How to Create an Awesome Pinterest Graphics

You can generate a lot of traffic from using Pinterest to promote your blog. If you are wondering how then this is the post for you. Pinterest graphics have a lot to do with growing your traffic. There is a secret I need to let you know about: All you have to do it get creative and create spectacular graphics for Pinterest for your different blog post. This will make promoting your blog on Pinterest effortless and therefore get you a massive amount of traffic. Learning how to create Pinterest Pins in canva is so important for your blog. Many Pinterest graphics are created in canva. Most bloggers use this tool frequently.

Setting up Pinterest involves little to no effort at all because once you set up your business account all most all of your traffic that come to my blog every month comes passively from Pinterest.

This is the post, where I will be showing you how to create Pinterest Graphics that will be explosive for your blog post traffic.

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Reasons Why Creating an Awesome Pinterest Graphics in canva matters…

To make Pinterest work for you, it’s all about the appearance of your pins itself. The design of your pins plays an essential part of how you presented on Pinterest and what is most important is creating a pin that spectacular for your Pinterest audience to want to click on, and that should be one of the main priority in your strategy when pinning.

Pinterest is a not only a social media, but it is a visual search engine, it’s all about making people stop and pay attention, click on and re-pin your pins which they a drawn to visually.

Creating your Pinterest Graphic for your blog post, your creation must be unique, and eye-catching standing out from other pins, but it also needs to have a look of professionalism. Let me tell you this now; people only want to read the content that is best out there. So even if your Pinterest post isn’t at a standard it should be, people will judge what they read and make a choice to, re-pin it or not.

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How to create Awesome Pinterest graphics?

So, now we know why the design of your Pinterest graphic matters. I bet you’re wondering what goes with the creation of making a spectacular Pinterest graphic for your blog post.
Well, I am going to tell you what these criteria are that you should consistently stick to when you are creating a new pin:

How to create  Pinterest Pins in canva  Step 1#CREATING VERTICAL PINS

All over Pinterest, it’s a known fact that vertical, long pins have better performance on Pinterest. Rather than landscape type of pins, this is because Pins that are longer allow more space for you to get all the information you need in there.

You must make sure your Pinterest graphic is in a respectable 2: 3-pixel ratio.
For example:

Creating Awesome Pinterest graphics

How to create awesome Pinterest pin Graphics in canva Step 2# WRITE CAPTIVATING HEADLINES.

Your pins headline is so important. As Pinterest is a visual platform, it doesn’t help when what your content is about is not being represented in the pin you are creating.
For you to lead people your post, you must make sure your picture is relevant to the post you are trying to promote.

Having a headline that captivates your pin designs will allow people to know what they are going to be reading and clicking on from your Pinterest graphic. Well more helpful than them having to play the guessing game of what your pin is about.

Having the pinners guessing about what your post is about will not help them understand what your pin is. But if you have a headline that compels your audience, it will bring people to your blog who have an interest in what you are writing about.

How to create Pinterest Pins in canva Step 3# COLOUR BRANDING – KEEP WITH IT.

Colour branding can be beneficial to get your pins to stand out from others. People will recognise your brand by the colours you brand your pins with. By making your brand known allows people to like & trust what you are pinning about, and when people begin to associate your Pinterest pins to your website. This is how you get your pins to remind people of you and your blog.

Branding is a big part of how you make your pins stand out. Having consistency in your pins when it comes to the colours you are using is essential. Making sure the colour you are using when creating your awesome Pinterest pin graphics in canva, should be the same as the one used on your website, consistency is so important. This will help people recognise—your brand.


One thing I need to tell you when creating your awesome Pinterest pin graphics in canva, they don’t necessarily need to be all text. It’s good to have some images added. You can either use the image as your background, or you could use it to have and add a difference to your Pinterest design.

Make sure you are not stealing your pictures from Google, make sure you are choosing the right images and make sure you own the right to it too. Make sure the picture you are using is of high quality and are blurry.

If you aren’t good with either taking your own pictures, there are other options you can use free and premium images you choose from.

Recommended Free Stock Photos

Bluchic Canva Social Media Templates

Haute stock

Ivory Mix

Pinterest Pin Design Templates

Also, make sure the text for your awesome Pinterest graphics is readable. If placing text on a busy picture, I recommend you to either make the image transparent or get a coloured smaller rectangle and place it over your background picture but make it transparent. Making it transparent will allow it to be faded out so that it will enable your headline to POP.



To create your awesome Pinterest graphics and make them look more professional, add your Logo or URL. Its because it helps people identify where your pin is from (as it belongs to you). This is helpful for people to get familiar with your brand if you are new to blogging.
Make sure you include it at the bottom of your pins – either your URL or logo. It’s got to be easy to read, but smaller than the rest of the text on your pin because you want pinners to focus on your headline.

What tools can you use to create an Awesome Pinterest graphics?

You now know what action you need to take to create your pins, but you’re probably wondering where I am going to create these pins.

Here are 2 of the top tools you can use to create those awesome Pinterest Graphics:

  • My favourite online tool is Canva.
  • Canva has helped me create my pins; it is so easy to use. Canva provides you with different options that allow you to customise your Pinterest design.
  • So it benefits you and betters your designing skills. And it is FREE.
  • While Canva has a large number of images and different graphics you can use.
  • You may want to use something a bit different, like Creative Market. That has fantastic prices. Giving you a lot of different things to use like fancy fonts, or hand drown vectors and original images. All the things you need can be found here.


If you use all the criteria and tools, I have mentioned above… You will be able to create a spectacular, unique pin for each post. The more your pins get circulated on Pinterest; the more people are likely to see them.

It is all there for you.

A guide simply allowing you to create an Awesomes Pinterest pins graphics in canva that matters. Giving you explosively converting clicks into blog traffic. And you will see the Pinterest traffic will start flooding in, in no time. Learning how to use canva whilst in the process of understanding a creating your Awesome Pinterest pins Graphics in canva.

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    It’s really rather fascinating!

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