How to Write an Explosive & Creative About Me page

An explosive & creative about me pages is an essential page for all blogger; people are always eager to find out more about you as a blogger. Putting a face to a name and putting your personality out there for your blog to come to life. Blogging is not like youtube; you have to show your personality and show what you are passionate about through your words.

One thing I have learnt about blogging is the reader wants to know who you are? Maybe even want you to look like… The readers want to know who you are and what you do before diving into your blog and exploring.

Creative About me Pages will help your reader understand you more because they are eager to know who you are as a person

If you are ready to learn how to write an explosive and creative about me page to attract new readers, leaving them wanting more?

Let’s get to it!

The Factors Needed Most….

There are three main factors for a blogger to write an appealing creative blog about me pages to entice your readers to keep coming back, and even to join your subscriber list and buy your products.
These three principles involve:

  1. Knowing
  2. Trusting
  3. Liking

These three principles need to be shown at the heart of your about me page and consistency through your blogging posts. It is essential to prove to your readers you are someone they can trust and count on you to help and guide them. I know some people do find it hard to go into detail about their personal life on the internet. You choose what you want to share with your audience; just because you are giving them information about you, it doesn’t mean they need the whole picture..

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Your motivation for your blog.

Okay, your about me page needs to tell your reader why you do blog, what made you start blogging and why they should read.

Make a note or even put up a word document together and answer all the question above and express yourself it in the best way you can through words.

Start with what question you think is the best choice. Then tie them all together with why they should read your blog because that is the most important out of all of them.

Give them a real reason why your blog is good enough for them to read subscribe and more.

My mission for blogging is not only to inspire myself but to inspire others. I want to be able to empower a massive amount of women to get out of their comfy zone and step into greatness. Make use you make it clear what the mission is.

Read My Explosive  & Creative About Me Page


Make sure your physical presence is shown on your Explosive about me page. Your reader wants to see your face, show how them one of your adventures.. Give time something to look at.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t photogenic give it a shot, use a good filter if you are editing your photos your best bet would be to use VSCO and Befunky on your phone.


Anything you write, make sure you are writing like you are talking to a close friend. As if you are having a little catch up with them. Show your personality through the way you are writing. My friends who read my blog. Have all giving me such positive feedback on what I have written so far. ‘I feel like I am talking to you through your writing and I love it’, this is what my best friend said to me.

There are so many different types of blogs out there; you have to be unique and be you and express yourself more through your writing. If you want to get feedback from other source do it, feedback from strangers is always the best because they will tell you how it is. Explosive & creative about me pages show your personality to your reader, as well as for them to see a sparkle of your personality through your writing.

Be you through your writing, get passionate about what you’re trying to say to your reader. Enjoy it. Helping them want to learn more about your blog and learn the mistakes you have made.

A Call To Action

After reading you’re about me page, readers may want to give them something. This is not essential..

You can do this by adding a call of action to your page. At the end of your about me, page finish it with a banger and make them want to stay with you.

By adding a call of action:

  • A subscription box
  • Mention a free course of printables that you have created

Including a call of action on your Home page or on the sidebar, is one of the best ways to get readers to stay a long time on your site.

Building a strong connection with your reader

Building a good connection with your viewers from the start and elaborate on the service you provide will help your audience get a brief idea of what your blog is and what your services be.

As you evolve and your blog, your service will definitely change make use you update your about me page after 6 months as a lot can change. So keep things up to date. Creative about me pages are what every blogger needs to be able to create a good connection with their readers.

The Secret to a successful, Explosive & creative About me pages

So far,  I have given you the recipe to help you put together your about me page. I know why you are blogging, I know what my reader is looking for, I know what I want to give time to and how I want to talk ….. so now it ties altogether and adds that secret little touch. This secret has more to do with your readers than it does to you; As it is more about them.

You’re telling me(the reader) how your writing is going to value them. If you want to make an about me page, that appeals to your readers for them to want to read your blog… make it more about them and not you.

Yes, it’s your about me page but make it relate your readers and the thing you are willing to do to help them through them reading your blog. Motivate them through your writing to want to read your blog.

Recap on how to create an explosive & creative about me pages:

1. Remember when you start writing the aim is to get your readers to know, like and  have to trust you
2. Share what you’re motivated you into blogging and why it something you wanted to get into.
3. Include pictures of yourself to put the face to the writing
4. Write how you talk – remember it’s a conversation – not an assessment
5. Tell your readers what they will get from your blog and why they should read it


Explosive about me

Jaw-dropping Ways to write an  creative & explosive about me page

how to essentially write an Explosive & creative about me page

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