Shopping Spree Madness for Christmas

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of a crazy Shopping Spree for myself and my family. As it is the time of year where you spread love, I decided to SPOIL myself and my family members…

Shopping spree

Went abit wild this year for christmas,urmmmm.. This year I decided to spoil myself and my family members. As it is the SEASON OF GIVING & SPREADING LOVE; I thought the best way to spoil them and myself is to do one of my favourite things which is SHOPPINNGGGG…

The love I have for fashion and shopping is unbearable, especially shopping online as it allows you to shop from the comfort of my own home.

My Normal Shopping Routine

Planning out what I want to buy like weeks before actually shopping is what i usually do. So, when I actually started shopping I had an idea of what I am looking for. Normally, I would find an alternative if any of the products I previously looked at were out of stock.

Shopping online for me can be a lot at times but its something I prefer to do than actually going into the physical store and having to carry all of those bags, as I never end up finding what I want. When Shopping online I always find the best outfits for myself and when I say always i mean it. Normally, I end up buying unnecessary clothes and things I don’t really need in the first place. I don’t mind shopping with friends because they will stop me from buying unnecessary things I don’t need.

 Present for the Family !!!!

My Family never really know what they want for any celebrations etc. Birthdays, Christmas. This can make it hard for me but its something I am used to, So I always have to
use my initiative when it comes to shopping for them….

youtube favourites

Ummm, So I decided it was best to buy them all simple gifts, such as perfumes or a gift set… I knew it would be something they’d love as when I normally buy them #present, I mostly buy them gift sets. I thought these would be the perfect gift for my familly members as they do love perfumesssss.

I bought these from The Perfume Shop – Link for all of them are below:

Since I’ve spoiled my family members, I thought it was time to spoil myself and have myself a little shopping spree….

So I thought of what I wanted from a long time ago because I didn’t not want to be rushing to look for what to buy for my holiday. As I love to shop on Fashionnova and Prettylittlething, those were the first site I browsed on.

Yesss yesss, these items don’t seem like they are very wintry but you gotta buy these things in advance when you see clothes you like…

I love all these item but my favourite ones out of all them is the

Either for a night out or a sunny day on the beach – the lifestyle …

Shopping spree madness

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Thanks 4 reading lovelies

Lovessss Porshaaaa xxx