How to start loving yourself more ❤

Right now, Self-Love is something that I use in my life daily. Loving yourself is hard and I wouldn’t say I am expert on Self-Love as everyone has their problems. But I do recognise the need for Self-Love in your life and what I am learning to do more.

My Self- love Journey

Self-love is important for you to live the life you wanna live and to live well. It about the influences you have in your life, your mates and how you deal and coping with issues in your life best way you. It also about appreciation for yourself that happens through growth, allowing you grow through actions that are there to mature us……

Heart of loving

Instead of comparing yours to other people who you feel are living a better life than you, you should start accepting your flaws and realising your strengths and make and want to improve yourself. What I started to do is treat myself within the same type of love I would give to someone else. When I face struggles or hard times rather than being self- judgement, I have started to pick up on those imperfections and find a way to overcome them and if it is something that I know that I can’t fix I know with time I will eventually figure it out or it will figure itself out.


What actually works for you to start loving yourself:

1. Become mindful.

The first thing, you need to figure out is what you want out of life, how you’re feeling and thinking at this current moment in time. Being this mindful about who you are and acting on this knowledge, rather than on what others want for you. Loving yourself happens when you can let go of something or a person who you may think you need in your life to keep you sane. Those could be the thing keeping you from to stay strong and stopping you to move forward in life. By not letting go of these things can keep you stuck in the same position as you were in the past and can keep you from moving forward in the next step of your life.

2. Acting on what you need than just what you want

Loving yourself happens when you can let go of something or a person who you may think you need in your life to keep you sane. those are the ting stopping you from staying strong and allowing you to move forward in life. By not letting go of these things can keep you stuck in the same passion as you were in the past and can keep you from moving forward in the next step of your life.

3. Practising good self-care – Loving yourself

Allows you to love yourself more. This happens when you start taking more care of your basics needs, like being healthy – exercise, sleeping properly, your social interactions and eating healthier. This more about you loving yourself than anything.

This can be hard for some people because everyone is different and has their own way of doing things. But you need to start loving yourself in all areas of your life. You can do this in sooo many ways but for me I simply started to take more care of my basics needs, like being healthy!!!!

You can do this by:

  • Exercise (going gym and working out or take gym class)
  • Sleeping properly
  • Your social interactions with your friends by becoming more active with your friend group (go out have fun, enjoy yourselfand meet new people),
  • Reading to require knowledge
  •  Working toward your goals
  •  Eating healthier Don’t forget to make sure you take time out for yourself to chill,you don’t always have to be out and about with your friend so make sure YOU HAVE SOME YOU time (enjoy your own company).

    As well as, setting limits for yourself etc saying no to thing’s that you would not want to do, knowing the person you.

4. Setting yourself boundaries

Setting limits for yourself will allow you to love yourself more- saying no to things that are not something you would do as a person.

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5. Protecting yourself

The people you have around you can help so much. These people are the once in life, who inspire and encourage you to be better, and only bring good vibes into your life. Knowing and having these types of people around you will definitely bring happiness into your life.

As well as, removing the people who you feel are no good for you. These types of people are the ones, who drain you, and they never have anything positive to say about those things you are trying to do? I have had a friend like this before and I can definitely say once you remove these types of people from your life, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders.

Get rid of them! Remember there isn’t enough time in your life to be wasting it on people who disrupt your peace. Because those people disrupting your peace could be the obstacle blocking you from getting where you need to be in life.

6. Forgive yourself

Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and be our bigger critics. Learn to forgive yourself from your mistakes think of it as a learning process because as you know everyone makes mistakes and accept that you aren’t perfect. Remember, there’s no such thing as failure if you have to learn and grow from your mistakes; there are only lessons learned.

Every mistake you’ve made in your life is a way for you to grow and learn from it. These mistakes can be anything related to your relationship, social life, career-wise (It literally could be anything).

Always remember to forgive yourself in these types of situations because sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, also be our bigger critics.

Learning to forgive yourself from your mistakes. Think of it as a learning process because no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Accepting this, make you aware that everything you do can be done, nothing is impossible so even if you fail at it once, get up and do it again until you get it right.

Remember, there are no such things as failures you learn and grow from every mistake. Every lesson is a blessing because you are learning as you go along.

7. Live intentionally

Live your life with a purpose, set yourself goals you want to even if you are not sure how you gonna get there. By living a meaningful and healthy life, you will start feeling good and doing.

Start making decisions that support your intentions (goals), So if your goal is to be more of a positive and happy person, ensure your intentions support this goal. This gives you a purpose to focus on, which will evidently help start to feel good.

You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplishing what you set out to do. Don’t forget to celebrate every accomplishment, even if it’s a small celebration.

How to start loving yourself

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Love, Porshaaaaa ❤