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Big Blogging mistakes stopping your success

All bloggers at the start of blogging making mistakes, this post shows 8 big blogging mistakes stopping your blogging growth. Since this is new for some of us, we don’t even realise these mistakes. Since…

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WordPress Blog Themes 8 of the Best – 2019

WordPress blog themes searching for the right one, I know it can be frustrating. Finding the right Blog theme for your Blog is hard. All many bloggers, including myself, want a beautiful WordPress theme. A…

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How to easily earn a Passive Income in 2019

Blogging has allowed me to be so creative. Since starting to blog I have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt how creative I can be and am currently learning how blogging can help…

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How to get Paid by Pinterest does – Course review!!

Getting paid on Pinterest using Affiliate marketing seems like one of the easy things you can ever do, but I tell you now it’s not as easy as it looks. Pinterest is a Social media…

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Blogging Needs what’s worth it & what’s not

Blogging comes with no limitations, I have realised this since I have started getting into it. Knowing what is worth spending your money to help your process. Just know, there are always better accessory, such…

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