How to incorporate gratitude into your life

There are many ways on how to incorporate Gratitude into your life. No matter, what is going on in your life, there’s always something to be grateful for. The importance of Gratitude allows you to feel positive emotions on what’s happening in your life. Additionally, this could be anything from building a better relationship, improvement in a particular area in your like and much more. There are many different benefits of Gratitude which I will go into depth with later on in the post.

I have realised, no matter how much of a positive person you are; there is always a way to express and incorporate Gratitude into your life. Nevertheless, negativity can come in any form, which can make it hard to practising and showing Gratitude can be hard. One thing I have learnt to help get over a negative situation; all it takes is a little gratitude to snap you back into a positive mood.

The importance and benefits of showing Gratitude.

Incorporating Gratitude into our life is not only essential, but it makes us better in so many different ways. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating and showing Gratitude in our life daily:

  • Gratitude is a way to make us happier, whether you doing five mins of daily Gratitude can boost your mood in seconds.
  • Believe it or not, but Gratitude can make use healthier. Its shown to increase sleep time, increase energy, and so much more.
  • This is quite obvious, but it strengthens our emotions positively.
  • Additionally, it makes use more optimistic.
  • Its also make us less self-centred and more compassion when it comes to helping others.
  • Its also increases our self of esteem.

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SO what are the ways to incorporate Gratitude:

There are many different ways to do this.

Here are my TOP  15 to show Gratitude:

  • Gratitude Journal is an excellent way to incorporate it into your life.

From my own experience, gratitude journals are an excellent way to keep you in positive spirits. I must say incorporating Gratitude into my life using this method has made me helped me turn from a negative mood into a positive attitude in seconds.

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There are many benefits to journaling, especially when you need it for Gratitude. When you set aside five to ten minutes, whether that is before bed or before you leave out for work or even on the train to work, you can use this time to write down everything you are thankful for in life.

I honest must say its a highly therapeutic way of turning a negative day into a positive day. Plus daily journaling can be a life-changing for you, and you will start seeing the benefit of showing Gratitude. Incorporating Gratitude in your life using this method can benefit you in so many ways.

  • Be mindful and live in the moment.

Mindfulness is not always as easy as you think. It hard myself to be mindful and live in the moment for as long as can because I am still thinking about the future and what is next for me. But incorporating Gratitude in your life in this way can make all the sense because it will help you not take things for granted. These things include people, experiences and much more.

You can mentally find yourself and engage with all the senses around you to get you into a place where you focus on the now.

  • Make time for the people you love to be around.

Making time for your favourite people can help you incorporate into your life. Not only does it strengthen and make you feel grateful for all the people you love. It makes you thankful for life and being able to have good people around you. AND ITS THE BEST!!!!

  • Make your social media all about positivity.

Social media can be very negative at times. And that only because of the people to you are following which can mess up your happiness is so many different ways. What I have learnt to do is unfollow all the non-positive things so you can only see positive thoughts on your social media.

Positivity is always crucial when it comes to things, and for you to keep positive, you must only see and think positive thoughts. It might help you if you start to follow positive quotes on your page. Only Positive things can allow positive outcomes.

This is an excellent way to incorporate Gratitude in your life, no—matter how your day is going. Make the internet your safe space from all the negative.

  • Help people in their time of need

Helping people is an excellent way to incorporate Gratitude into your life. Volunteering is a unique way to improve depression. I have always had a thing for helping people. For example,  I volunteered with a scouts beaver group within my community. I received so many benefits from this, and Gratitude is one of them. I enjoyed helping the little kids grow and learn new things that they can use at home and school.

It gave me a sense of Gratitude, knowing I was giving to the little kids to help them. I did this for over three years; I learnt so much about myself & how to help others in the process.

  • Always think about what you have and not what you want.

There are a lot of things in our society that is changing. A lot of people have become very materialistic, and this is not a good thing. It puts a lot of pressure on people to want and have more in life. The importance of Gratitude can impact you very much in this society because being content with what you have in life, doesn’t mean you lack anything.

Everything you are working towards are all things you want, but you should never feel discouraged because you are not there yet. Be content at the fact you are in the right place in life and are working towards better.

I certainly know I am not where I want to be in life yet but what I have realised is that I am only 23. I am not supposed to have everything set in life yet, But I am doing good. I have a good job, genuine people around me, and I am doing well. This is a fantastic benefit to incorporate Gratitude into your life.

