How to intentionally manifest your goals daily

Manifestation, well there are many definitions of the word itself, but in simple term, the word manifestation is something that you put in your physical reality to help manifest your goals in life through thoughts, feelings and believing. Manifestation is all about whatever you focus on in your mind is what you are bringing into your reality. So let say you want to love and abundance to come into your life, and you’re visualising it every day through your conscious and subconscious. This whole process is known as manifesting helping you to intentionally manifest what you want.

There are many different manifesting tools you can use to intentionally manifest, but the choice is yours, choose what suits you best.

Tools you can use to help you manifest your goals:

– Visualisation

This a familiar tool that many people use for the law of attraction. It’s an essential tool. All about stepping into your dreams and experiencing it through all of your senses. Allowing you to shift your subconscious into believing it has happened already.

– Forgiveness

This is a step that shouldn’t be overlooked. You need to forgive and clear your blocks to allow abundance into your life, and this is for everything. So, make sure you take a look at your life, make sure you have no grudges, and if you do, you have to let all of it go. Because those things no longer serve you.

– Gratitude

This is a simple tool, let the universe know exactly what you’re grateful for. The more positive you are, the more you appreciate all aspects of your life and the more things will come to you. Be thankful for every aspect of your life.

– Act as if

If you don’t believe you can do it, no one else will – so If you have anything you want to do. Keep working at it continuously. Declare what you want for yourself, do the work and put it out there and you’ll draw it to you.

You can use these techniques night and day, but I am going to give you some tips on what you can do at night or in the morning to help you with your manifesting.

These tips will help you manifest daily through your life and get you to your goals you desire.

Here are 3 things you can do before you go to sleep to intentionally manifest your desires.

1. Get into a vibrational place helps you intentionally manifest

Before you go to sleep, making an effort to get yourself into a high-vibrational place helps to put you in alignment with all the desires you want. This is the place where things can start to manifest.

Your overall mood needs to be at a high frequency, So whatever mood you go to sleep in is the mood you wake up in.

Things to do before bed to get you in that place:

– Cleaning up your room
– Take a shower and freshen up put a face mask on
– Put your phone down and do something other than be on social media – read & listen to positive audios
– Light a candle

 Refer to Manifestation audio to listen to before you sleep

2. Write in your journal

Journaling is so powerful. Open your journal and write down what you are thinking. With this, you get the chance:

Let go of anything that you have been thinking, any built-up energy you have been collecting in the day

Reflect on your day, write down how tomorrow could be better. By showing your gratitude, reflecting on your goals, and set your intentions the day, the week or the month.

Questions to ask yourself:

What are you grateful for?

List good things happened to you today?

Your most overwhelming desire you want to manifest? Explain why?

What are your thoughts/feelings on what has happened today?

How have you supported your vision/highest self? And if you haven’t what you can do to put yourself in better alignment?

What action are you going to take to make your goals into reality?

3. Visualise – Intentionally manifest them goals

Visual the process by closing your eyes and imagine yourself already in the life you desire.

To visualise by laying in your bed, get comfortable, close your eyes and start to picture what you want, connect it with your emotions tap into all your sense. How it looks, feels, or sound? This visualisation will give you a clear idea to manifest your goals daily.

When you visual, this will be the last thing you do before you sleep, placing yourself into a high frequency, by re-shaping your vibrations and manifesting daily what you want.

Refer to Mastering your goals planner

Morning rituals

1. Review your desire, affirmations and vision board if you have one

Write down your wants and your affirmations and read them every morning when you wake up.

If you have a vision board, make sure you look at it every morning when you wake up.

Refer to Vision Boards: What are they & How do they work?

Read through your desires, look at your vision board. Repeat your affirmations out loud.

Doing this will help and remind you what you should be focusing your thought and energy on. Affirmations help reprogram your mind to believe what you desire and help manifest your goals.

2. Read for 30 minutes.

Reading allows you to commit to your growth to make to understand more and help with your personal development every single morning.

Its because you always learn something new and help you expand on your mind and improve yourself.

Read positives books.

Last but not least, visualise your desire.

Manifestation is something you have to commit too and be consistent with. Continuing these steps night and day can allow you to focus on desires and stop you from thinking negative right from the start of the day to the end of the day. By using all of these techniques to manifest your goals will help you stay commited

Being committed is the key if you truly want to change your life for the better and manifest all your goals, dreams and desires. Believe in yourself, and you can do everything you put your mind too…

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