Why blog-ads SUCK for monetising

Becoming a paid blogger isn’t an easy as some people may think. It takes a lot of hard work, time and patience. There are so many ways to can you can monetise your blog. You can monetise by adding ads, work with affiliate marking, and so much more. But you need to choose with monetising technique is best for you. You can also learn how to monetise your blog without ads; because from my experience blog-ads suck for monetising. But this is from my personal experience, but this post will explain why.

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What you want to see after a hard day of working on your blog is that overnight you’ve have made hundreds of sell. And these sells are all from the different techniques you use to monetise your blog. This is what you should desire for as a professional blogger and any other personal goals you may have. Monetising your blog isn’t as easy as you would like to think.

But I am telling you to know those little ads that you have on your sidebars to help earn money isn’t the way to go. This may shock you, but I will explain.

Why isn’t blog-ads suck for monetising if you want to become a serious blogger?

But if you want to become a full-time blogger, you need to put in the work to do so. And by placing advertising on your blog may not help this. I say this because I have tried this exact technique.

Becoming a paid blogger means more than just installing WordPress, learning how to get the traffic you need, SEO and adding blog ads to your site. This will not mean the money will start coming to you just like that.

Well, I tell you this, that is not how it works because many new bloggers have tried this method.

Blogging takes a lot of work, and many blogger waste their time with thinking it will work for them. There are many ways you can earn money without having to monetise a blog without ads.

5 Reasons Why Blog-ads Suck for Monetising

#1 Blog-Ads pays you nothing

Do you want to make a passive income from blogging?  Do you think blog ads will help you get he passive income you want.

There are a lot of things about advertising, but I will tell you one thing its the slowest method for you to monetise your blog. The only way you, you can get a severe amount of money is if you have a severe amount of traffic.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising platforms. There are many determining factors on how much you get paid. The determining factors are your blog niche, how much traffic you have and the traffic percentage of your clicks.

This is one of the main reason blog-ads suck for monetising because what if someone wanted to add Ads to their blog from the beginning of there blog journey. The ads being places on your site will be pointless.

The main concept of this is that advertising needs tons of traffic for it to be profitable for you. To become a paid blogger, you need to use other techniques to help you, such as affiliate marketing.

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2# Blogs-Ads take your attention away from the content

You want your readers to have all their attention on the material you created. You need to be able to get your readers attention through your blog content.

I must say it’s not as easy as you think. You need to create content that is unforgettable for your readers. And by using Blog Ads, it can take the attention away from your content. You need to grab their attention by writing unique and clear writing that engages your reader.

Your advertising will distract your readers from your blog content. Advertise are designed to distract your readers –  the blog content you wrote, and hard you put into it, you don’t need anything to distract them away from that. Blog-ads suck for monetising, and this is one of the main reason.

3# Blog-Ads kills your conversion

Readers are not only going just read one post and go. A smart blogger will know this because it most likely if the content is compelling enough, they are probably going to what to learn more.

They might want to share your post, Subscribe to your email list or even head over to another exciting post of yours.

This is basically what we call ‘call to actions’ like links and buttons. These are  good to have on your blog. However, Blog ads are call-to-action as well. So if a reader is taking a look at google ads, then they won’t be interacting with the links and button you have.

This is why blog-ads suck but not only for monetising but also for your conversions. Because you are giving them other options to click away from your blog site, which may drastically affect what you want from your readers.

4# Blog Ads takes a lot away from the goal of your blog

Every blogger has a goal for their blog.

Blog ads can be annoying for many readers.

Bloggers need to be able to build up their audience. A good way to do this is by having a goal for your blog. This could be anything from helping people with their blogging experience to helping people with their personal development.

Ads encourage your readers to click away from your blog if successful. This means they will leave your blogging site and move away from your content. This isn’t good for your blog.

You want your readers to stay on your site and read your content.

You, as a blogger, need to stay true the purpose of your blog. I believe this will help you become more successful with your blog. This enables you to grow fast.

5# Blog-ads not only sucks for monetising but make your blog look ugly.

Appearance is everything when it comes to blogging. The presence of your blog site is everything, and as they say, first impression count.

Most importantly, your site needs to be attractive enough for people to want to stay. But not only this but have the right content.

This is another critical reason having blog-ads suck but not only for monetising because they can also ruin the design of your site.

There is no proper way to customise your ad to match your design.

Top 3 ways on how to monetise a blog without ads

There are many different ways on how to monetise a blog without ads and make money blogging. I am going to go into detail about the Top 3 ways to do precisely that.

When becoming a paid blogger, you have to ensure you have multiple different ways for you to earn money from it.

1. Make your Ebook and then set up an affiliate marketing program for it

Ebooks are a good way to get your blogging business earning money and get you to start becoming a paid blog. Especially without using blog-ads that are suck for monetising.

Creating your own products can take a long time, but with the determination and the right guidance; you will be able to create the best Ebook. 

Setting up an affiliate program additionally can help give you additional sales as will help improve your reader earning money too.

If you are looking for help with creating your own Ebook, there are many different places you can do this, such as thesheapproach.com Creator Ana Skyes.  Ana has created a fantastic Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp – Course. This Bootcamp will help with getting recognised more in your niche and give you all the resources you need to get your Ebook to sell.

2. Making money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money without having to use blog-ads that suck for monetising.

It is trendy as well because it provides you with a profitable way to make a passive income. Not only is it fast, but its the best way to start your online marketing.

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  • Affiliate marketing helps you start monetising your blog from the beginning of your blogging journey.
  • Affiliate marketing can provide you with a brilliant lifestyle and help you start passive income.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing from people who have done well with affiliate marketing, check out these courses-

3. Make money off memberships

Another steady way to earn a recurring income each month is to get involved in membership programmes. You can promote clubs to allow you to earn recurring income. This can be from the software you are using to help you through your blogging experience.

It’s a more natural way to promote people membership. It’s very similar to affiliate marketing, but instead of promoting ebooks, you are promoting—service such as web hosting.

  • Siteground – The hosting site I use and I recommend for anyone that is working on starting a blog
  • Tailwind  -A useful social media scheduling program that helps bloggers.


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