How to easily earn a Passive Income through blogging in 2020

Blogging has allowed me to be so creative. Since starting to blog, I have learnt so much about myself. I have learnt how creative I can be and am currently learning how blogging can help you easily earn a passive income. Blogging as a beginners is hard at first, but once you get to grips with it – the money will start coming in fast.

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Initially, I never imagined Blogging to be something I would enjoy, but I was wrong. I love it. It allows me to express myself, as well as be as creative as I can be.

What has blogging as a beginner has taught me?

Blogging has allowed me to show the skill I have in web design. You have control over your blog, and you control what is on your blog—focusing on the ability you have, as well as allowing you to improve your weaknesses in the process.

Blogging has enabled me to express my personality through blogging. With a blog, you control and give yourself unlimited opportunities to express yourself. By adding a little bit of your personality through every blog post you make. Talk about your life, your interests and get a bit personal. Allows your readers to get to know you.

Personality is essential when it comes to blogging. It helps you attract viewers to reading your blog. As well as, blogging help you get your name out there. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to promote yourself and your business.

I started blogging all because I wanted to help people learn how to grow and help themself. Additionally, supporting myself in the process as well. From starting my blogging, I have realised blogging is a learning process. I am learning as I go along. I have learnt a lot about HTML adding to the knowledge I already have.

There are additional techniques you can use to help you to become a blogging expert while making more in the process. You can learn these things which will help improve your blog; this includes SEO, Affiliate marketing with Pinterest/Your Blog, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Plugins and more.

If you’re serious about being a blogger and you never heard of any one of the methods, I have listed.

Then you are seriously missing out and need to get on it.

And for those who don’t have a blog, this post might be the one to convince you.

The main techniques or Software’s most blogger to start earning a passive income meaning you can use affiliate marketing as well as using Pinterest, Google AdSense, and even Selz/Sendowls to create their digital product and start their affiliate program. Other social networking sites which help you to make money from taking pictures, like Instagram.

If you are unsure what some of these are let me explain some.

What is Affiliate marketing: Don’t you need a lot of traffic for it to work?

What affiliate marketing is about is sharing information on products, services and even websites. And when some purchases this product through your affiliate links, uses the service or visits the site, you make a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one legitimate way of making money online, and you can make a lot of money doing so, there aren’t any limits to affiliate marketing.

Bloggers have made over more than thousands of pounds per month with affiliate marketing.

Yes, that right; Thousands of pounds continuously every month.

That’s crazy, right! And that only just from Affiliate marketing to help easily earn your passive income.

She also has her on guide the teaches other bloggers about affiliate marketing going into more depth of how to use affiliate marketing on your blog and your Pinterest.

You’ve got to remember commission from affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight, and all bloggers start out earning nothing. All new bloggers to affiliate start with nothing but with consistency the commission will start coming in.


You may think this is a joke, but it is not.

These bloggers made this amount in only one month:

Many bloggers have a six-figure passive income through blogging.

If you want to become one of those six-figure passive income bloggers, you need to take the right steps to do.


While having traffic is beneficial to have for your blog to get more views, the more mores you will earn. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have hundreds or even thousands of page views to make a sale.

Thanks to other bloggers who have had less than a thousand page views monthly and even under less the 30 blog post published. They have shown me that it is possible with the help of course/E-book published by experienced Bloggers.

With courses, like How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 Hours (Paid by Pinterest)Click Here. Helping bloggers like yourself get an understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how to incorporate with your blog and your Pinterest.

Easily earning a passive income through blogging


How to earn consistent Passive Income from bloggingBest ways to earn a Successful Passive Income from blogging

I recommend taking this course if you are a beginner or if you are struggling with your Pinterest. Check out My Course Review for a more detailed explanation of the course.

What is Pinterest: How it helps bloggers with their traffic and how too easily earn a passive income.

Pinterest is known as a Social network but is also a search engine where people like bloggers find inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies.

youtube favourites

Pinterest gets used in many ways to promote your digital products, promote other people/ services products and even get traffic to your blog. All of the methods individuals use Pinterest to help bloggers like myself, and companies get conversion and traffic to their site. This will also help you to start making income with pinter

Individuals can even use Pinterest without a blog using those same methods to help that earn a passive income.

Both of these techniques and more can help you optimise your Blogging and Pinterest experience. And take advantage of the use of affiliate marketing and quickly earn a Passive income.

