog

Using Pinterest to gain blog views, then I would say using Tailwind is a must. This is a service that helps you schedule your Pinterest pin.

If you want to find out more about what tailwind is. Take a read of the related post below.

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6. Sign up for Canvas to allow you Make Design content

I just Love Canva, I use Canva to create all of my pins. It is one of the best design platforms that allow you to create some pretty pins.

Using this tool is a successful blog strategy, to help you create pins for Pinterest and more. Canva is a free platform that you can use to create pins, social media post, graphics for your blog post, freebies for your audience to get people to sign up and much more.

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7. Create an Email Address for Before launching a blog

Make sure you create an email address before launching a blog. This is vital because you don’t want to be using your personal email for your blog.

Make sure you create free email address for your blog and use it to communicate with your reader.

8. Create a Content Calendar for Planning

Content Planning is very important for you blog when you are feeling a bit lost on how to create new content.

You can use this to map out your blog posts and when you are going to create them and when those posts are going live, etc.

This can help you schedule content out for the next two months. Allowing you to spend more time to create more content and pursue other parts of your business to help it grow!

9. Learn Batch content before launching a blog

Learning how to batch content is a good skill to learn. It allows you to create more the one blog post within a day. This is way better than sitting down creating post separate times within the week.

Batching content allows you to sit down and create content ready for you to roll out and post when you need it.

10. Make a social media page for your blog.

Making a social media profile on all platform such as Instagram and Facebook is a very vital part of launching a blog.

The reason being is because ita good way to explode your blog traffic and grow your following.

I would highly recommend it, friends and family will be able to view your latest blog posts which is helpful and inspiring to them to see and be able to read your post.


things to do before launching a successful blog

super important blog things you must do to be successful in blog10 things bloggers must know before getting into blogging



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    yes, i agree that all 10 of these are EXTREMELY important to do before launching! thanks for sharing!

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