How important it is to be organised as an Entrepreneur

You being organised as an entrepreneur is so important. And if you are new to being an entrepreneur, you need to know how important being organised is. With no organisation skill, your business itself can crumble. You have to be the creative one; if you’re not, you are killing your own business.

SOOOO many things can keep you organised. You are allowing your creativity to flow. This is especially when you are in the process of growing your business and getting your business out there. You are all things in one; you’re the creator, writer, scheduler, and more.

You know you have to get a lot of things done. I have always been a somewhat organised person through all my years of life. I have always had a routine set in stone. Becoming a blogger has allowed me to explore more into my creative side. This process has allowed me to get moreeeeee organised. This includes everything I am doing as there is a lot to do.

So here are five tips I use to stay organised as an entrepreneur. This help get my creative juices flowing.

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  1. Make and keep a list of your ideas to get organised as an Entrepreneur

New ideas as a creative entrepreneur are something, we always as entrepreneurs have to be coming up with new things. Making a list of these ideas allow you to remember what those ideas are.  This helps you organise about what you want to do.

For me, I keep a list of my ideas and goals. It keeps me on track with what I am working towards in the next year or so. I write them down in my journal. And this is a list of all thing I want to do for ideas and goals. It is allowing me to work towards these ideas and goals in later life. Storing these Ideas help me remember what I should be to working towards and building up to. This helps me look back at what I have written and remind myself every day.

  1. Create your To-do List

A to-do list is a fantastic way to keep you on time with your schedule. This to-do list includes setting time for when to want post, collaborations, scheduled pins, set a time save pins everyday.

And stick to it consistently I have been so distracted with everything – Coursework, life, work everything. But I always remember when I have made my list what I need to do. This to-do list gives you time to check off what you have done on what you have written. Eventually helping you get organised. As well as help you focus on what task needs to get done and when they need to be reached.

  1. Focus on one thing at a time to get organised as an Entrepreneur

Multi-tasking is not the one when it comes to being an entrepreneur because you are only one person. Sometimes trying to do more things at once can become distracting and can get messy. Plant your attention to one main idea; this will help get your workload together.

Making sure you get your post, your emails, Pinterest post, everything you need that involved making your goals come true. By getting your task set out in deadlines to know what you are doing and when you’re doing it.

As an entrepreneur, you need to control what you do. You are the one who controls your career and what you want to show to the world- even if it takes longer than you expect.

  1. Give yourself deadlines

Deadlines are important, setting your deadlines for you as an entrepreneur, a blogger, or whatever your passion is so important. When you’re in a working environment, deadlines are vital, so it shouldn’t be in any different when working from home. I know I know it’s effortless to become lazy at home and do what you love doing while you are home but never get too distracted, you need to eliminate those distractions and get to work and do it.

  1. Keep a Calendar to get organised as an Entrepreneur

Being a blogger, it’s ideal to have a calendar to allow you to schedule when you put post up. You need to think about the post you want to share with your reader. Having no content = no job and no reader. You can maintain this by having a calendar in place to schedule your post. And when they are going to be published, which is the key to you succeeding.

I like planning out my content a week in advance.  (Currently  trying to do in a month in advance, but I need to be more consistent with it). I need always to know what I am going to write about before actually writing it.

Make sure if you are writing about different topics, keep everything organised. Talk about one topic one week and different one next week and repeat that continuously. Keeping a calendar allows you to check off your ideas as you go along. This will show the progress you have made with your content. This will enable you to write consistently.


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