How to clear negative energy to improve life

Negativity can make you feel down, heavy. What negativity means to me could be very different from what it means to you. To me, negativity is unhealthy and unhelpful energy which surrounds you by specific actions and things. Being around negativity can harm your life. Because if you’re thinking negativity and surrounded by negativity; it can stop you from being productive and bring negativity things into your life. To clear negative energy you need to surround yourself with positivity.

There’s so many to clear negative energy. By you surrounding yourself with people who bring you positive energy, brings positivity into your life. And remove those people who drain you. I believe energy is in everything, so when you meet people, you can tell the vibe they have and give off.

For instance, Being in a toxic work environment is terrible for you, and especially when it stops your productive. Clearing all the negative energy from your life can help you so much. This post will be me sharing the best ways to clear out all the negative aspect of your life.

Here’s how to clear yourself of negative energy

There are many ways you can do this, either by journaling, clearing relationship, visualising the life you want and more. All of these will help you deal with negativity.

  1. Work Relationship with people to remove negative energy.

There are plenty of tactics to clear your relationship for you to start bringing positive energy into your life. One of the easiest ways to remove negative energy is to start with your social media feed. Starting with unfollowing all social media accounts showing negativity – this will stop you from seeing negativity on your daily feed.

You should start following people or pages who show and bring positivity to your life every day. Helping you see positive things every day, which can motivate you to start creating a happy lifestyle for yourself. Following accounts that inspire you with happy quotes, giving you the faith to help you believe and achieve all the goals you have planned, keep them and look at them daily.

I would suggest keeping all the positive social accounts the show positivity. 

If you have outgrown anything in your life, remove them. This goes for all things, including stuff like youtube channels – you have to unsubscribe from channels that you’ve abandoned, things that no longer interest you. Unsubscribing from all youtube channel that doesn’t motivate you, remove all the chaos from your youtube.

Now let get into the real, actual relationships you build with people.

What kind of people do you want in your life? Toxic people or Positive people?

One thing I have realised, the people you surround yourself with can affect your energy. But you have to remember you’re the one person who is control of your life and your reactions.

Just make sure you ain’t surrounded by people give you bad vibes. Yeah, I know this may be harder said than done but if you know the people you have around you. And you feel they are giving off a vibe that is bad then remove those people from your life.

Personally, I have grown soo much from removing people in my life that have drained me. Once those people are excluded from life. You start surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging friends and family. It will feel so much better.

You can tell the energy that people give off and if it feels negative remove it, here’s a list of things you can look out for –

  • Gossiping about you behind your back
  • Offending you, making fun of you
  • Always complaining

Find friends that motivate you to do better, clear all the negative energy from your relationship can help change your energy; which will bring more positivity into your life. Especially changing the actions you do daily; this will help make you get into a positive mindset.

Make sure you keep yourself away from negative patterns, things you know will push you in the wrong direction. Surround yourself with people you love and care for.


  1. Work on yourself to clear negative energy

This can be very difficult because you have to make sure you focus on yourself. Remove all your limiting beliefs; you have built up for ages and overcome the fears you have about succeeding.

This is one of the best ways of Clearing negative energy.

Working on yourself should be only about you. The best way I would say you can work on yourself is by creating new good habits which support your well-being, as well as helping improve yourself.

Examples of these things you can do:

  • Showing yourself compassion in every moment – especially when you wake up in the morning
  • Spending time tuning in to how you’re feeling
  • Checking in on yourself
  • Affirmations say them out loud each morning
  • Complimenting yourself

By changing your bad habits into these good habits will help you rewrite the story you have been telling yourself for your whole life.

Changing all those negative things you say about yourself. Changing those things and thinking positive things about yourself will help you believe in yourself and help succeed in the future.

When you start changing your habits, even the thing you watch, read and listen too because those things can also be negative energy that may be affecting you. And clearing out negative energy like this can be helpful to you, allowing you to become more positive.

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Start by changing your habits and getting rid of the one you don’t like.. Yes, it may be easier said than done but all you can do it try.

You’ve got to be intentional with how you spend your time. This all doesn’t just happen, it’s a process, so if you’re willing to do it, then allow yourself to grow.

There are many other ways to remove negative energy from your life, for example, decluttering.  I believe if you live in a mess, your brain will function in that way. For me living in a clear and organised space, I feel it the best place for me to thrive and smash out all the work I need to get done.

Often I change up things in my room to declutter and remove items I don’t necessarily want, use or need anymore. Rearrange things to make myself more organised. I get rid of gifts which are associated with things that are no longer present in my life.

When you are clear out all the negative energy from your life, it allows you to make room for more positive energy to move into your life. You have to be prepared for it and be willing to get rid of things that no longer present because those are things holding you back.

Even being around negative energy can stop your productivity. When you remove all negative energy from energy can better you in so many ways.

Because honestly, you are the only person who can change your life – making it better for yourself. So if you want a change, change those things if not… then otherwise nothing will change.

If you need help with any of these, I recommend reading Change your life, change your habits byTom Corley …. This is a book I am currently reading. It has made me realise in such a short space of time that changing your unwanted habits can change your life.

If you need any help planning your goals- take a look at my free Mastering your goals planner 

Clear negative energy

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