Blogging Needs what’s worth it & what’s not

Blogging comes with no limitations, I have realised this since I have started getting into it. Knowing what is worth spending your money to help your process. Just know, there are always better accessory, such as a camera, laptop and other additional needed. But when I really think about it, you don’t really need to spend massives about of money to be able to produce good enough content.

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Since I have started blogging, I have made several investments – which have become very useful. Even though, some of the things I invested in weren’t necessary, but I indeed needed them, and it was worth putting my money in to ensure that I get the best outcome for this blog.

If you looking to make investment within a budget without going crazy, continue reading below:

First all,

Time is a big investment and is very worth it. The reason I say, this is because hard work always works out – the more hours you put in to working on your blog, the more get out of it. This could be in any aspect of blogging whether that is writing post, socials, promotion of blogs, taking pictures. It will pay off eventually and you will see it in the long run.

Laptop for Blogging

Having the right laptop is essential, I am currently having trouble with my laptop am using currently. But have invested in the better laptop to help allow everything to run smoothly without any freezing in the middle of my work. This will indeed help increase my productivity and lessen the issue with working on laptop with more memory and ram.

Camera/Lenses for Blogging

This may not be needed but I have seen many bloggers who I have looked into using amazing camera. Even though it isn’t a necessity to have an amazing camera. I currently using my iPhone(Nothing wrong with is at all) but I about investing in Camera for better quality of picture. If you want to invest a little in a camera, I would say it worth it.

Knowledge of Blogging / Blogging research

Blogging knowledge comes with time as I am currently learning myself.  I know it best to do some quality research about blogging before you start. And continue to do so throughout your blogging career for you to learn while you go along. This includes every aspect like promotion (best way to do them, do some research of blog promotion: How To Promote Your Blog With Social Media), blogging tips and etc.


Socials such as twitter, bloglovin, pinterest, Instagram and more, are all essentials needed to help you as a blogger to grow and share you content. Essentially, having all of these social can help you get you content out there to your audience.

But yeah those are my blogging essentials, if you feel like there are other don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to see what you guys have to says. So definitely let me know.


Lovesss Porshaaa