WordPress Blog Themes 8 of the Best – 2019

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WordPress blog themes searching for the right one, I know it can be frustrating. Finding the right Blog theme for your Blog is hard. All many bloggers, including myself, want a beautiful WordPress theme.

A blog theme is the overall blog appearance – for where your posts show up, how your sidebar looks, where your logo will sit, the font, the way your page menu is set our and works and all the other little details. Enabling you to have many different aspects of your theme, such as having a drop-down menu, image slideshow and footer of your desire. This is a whole lot of blog coding (which is needed) but is already done for you in just one theme.


Imagine the packaging of a makeup palette, that was your blog theme represents. It needs to be eye-catching, you could be posting consistently, but unless you have placed it in good packaging. It is not going to look appealing, and it won’t sell to your audience.

If you can put your post in an excellent looking package (a New theme)… I can guarantee you work will look better instantly. It will also help grow your following, faster…
Making sure your Blog is showing up correctly on a mobile device, as you it would show up incorrectly google ranking search if it’s not. This is known as a ‘responsive’ theme. A responsive theme means your Blog will be viewed on both mobile or tablet device, allowing easy navigation around the site and added it will look great as well. Themes nowadays are all responsive. However, your blog post and the entire layout of your Blog will show up on your phone, exactly how it looks on your computer screen.

If your Blog doesn’t appeal to you or you are feeling less confident about it, then I believe a brand new theme will do the trick. Your readers will see a more professional and believable blog post. It will motivate your creativity and make you want to post more content, as well as creating an excellent first impression for all your new readers visiting your site. Indeed, making their experience of moving around your Blog much better.

Blog theme - jacqueline


Theme add to your Blog’s Dashboard, this is where all the coding and other settings are. In WordPress, it’s in Appearance > Themes.

Purchasing a blog theme from another site will allow you to receive a file instantly, where you can upload it directly to your Blog. Automatically changing your Blog design all in one go. You will not have to worry about HTML coding at all as this will be already done for you, if not the provider will always give an instruction which is easy to follow which will be included in the purchase.

Some site does offer installation as a part of the price, selling the theme separate is how some places offer it. Even a video is displayed on websites, showing you how to do it. Being patience with this is a must, it’s not hard to set up by yourself at all.
You can change your Blog’s theme at any time throughout your blogging journey. At first, I was with WIX, where I used one of there themes which were very different from a WordPress theme. As well as, using my own coding to improve the site. Eventually, I decided to move over to WordPress using WordPress migration through Pipdig. I purchased this, and they installed it for me and moved it over for me from WIX to WordPress. And you see how good the theme looks, Amazing right?
Wordpress theme nowadays is fully customizable, so once you have installed it. You should be able to change colours, fonts and add/remove sections to suit your branding and what your blog needs.


Some of the best WordPress themes will give you a brand new look to your Blog. You will need to purchase from one specific blogging platform. Blogger theme is not for WordPress theme, So make sure you do not buy a blogger one but a WordPress on!

Wordpress blog themes

Following are some of the best WordPress themes around.

Jacqueline Theme…

wordpress Blog theme - jacqueline

Lynette Theme..


Lynette WordPress blog theme

Marilyn theme

Marilyn wordpress blog theme

ChicServe Theme

ChicServe wordpress blog theme


Olive Theme

Olive WordPress blog theme

Victoria Theme

Victoria WordPress blog theme

Tiffany Theme

Tiffany WordPress blog theme

Quinn ThemeQuinn WordPress blog Theme

Wordpress blog theme for your blog


WordPress blog themes pin
youtube favourites

Purchasing a Theme for your blog is so worthwhile. I do believe that your best blogging investment made is your blog theme. I wish I had brought one from the start of my blogging journey…

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