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Happy and Good vibes in your life can turn a negative situation into a positive one. And I am all about that type of vibes lately, and sometimes its really needed.  I need positivity flowing in my life  with things making me – in my work, with my friend, within the things I am working and working to toward. I’m a person who can spend hours stressing, overthinking on the littlest of things and having a happy vibe around you or you doing something the make you happy at that moment can change your whole entire mood. Because Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality and at this moment, I want to share with you guys some of the thing making me happy.

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Things making me happy RN

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Having Great Friends

Nothing major but having friends and family that love and encourage you to do your best can bring you happiness. I’d often go to my friends with encouragement when I am in my little mood and vice versa. Having the right friends and family in my life has brought me some happiness.

Having friends that you can go out with anytime and they will drop what they are doing and do something impulsive – like random drives, and spontaneous outing. With no planning allows you to enjoy my life way more and with encouragement from these friends and family members. This allows you to be encouraged to do things out of my comfort zone …. It has made me really appreciate the lifestyle of living and what I am working towards.

Gym, Exercising

Lately, I have been loving the gym and exercising. It has become a habit of mine to go to the gym on a weekly basis. Exercising has helped me release some much stress in my life, like when I am in the mood.

I know the place to go is the gym because after my session I always finish so refreshed and this changes my whole mood. As well as, helping me get to my weight loss goals. Gym is a whole mood for me and if I don’t go gym I just feel lazy. Starting a healthier lifestyle.

Style Change

Nothing big, but I have recently been trying to change my style.  Shopping for a similar thing I would normally be buying instead, I have started looking at clothes I would normally buy, and I love it.

I am starting to wear more stylish clothes. I love shopping anyways that is just a habit of mine. It feels great to be getting out of my typical causal outfits.

Food – things making me happy rn atm

Food is the best ,going out to eat to different restaurants with friends, enjoying and experiencing different types of food in different cultures is just the best. It gives me a wide variety of food to try and to see if it the type of food I like.. I am such a foodie, I love all types of food but my faves current are Italian and seafood. I absolutely love see food……

These are the things making me happy, write a comment with the things making you happy….

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Love Porshaaaxxx