Interview with Influential female entrepreneur Krissy Viane!

This interview with Influential female entrepreneur/ blogger will share successful blogging experiences. This is where the bloggers will discuss how they start their journey, as well as providing the tools and tips & tricks they use.
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How do you starting to become a blogger/ Influential female entrepreneur? And become a full-time blogger?

Being a blogger/ Influential female entrepreneur takes a lot of work. There are many secrets you may need to know before starting your online business and being successful being a female entrepreneur. This interview series with these Influential female entrepreneur/ bloggers will give you multiple tips & tricks for new bloggers.

Do you think you are ready to become your boss/female entrepreneur? And leave your 9 – 5 life in the past.

I want this interview series with this Influential female entrepreneur to inspire you to fulfil your dreams. Like so many other things going on in the world that can be disheartening, I want these interviews to inspire you into living and doing better.
There are many ways you can make a passive income from home through blogging. But how can this be done? Are there methods for you to do this?
This can be done because I have done it myself. I know many bloggers have started a successful blog and even make money online through blogging.
I hope this Interview series with all these different bloggers/ Influential female entrepreneur will be beneficial and provide you with this best help possible. Allowing you to have an amazing start to your blogging journey. It will help you succeed in many ways.

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #1 – Who are you and tell us your story?

Hi, I’m Krissy Viane! I’m a midwestern girl at heart, and I am also a blogger, marketer, and Influential female entrepreneur. I am very passionate about all things related to Pinterest, blogging, and productivity! I first started blogging as a hobby because I was passionate about writing.  

Then I joined Pinterest, and I started to get a lot of followers and a good amount of traffic. Some of my blogging friends messaged me and asked me if I could help grow their Pinterest accounts too. At the time, I was working in the corporate world and blogging on the side.

When I began to make more money as a Pinterest marketer, it made sense to leave my corporate job. Now I blog full time, and I also continue to market Pinterest accounts for bloggers. I have to say it never feels like work when you are doing what you love!  

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #2 – How would you describe yourself in one word, and why? 

If I could describe myself in one word, I would say “strategic.” If you are familiar with the Myers–Briggs personality type, I am an INFJ. As an INFJ, my mind doesn’t shut off!

I am constantly thinking about now, the future, and the next steps I need to take in my business. I also try to automate my business as much as possible. But the main reason I would consider myself “strategic” is because I test and optimize everything I do. 

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #3 – Why did you start blogging, and what is the purpose of your blog?

I’ve always been passionate about writing. But another reason I started blogging is that it’s a creative outlet for me. As a teen, I was always creating something. I would build websites, create graphics online, and write short stories or books for fun. As an adult, it hasn’t changed; I still enjoy being creative.

I feel that being artsy has benefited me as a blogger because as bloggers, we have to create a lot of things—everything from landing pages, marketing material, and even our own website. My blog’s purpose is to connect with other female entrepreneurs and bloggers. I believe we can motivate each other to do and be our very best!

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur#4 – What does your normal day look like?

My normal day starts with me drinking a hot cup of coffee and waking up. Then I jump to my email and see if there is anyone I need to respond to. After that, I hop on Trello to see what goals I plan to accomplish for the month. 

I focus on finishing the bigger goals first; then, I work on the smaller goals until they are all done. Throughout my day, I try to find time to take a break. If it’s nice out, you will find me outside walking, hiking, or biking. 

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #5- What is one quote you live by?

There are so many great quotes! But this one is my favourite and one I live by!

“Build your business success around something that you love — something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you.” — Martha Stewart.

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #6 – What keeps you motivated? What or who inspires you?

Honestly, what inspires and motivates me the most is my audience! I love it when my audience shares one of my blog posts. Or when someone messages me on social media and tells me, I helped them in some way. It motivates and inspires me to keep creating content for them.

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #7 – What do you find great about being an Influential female entrepreneur? 