Here are some other courses you may want to use to help you easily earn a passive income –

Amazon Affiliate Affluence

This is Dale from Blogging her way on everything you need to know about making money on Amazon affiliate, especially with a small blog. It will provide you with:

  • How to write blog posts that actually convert and make sales
  • How to do keyword research – the right way – to get lots of traffic and attract readers who are ready to make a purchase
  • Advanced content and linking strategies guaranteed to increase conversions
  • The top five types of blog posts you can write to make sales – plus my exact templates for writing them, with examples!
  • Other little-known strategies for making money as an Amazon affiliate
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all e-book updates

Get paid to pin

This is Dale from Blogging her way exact strategy for making money on Pinterest through just affiliate marketing. You will learn:

  • Giving basics of affiliate marketing and how to be successful with it
  • How to optimise your Pinterest account to make money, including “Pinterest SEO” tips to help you get found on Pinterest
  • Dale’s exact pinning strategy that allowing you to earn passive income every day, including how you can set up the exact same plan!
  • Updated info about the 2019 Pinterest changes
  • BONUS: A list of 40+ high-paying affiliate programs you can join immediately to increase your affiliate income
  • BONUS: A list of 430+ popular Pinterest group boards you can join

Explosive Traffic With Tribes

Maria from The Chic Pursuit exact step by step strategy for bloggers to reach 90,000+ pageviews/month in 90 day with Tailwind tribes. You will learn:

  • How to create a tribes strategy that works
  • Allow you to create content that will BLOW UP your traffic. Get a specific plan to find topics your audience is starving to read
  • Curate pins that convert with SEO secret that will boost your visibility on Pinterest search
  • Discovering how to find the best tribes for your niche, what to post and when to post and what content to share with others
  • Learning surprising ways to track your progress and growth, so you can improve your blog traffic massively

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp 

blogging passive income

Ana From THe She Approach, this e-book is an excellent way to generate passive income in your business with step by step signature video course and learn how to write, launch and sell your first bestselling e-book. You will learn:

  • You will learn writing, formatting and designing your Ebook
  • Learning how to publish, market and sell your Ebook
  • The strategies to increase your sales and strategies
  • With $500 worth of bonuses
    • Power Words Directory: Over 300 powerful words that you can include in your eBook title to capture your audience’s attention and make more sales (worth $29)
    • Validate Your Ebook Idea Survey Questions + Training: The exact process that you need to follow to find out if your readers are going to buy your eBook (worth $147)
    • The Perfect Sales Page Blueprint: The 12 elements that every successful sales page must have to turn visitors into buyers (worth $99)
    • A Professional Book Proposal Worksheet: Created to help first-time authors brainstorm and refine their eBook idea, modelled after traditional book proposals (worth $45)
    • The Perfect Ebook Format: A complete template of all the sections your eBook needs to include, along with swipe copies and examples of all the pages (worth $97)
    • Amazon Self-Publishing Training: My 10 step process for getting your eBook self-published on Amazon and ranking as a best-seller (worth $197)
  • And it only cost $147. There is also a payment plan. 

Niche Post Conversion Strategies 

This will show you how to learn things that drastically increase your earnings. This will entail allowing you to test and apply these tweaks to your blog post. It will even show you:

  • Jennifer from Potpiegirl Case Study Niche Post
  • You will learn her “Money Link” Strategy
  • Learn her T.I.C. Niche Post Technique
  • Providing you with her Title Tag “trick.”
  • Giving you Her Niche Post Keyword Strategy
  • Teaching you her Google Click-Thru Booster Tactic

The Affiliate Program Masterlist

blogging passive income

A list of 500+ affiliate programs along with their sign-up links, commission rates, minimum payment threshold and any other specific regulations you need to know.

Alongside your instant download, you’ll also get access to a 10-minute video tutorial that’s going to teach you:

  • How to navigate the Masterlist and find the right affiliate programs for your blog or business
  • One quick method to increase your approval rates to any affiliate programs by 80%
  • One simple trick to meet your payment threshold sooner and get paid faster by your affiliate networks
  • How to find unique affiliate programs (that seem like they are outside of your niche)

Courses like these can help you start marking passive income with Pinterest and help become a six-figure passive income blogger.

I really can’t say it enough; you can’t get any better than all of the course/E-books I have mentioned above, from someone who has used them and gained a lot of information from them…

Thank you 4 reading Lovelies

Porshaa xxxx


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