10 Blogging myths bloggers shouldn’t fall for

There are a lot of myths about blogging that are entirely not true. these are major mistakes new bloggers may make and need to know about

For example, do you even money from it? Is it even a real job?(This post may contain affiliate links which means I will be making commission if you purchase through these links. I only promote products I trust and have used myself, For more information please click check out my disclosure policy)

And honestly, I can tell you that blogging is a lot of work and that what some people will never understand.

Blogging myths comes from people who don’t understand what blogging is actually about or people who I have no interesting in finding a new source of making money. People will never understand anything about the hard work that all blogger must go through when it comes to posting, thinking of blogging ideas, thinking of ideas to entice new people to read our blog and more. Blogging myths can lead bloggers into making silly makes, So understanding these myths can make it easy for bloggers to avoid making silly mistakes.

I still struggle to even explain to friend and family about what blogging is and what it means to me. 

Here 10 blogging myths you must ignore as a blogger:

Blogging myths 1. Good money can’t be made from blogging

Blogging myths – no.1, not being able to make good enough money from blogging. 

A lot of people believe this because plenty of bloggers starting out making no money at all. Bloggers who just started making money will not be making a significant amount.  

At the start, it is not much, and it isn’t always consistent. All you have to do as a new blogger is remember that just because this is the outcome now, doesn’t mean you this will be the outcome when you get more into blogging, because hard work always pays off in the end. 

Don’t believe me, go and read some of your favourite bloggers’ income reports, and you will see the amount of them make at least $50,000 monthly.

Blogging myths 2. Blogs on specific topics make the most money 

This blogging myth that has come up for me a few times. Some blogging niches making money can be quite hard. This is only because with some niches people are will spend more money than in other niches. This is a genuine mistake new bloggers make when starting up a blog. I even made this mistake when I first started.

For instance, many people say it hard to earn money in niches like lifestyle because there are many niches and people want different things. People want to know about beauty; they will be willing to invest in buying products. So, it more comfortable for bloggers in the beauty niche to link products and make money when using those link them.

However, if you are blogging about lifestyle, it can be tough to sell to people because these people want profitable products that will help them transform their lives, so they won’t want to waste money on a product that isn’t worthwhile. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make money within this niche.

Plus, Bloggers can make considerable profit niches like lifestyle, blogging and more, but that doesn’t mean you will. 

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Blogging myths 3. Blogging is Free 

Yes, blogging can be started on a free platform.

But if you want to make some serious money with blogging, then it definitely worth investing in your blog. You will need to pay for hosting, your domain name to start with. You will need to buy the products before talking about it on your blog and selling it to your readers. 

If you want to get equipment for photos to take pictures with, whether you get into a position where you feel you are struggling, investing in blog e-courses/ coaching which will help you out even more. 

Blogging can be free, but it worth investing money into it where you feel you can to help you as a blogger improve. This is also another mistake bloggers make; Any business you want to stat for you to get the best out of it you will most likely need to invest money into it. 

Blogging myths 4. Blogging is easy 

Blogging isn’t easy.  This is a myth that I find very hard to get to grips with. These myths come from people who don’t understand the process that a blogger has to go through daily.

Blogging allows you to be creative when it comes to posting, products and more, and this is something I find quite comfortable. But when this statement is made by people who don’t understand the other process blogging involves, as it’s not just blog post its more than just that it is putting together a website, making Ecourses, understanding the marketing of those blog post, having a Pinterest strategy and more. So, blogging itself isn’t as easy as most people think, and it hasn’t been easy for me 

Anyone who says blogging is easy, either:

  • Doesn’t understand blogging at all, and hasn’t been or done any blogging 
  • They are most probably talking about blogging overall. But doesn’t understand the difficulty and the struggle of blogging.

Another mistake bloggers make when they first start. Understanding that blogging comes with a lot of work, this is why it is best to research about it and what you are planning to do before starting.

Blogging myths 5. All bloggers do is just blog 

When I started blogging, I started because I wanted to start something of my own and to have something, I am allowed to be creative in.

Another mistake bloggers/people around make when starting, a lot of people have spoken about my blog to doesn’t really know what blogging is. They think blogging is vlogging and I always have to explain to them what blogging actually is and how you can make money from it.

All blogger will understand this, people that aren’t bloggers need to understand; blogging isn’t all bloggers do. There are many things bloggers do because it isn’t just blog post, we have to create graphics, proofread your work and taking photographs, creating a new product to provide to our viewers.

Not only do we have to keep UpToDate on all socials, but we also have to promote it across all of them.

We also have to learn some of the technology used behind blogging, understanding WordPress, installing and using different themes and adding plugins to your blog to make it better for you and your viewers. 

As well as learning how to actually make money, how to get email subscriber, how to create new material and way more!

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Blogging myths 6. You need to be an expert in blogging 

 A lot of people think that starting your blog means you need to have some expertise in blogging. That’s definitely not the case because I was definitely not an expert on blogging at all.

While it is best to have some kind of knowledge that makes you able to talk about the blog topics, but I know you certainly don’t need to be an expert. Because when I first started I for sure was no expert. Blogs are read by people to gain knowledge. You need to make it know you have experienced those things you are writing about.

It’s okay for you, not an expert when you are just starting because you can learn as you go along, more and more about blogging.

Blogging myths 7. Posting more blogs means more traffic will come to your site

I made this mistake in the beginning; I was writing regularly posting, posting, posting and publishing more post thinking more people would read my blog. But I soon realised that I was wrong, blogging is a slow process it may be quicker for other and more gradual for some. 

I have come to realise by posting more blogs; it doesn’t mean blog readers will come. There are so many ways you can get traffic by just posting once a week.

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This is another myth and mistake new bloggers make when starting blogging because they don’t realise how much some with blogging. It isn’t just blogging posting it more than just that, which will get you traffic.

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Blogging myths 8. Blogging is dead

Of course, blogging is not dead… I personally think blogging is growing more and more every day. I think blogging is fantastic; it has helped me soo much, and it can help you become successful in many ways. There are many bloggers out there who make millions but live their lives.

Blogging is certainly not dead, certainly not in the UK – personally I feel like it is becoming something big. It may not be as big as in America or in other places.

Blogging is growing daily, and more people are getting into it. People still use Google to search for things and gain knowledge through checking blogging websites… So Blogging certainly isn’t dead.

Blogging myths 9: You must update your blog daily

This myth is no longer true. At a time google used to recognise website that updates regularly, even if the quality of the website was rubbish. But now this is no longer true.

Google used to rank websites but how frequently they get updated, this would mean that Google would rank them higher regardless of the quality of the post.

So it became a race for bloggers to get as many blog post up as they can in no time. Resulting in content showing on the search engine being content that provides little to no quality.

Google Eventually realised to the best quality of blog posts should be provided on google search to give readers more useful content.

The algorithm Google has now has changed massively. As it has more quality content higher up in the search results, no matter how frequently they have been updated.

Bloggers need to strive to make content that is of high quality to get clear and good quality traffic. This was a mistake I made when I started of as a blogger.

Blogging myths 10:  Blogging is all about competition

There thousand of different blogger out there wanting to inspire people. These bloggers are speaking about the same topic but speaking about it differently.

Bloggers are there to share their experiences, and everyone goes through different things. So blogger may entertain. the readers better than others.

We as bloggers should never make the mistake of trying. to compete with others. Instead, we should be connecting and networking with each other. This is a good way to not only benefit you as a blogger but also push other bloggers like yourself to get where they need to be.

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blogging myth you as a blogger must not fall for

Blogging Myths  leading bloggers into making mistakes they could have avoided

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