Concert Ready for Drake – Fashion Tips !!!!

Okay, I was so excited for the Drake concert a couple of nights ago, trying to follow some of the comfortable but stylist fashion wear which is right for a concert for you to be concert ready

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Concerts are always tricky to find outfits for, as you gotta to be comfortable enough to get up and move and dance around. There are so many different good outfit options you can wear. You can either go causal smart or you could go dressy.Either  of two doesn’t matter as long as you look good and your comfortable enough to dance around.

concert Outfit 2


There are so many different trends and shops that offer the latest style just right for a concert, with plenty looks for you to try out from a causal style to a trendiest dressy style. When it comes concert fashion, I personally like for a more causal but dressy style, rocking trainers with a basic stylist look.

It’s always nice to have something comfortable but fashionable to wear while dancing and singing along to your favourite artist. Also it’s essential to have little bag to hold your belonging in, instead of carrying a large hand bag. I went for a leather pants look with an oversized t-shirt… Its was just right for the concert because it was comfortable dance in but looked nice as well which was a bonus.

concert outfit

Thankfully, for shop like PLT, Fashionnova, Missguided, and Boohoo and more for the fashion inspiration. So even if I didn’t find an outfit on time, these clothing lines would for sure help me find the best outfit.

Are you off to any this year? If so which once let me know in the comments… I am ready for my summer schedule to be full of them!

PLT, Fashionnova and misguided have some really good style for concert if you have any planned this year. Here are few links of some of my favouritess, as well as a Look book to be concert ready:

Here is the look book styles from PLT:


Thanks for reading

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