Benefit of showing gratitude

The importance of showing Gratitude through is method is the way to help you focus on all the good stuff in your life; instead of being low and not allowing yourself to be in a higher vibration to get you where you want to be.

  • Challenge yourself to Week of no complaining

Complaining is a not apart of incorporating gratitude into your life, In fact, its the complete opposite. Spending your time whining about things going on in your life doesn’t eliminate your problem.

Eliminating the time you spend complaining about your problems frees up time, which allows you to only think about positive things going on in your life.

We never really realise the benefit of using gratitude this way because by eliminating complaining, you’ll remove a negative cycle in your life.

Start to challenge yourself to stop complaining for a week to see how your life changes for the better.

  • Pay yourself and other people compliments.

Incorporate Gratitude into your life but paying yourself compliments can change your life dramatically. The importance of showing Gratitude using this method can help with making yourself feel better.

But doing only pay yourself compliments, pay other people compliments to. Turn this into a habit; it will not only make you feel good but brighten other peoples day as well.

  • Make exercising your new habit.

Incorporating Gratitude into your life by making exercise a new habit can benefit you and the Gratitude you have in your life.

Create yourself an exercise regiment; you can do daily to better your mood. Work out at the gym or even outside. All of these benefit you and help you show Gratitude.

How you incorporate Gratitude into your life is an excellent way to improve your day dramatically.

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  • Start saying thank you.

Learn to say thank you, when people say beautiful things to you. It could be the littlest of things from offering you something beautiful. If you incorporate Gratitude into your life in this way by saying thank you to everyone you come in contact with who does beautiful things for you. Even if its the smallest of things. Any Gratitude is good Gratitude, no matter how little it is.

  • Tell people how much you appreciate them.

This is another right way to incorporate Gratitude in your daily life. It can be so simple even if that’s you telling your friend or best friend how much you care for them and love them.

The importance of showing Gratitude like this puts you into a better mindset and brighten up not only your day but the people around you as well.

Helping and putting a smile, someone else faces improves someone else mood, even on their worst days.

  • Every obstacle that comes you way look at it as a positive

Learning to look at things with a positive outlook without a doubt can be very hard.  I have learnt this first hand myself, that even in doubt you must learn to have a positive outcome on it.

Make sure you have positive people around is fantastic because that can help you incorporate Gratitude into your life. Positive people can help remind you that everything will be okay, and it will all work out.

  • Smile

One of the easiest things you can do is smile. Smiling can instantly make someone day better. The importance of showing gratitude through just smiling at someone because you can turn someone else day around with just a smile.

The impact of smiling is so important because the person will instantly smile back at you in passing.

  • Live mindfully, Don’t worry about the past or the future.

Living mindfully is a way to truly give thanks and be grateful for the now. There’s soo many benefits of responding this way through gratitude because it always you to feel glad about your experiences.

Writing down your experiences you have each day shows how grateful you are be living. This isn’t just about the method but it’s about how positive you are being and bringing it to light.

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  • Be Patient with other people

People can be frustrating at time. Sometimes showing that you are willing to be patient with people is all you need to do.

Knowing how to be patient with people is so important – there are so many different ways to be more a patient person.


Incorporating Gratitude into your life using these methods can be one of the most significant changes in your life. The importance of showing Gratitude using any one of these methods can make you grateful for things and look at things differently. Making your express and appreciate everything in your life and more.

Expressing Gratitude in any form is a way to be kind and feel happy about anything happening in your life, even if it’s terrible. Incorporating Gratitude is the only way to learn to be pleased about the things in your life.

tHe importance of incorporate gratitude into your life15 Powerful ways to practicing gratitude in your life



  1. Catherine
    October 2, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    Thanks, it was pleasure to read. My gratitude for every single thing comes from religion, I thank God for every simple piece of life, even if its negative as I know it is for my good even if I don’t understand it now it will benefit my life in the future. Shame so many people nowadays think ony about themself “now” but now it’s not all. So be grateful and make people feel grateful for you around them

    • lifetimeflux
      October 2, 2020 / 11:13 pm

      thank you for reading, gratitude is soo important

  2. October 2, 2020 / 5:09 pm

    Great article, Porsha. Thanks for sharing this.

    • lifetimeflux
      October 2, 2020 / 11:13 pm

      Your welcome, happy you enjoy it

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