What I find great about being a female entrepreneur is that we tend to help each other out.  In many of the Facebook groups I’m in, I see so many female entrepreneurs encouraging each other. I love seeing us come together and helping each other grow! It’s very empowering! 

Question from Influential female entrepreneur #8 – What are your goals in life?

My main goal in life is to do what I love and what makes me happy! There is no other job I would rather do right now than what I am currently doing. Another goal of mine is to make a difference in others’ lives. I want what I create to help people.  

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #9 – What’s your best saving tips? 

If you’re crafty, consider making instead of buying. I buy $25 worth of ingredients to make laundry detergent, and it lasts me an entire year! It saves me a ton of money in the long run and cleans my clothes better than regular detergent!

I find a lot of crafting recipes for the home on Pinterest. If you like to cook, create food in large batches, then freeze it. This will save you money in gas because you won’t have to go to the store as often. 

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #10 – Best business advice you’ve got for blogger/Influential female entrepreneur?

The best business advice I can give is don’t spread yourself too thin. As bloggers and entrepreneurs, we have to create a lot of content. It’s easy to get distracted and spend 5-20 hours each week, updating social media platforms.

That is simply not enough time to create quality posts on all sites. If you’re a new blogger or entrepreneur, consider picking two social media platforms. One that builds traffic such as Pinterest or Youtube.

Then pick one that builds engagement such as Facebook or Instagram. This will save you hours of time because you won’t be creating content for 10 social media platforms. As you grow, you could always add more, but when you’re getting started, consider limiting them. 

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #11 – What tools do you use most for blogging?

  • Yoast SEO (search engine optimization plug-in for WordPress.)
  • Tailwind (Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler and Analytics Tool) 
  • Link Whisper (Internal linking WordPress plugin)
  • Ubersuggest (keyword research tool) 

There are many tools I use for blogging, but one of my favourites is the Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have to make sure my blog posts are SEO friendly!

I have worked with many social media schedulers, but Tailwind has hands down been my favourite! Tailwind has made it super easy to schedule all my Instagram and Pinterest content. Tailwind analytics is compelling because it allows me to see how my content is performing. It’s also nice to see what content is getting clicks, shares, and what Pins are driving traffic.

Another tool I have to mention is the Link Whisper WordPress plugin. I use it all the time. It has helped me quickly build smart internal links. 

Ubersuggest has been an amazing tool to help me with my keyword research! First, I find a keyword that is ranking on Pinterest. Then I go to Ubersuggest to see if that keyword is also ranking on Google.

If it is, then I know I got a keyword that bloggers are searching for. I then take all the keywords that are ranking on both Pinterest and Google and compile them in a Google spreadsheet. And I use those keywords when creating future blog articles.

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #12 – What books would you recommend for entrepreneurship?

 One of my favourite female entrepreneurs that I follow is Marie Forleo.

Her book “Everything Is Figureoutable” was life-changing for me! This book is so inspiring and such a wonderful read!

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Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #13 – What key strategy have you used to increase readers?

The main strategy I use to increase readers is giving bloggers access to my freebie library. My freebie library is full of checklists, guides, and other helpful resources. The resources help bloggers make money, gain traffic, and get more leads.

Creating the freebie library has helped me increase readers. I require an email address for bloggers to access the freebie library. I get new readers subscribing every day. 

Interview with Female Entrepreneur #14 – How do you use your social media platform for your blog?

Instagram and Pinterest are the two social media platforms I am currently on. I often collaborate with other bloggers on these two platforms. This helps introduce me to new audiences who are interested in similar things. 

Another way I use my social media for my blog is by encouraging my readers to share my blog post on their social media. This, in turn, helps me get more blog traffic, followers and provides social proof.

Interview with Influential female entrepreneur #15- What offers to you have that you would like to let us know about?

 Get on the waitlist to join my new course “Pinterest Perfection.” In this self-paced course, I go over the top traffic-generating Pinterest marketing strategies for your blog. The course opens this winter!

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