How Apprenticeships helps your career

Okay okay, where do I start with Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships helps your career massively. It can bring you so much opportunities and you will realise how beneficial it is

apprenticships helps your career

I always knew in Secondary and 6th form that University wasn’t the one for me because I knew I need to get more experience in the working world. But I also wanted to get my degree at the same time. I was discussing with my teachers at the time what the best options were for me since I didn’t want to go down the traditional way of learning.

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Once I realised what career pathway I wanted to go down at the time, I knew that doing an apprenticeship was the right way to go.

Once I started, I soon realised it was gonna be hard to adapt to the working world as it wasn’t only just about studying, it was about adapting to a new way of life in a new workplace and knowing how to conduct myself in a working environment.

Being an apprentice has many benefits but can be very difficult at times. It’s all about knowing how to balance your personal lifestyle, your studies and your work lifestyle.

Ngl this was very hard at the start and still sometimes is but once you get the hang of it – It becomes a breeze.

Apprenticeships helps your Career & Its Benefits:

1. Allows you to Gain practical, Relevant training and Experience in the working world.
2. You learn while you are earning.
3. A brilliant start to help with your professional career
4. Great for school leavers, helps and benefit your career
5. You still getting the benefits of being student, which includes Student discount
6. Provides level of help from support and guidance needed as students.
7. Be in better position than most graduates, experience wise.
8. Getting your degree paid for you, basically a free degree.

apprenticeships helps your career you need passion

Apprenticeship Types

There are different types of apprenticeships –

– Degree Apprenticeships which is what I am doing currently and am in my last year of. These are about normally takes up to 3 – 4 years to complete.

– Higher Apprenticeships which can be normally takes up to 1 to 2 years.

Apprenticeships helps your career  and help you get what you want for your future, this is a good for if you’ve just finished full time education and want to get valuable work experience.

From my experience being in my apprenticeship, It has allowed me to become more independent and has helped me get out of my comfort zone. It has made me realised their are always way to improve yourself and make yourself better in many types of skills.

If doing an apprenticeship is the route, you want to go for … I say go for it as its good to get some relevant work experience within the career you want or just within the working world.

I won’t lie its can be a lot of pressure and hard work at time but If I can do it you can do it. If You want to know more, Click here

How apprenticeships helps your career & what you need to know

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