Big Blogging mistakes stopping your success

All bloggers at the start of blogging making mistakes, this post shows 8 big blogging mistakes stopping your blogging growth.

Since this is new for some of us, we don’t even realise these mistakes. Since starting blogging, I’ve realised some of the mistakes I have made through trial and error. I now know how to fix them.

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about everything I Have accomplished, including all mistakes and techinques I may have missed. I have managed to find a way to fix these through just learning, evaluating and going over different aspects of my blog over the past months.

For you to grow as a blogger, you need to start setting yourself goals. To help with your growth. Remember, blogging is all about consistency. I’ve genuinely thought and looked into different ways of tweaking and changing my creative process.

Blogging is a way for us individuals to help each other learn, grow and give advice to people like us. There is always a way to improve and make ourselves better. I, myself as learning as I go along because you have to remember no one is a perfect blogger, everyone started from where way you are, the beginning. They worked their way up to where they are today.

From looking at other bloggers and their success and their experience, they have probably gone through multiple different strategies through many years of blogging. Showing the improvement in their blogging year by year just through consistency, and trial and error.

SO Here is my list of big mistakes stopping your blogging success:

Not creating quality content

MOST IMPORTANT One of the big  blogging mistakes stopping your Success

Content quality is good. Don’t rush what you write. Remember, this is your blog, your business, your passion. Take your time to get the quality blog post you want.

Yes, this might take longer than you think, but it will be all worth. To make sure your work is readable. Make sure you proofread your work or even get someone close to you to proofread your work. Because sometimes you can miss the little things.

I have been guilty of doing this… but I have realised every mistake is a lesson learnt. Use tools to help you proofread your work. Grammarly is a helpful tool to use before posting your blog to double check for any mistakes.

Not Promoting your content

SECOND IMPORTANT One of the big blogging mistakes stopping your Success

You have got to share your content accurately. Don’t expect traffic to just come to your site as soon as you post.

Because let me tell you this, It doesn’t work like that.

You Have to put in the effect and take advantage of Social media.
As we all know, social media is a prominent place, and a lot of creative people have become something from it. Especially for bloggers, your posts can go viral in a matter of hours.

Don’t just rely on SEO to help get people to your blog. Take advantage of the platforms you have available to you. This includes all the social media, you have to make a page just for your business and PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE.

Here are some of the platform I use to promote my blog:


Not engaging with your readers.

Third IMPORTANT One of the big  blogging mistakes stopping your Success

Engaging with your readers is very important. Not engaging with them shows your not interested in them. Your blog readers are the ones who bring the traffic to your site, without them, there is no point in blogging really.

To ensure your readers feel like you are engaging with them, Make sure you answer every comment on your site. Responding to every comment shows your reader you are interested in interacting with them. Helping you, in the long run, to bring more subscribers, traffic, shares to your blog and even sales.

Use your social media to your advantage and actually socialise with your readers. As well as, don’t forget to engage through email list to your readers to let know about new opportunities and blogs.

When I first started blogging, I forgot about my Email list and just focused on traffic which worked, but I didn’t. Now I have realised I need to engage with my reader for them to get to know me. I am currently using Mailerlite to help me do this.

Not Being Consistency.

Forth IMPORTANT One of the big blogging mistakes stopping your Success

Blogging is about all about consistency. You can’t just give up when you see you’re not getting the traffic you want, or not getting the conversion you would like or even getting the number of subscribers you wish for.

You have to work at everything you do many not always plan out how you expect it to. For example, I started my blog for 5 – 6 months. I have felt multiple of times like to give up because I didn’t think my posts were good enough or didn’t have the number of subscriber and even traffic coming in. But since I have keeps consistent with my posts I am starting to see a difference.

You gotta be consistent and work at it continuously. Don’t give up when it gets hard, Be patient.

DON’T STOP, KEEP GOING & you’ll see the outcomes you want.


Interact with your blogging community, as well.

You have to be present in the blogging community, by interacting with other bloggers can help you with new inspiring ideas.

This is mainly for new bloggers. We all need support sometimes as we are bloggers and we do get discouraged. We should support each other and help each other grow.

Join blogging communities on Facebook. Allowing you to communicate with other bloggers going through the same thing you are. Sharing Ideas and post with each other, making more traffic come to your site.

Don’t compare yourself

Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers who have been blogging for years.
As being a blogger I have done this myself, Yes I know it hard not to look out for what other blogger are doing but don’t get caught up in comparing yourself with them.
Because You have to remember they have been blogging for years. By comparing yourself constantly, it can hold you back. making you doubt yourself and question your work when you know deep down your posts are a quality post

All you should be doing is focusing on yourself and how to improve every aspect of your blog to make sure you get to the goals you have set for yourself.

Be realistic with your time frames. Set goals, plan your content out thoroughly, think of the next strategy you can use to improve yourself.

You need to come out of your comfort zone, find out what makes you different and allows you to stand out from the rest.

Setting goals

Set goals for yourself you can achieve monthly. These goals should be doable, but challenging taking you out of your comfort zone.

Plan ahead, if you want to write an ebook… Plan it out and see that plan through.

Every goal you set for yourself, plan it out and stick to it. This is your business don’t rush it give yourself enough time to get the strategy down, the products you create to a pleasant place or whatever it is you set yourself as a goal.

If this is what you want to do, then you got to be passionate about it.
Set the goals and fulfil them

Last but not least.

Be passionate and Practice self-care

You gotta be passionate about what you are doing. This is a business that represents you. Don’t just do it for the money do it because you love it.

For example, my Reason for blogging is because I love helping people, and I feel like this blog will allow me to help millions of people.

Remember, money is good and all, but it will not keep you blogging for the long haul.

As well as that, blogging can be overwhelming at times. And it can happen because I have got to that place, where I just felt like stopping. Don’t burn yourself out by working at ungodly Hours. Set yourself your working hours and don’t go over them too often.

How to fix it?

Journal these big blogging mistakes, continuously Remind yourself every day by adding these to your routine. Do this consistently throughout a few months, test them out to see if they are working for you and if you see a change which I believe you will…. KEEP THEM & KEEP ADAPTING – Find new strategies to help improve yourself.

Keep working on your uniqueness, if you’re consistent with fixing all these 8 big blogging mistakes stopping your success. You’ll be creating something successful and positive, and you be in the better practice by the end of the year

Just know it takes time for blogs to be recognised. Continue making posts and win over your audience >>> Take the courage and be patient.

Don’t lose hope, what you are looking for it is coming…..

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  1. June 3, 2019 / 1:59 pm

    Love these tips! As a new blogger these really help!

    • lifetimeflux
      June 3, 2019 / 2:03 pm

      Thank you, It is very hard as a new blogger to know what mistakes you are doing and how to fix them. So i just wanted to share some of the ones I have experience to helps others

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