How types of habits helps make better decisions

Habits are the decision-makers of your life. Habits are your unconscious behaviours and thinking patterns we engage in our daily life. Everyone always has good and bad practices. These habits I believe, are behind all the success and failure you have in your life. Habits are actions that create outcomes. These outcomes can be goals you can be working towards to help you achieve. There are different types of habits that can help you changes. There are types of habits that are good habits to build

Habits can change over time. You can work on improving and changing your habits to help you grow as a person. Habits can help you succeed in aspects of your life that you never thought you could. Good habits can help us create the experiences we want. The good habits could be good financial health, good mental and physical health and overall happiness in life. Bad habits can be improved on to help you grow; focusing on better your bad habits can make your life way happier.

There are many types of habits, these include:

Ordinary habits

Ordinary habits are simple, essential habits which you do daily. Habits you do from the time you wake up in the morning, the routine you do from work to home. It could be the simplest of things down to how you hold your knife and fork.

Mental habits – good habits to build

    • Mental habit is things you think about in your personal life to work and how it affects you. Having a positive attitude about things can allow you to achieve more in life. Secondly, impact not only yourself but people around you as well.

Physical habits

    • These types of habits are essential because if you have the right balance of regular exercise it will keep you healthy. This is a type of lifestyle helps you to become more productive. If you’re feeling tired, you need to change your physical habits from lacking exercise and poor nutrition to daily exercise. And you will see how your work life and productivity changes.

Productivity habits

    • These are about routines and procedures you take to do things and get stuff done. These are the type of habits that involve scheduling the work you do, regular decluttering, visualising and more.

Bad habits

    • These are behaviours which are considered to be detrimental to a person mental and physical health and their behaviours. This is often sometimes linked to lack of self-discipline.

Keystone habits

  • these are habits which lead to developing many new good habits. Its starts of chain reactions in your life, allowing you to produce several positive outcomes – helping you achieve your goals.
    • For example, for you to get more sleep, it can lead to positive, unintended outcomes like
      • Becoming more productive each day
      • More time for you to exercise
      • Improve your alertness.

I mainly believe these different types of habits can change your life in massive ways, either for the bad or the good. A lot of self-made entrepreneurs have all positive habits which they stick to daily.

Here are a few types of good habits to build that you can incorporate in your life to help change it for the better

Daily self-education reading

This is a way for you as a person to devote sometime throughout your day – at least 30 minute a day. This will help acquire and maintain knowledge in different area which they want to learn about.

I started reading self-improvement books that have helped me improve in certain areas of my life. Self-help books provide you with best practices to help you live better. They force you to evaluate the decision in your life by sharing basic ideas to improve how you live.

Pursuing your own goals

Pursue goals of your own and not someone else goals that they have for you. This is because many people make the mistake of pursuing goals that t parents have for them, instead of pursuing their own goals. Pursuing goals your parents have for pursuing will only make you unhappy because deep down in your heart you know that this is something you don’t dream of doing.

I believe you should find your dream, your personal goals – work towards them. They need to be your goals and no one else because this is how you find what you are made to do. This doesn’t necessarily mean the goals your parents have for you can’t be something you don’t pursue but make sure it what you want to do before to them. This is one of the types of habits which can allow you to become highly productive.

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Build a relationship with other successful minded people

Associating yourself with people who have the same mindset as you can help motivate you to do better. Surrounding yourself will positive-minded people can help you expand your network.

It can even open the door for new opportunities for you with just one phone call, email or even meeting. Be open to meeting new people because you never know what those people can bring into your life.

Dream – set then goal – set

Begin with finding out what your dreams are. This will help stop all the confusion that happens when you misinterpret your goal setting as the process of realising your dreams. The foundation of all your goals is by first finding out what are your dreams first.

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Develop a multiple stream income

Don’t rely on a single source of income. Try to make multiple incomes to help you get to the financial state you want to be in. If you’re not there yet, make sure you are spending your money correctly.

I have learnt the best way to manage your finances is to create a dedicated financial budgeting plan. I feel since I have started doing so, I feel a lot more at ease and control of how I am managing my money.  Creating such a habit can effectively put you in a better place for the future and allow you to be prepared for any crisis in the future.

Lastly, Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is an unfortunate habit that everyone can pick up. It prevents the most talented people from them realising success in life. The difference is successful people stop the procrastination voice in it tracks

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How different types of habits helps make better decisions

How to effectively change your habits to benefit yoHow to effectively change your habits to benefit yo


I hope this post has helped you understand the different type of habits and which are good habits to build..


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