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You ever thought about blogging to help people with Self-care, organisation and productivity, so you could help people with improving their lives through self- care? Well is this exactly what the owner of  Clear Grow Shine, Zuba does. She is a New to blogging & entrepreneur at Clear Grow Shine. On her blog, you’ll find all kinds of advice on self-care, as she is new blogger her tips are amazing to inspire people and new bloggers.

Last month, I got to interview this New Blogger Zuba on what advice she would give new bloggers like her. I have read Zuba blog and I must say I love it.

This interview with this New blogger will share successful blogging experiences and advice for new bloggers out there. This is where the bloggers will discuss how they start their journey, as well as providing the tools and tips & tricks they use.

How do you starting to become a New Blogger? And what advice you can give new bloggers?

Being a new blogger comes will a lot of learning and trying to understand how the blogging world works. There are many secrets you may need to know before starting your online business and being successful being a female entrepreneur. This interview series with this new blogger will give you multiple advice tips & tricks for new bloggers.

Do you think you are ready to become your boss? and leave your 9 – 5 life in the past.

I want this interview series with this New blogger to inspire and give advice for new bloggers to fulfil your dreams of blogging. Like so many other things going on in the world that can be disheartening, I want these interviews to inspire you into living and doing better.
There are many ways you can make a passive income from home through blogging. But how can this be done? Are there methods for you to do this?
This can be done because I have done it myself. I know many new bloggers have started a successful blog and even make money online through blogging.
I hope this Interview series with all these different bloggers/ Female Entrepreneurs will be beneficial and provide you with the advice for new bloggers that need help. Allowing you to have an amazing start to your blogging journey. It will help you succeed in many ways; this advice for new bloggers will give you guidance on what you need to do.

Advice for new bloggers #1 – Who are you, and what’s your story?

My name is Zuba. I started my blog a little less than a year ago. My roots are Kurdish, but I grew up in the Netherlands, and I’ve been living in Hong Kong since 2017.

Advice for new bloggers #2 – How would you describe yourself in one word, and why? 

Driven. I have certain ideas about what I want to reach, professionally and personally, and I like working towards it.

But I’m also a firm believer that life is not all about work and to have a healthy work/life balance.

Advice for new bloggers #3 – Why did you start blogging, and what is the purpose of your blog?

I was talking with friends about work and careers one day. I knew they had quite clear career paths set up for themselves, but I didn’t. Even more so, I realized my life goal wasn’t to have a certain successful (corporate) career. I wanted to create a life where I would have time for the things I care about in life, such as friends, family and travelling.

Several books and podcasts made me think about my passion and purpose, and it made me realize that I like helping others, and I like to write. After reading many success stories of bloggers to help new bloggers like myself, I decided that it would be a perfect fit for me to start a blog: it’s creative, it’s entrepreneurial, and I can take it with me wherever I go (which is useful, because my husband is a pilot).

My natural interests are organizing, productivity and self-care, which is what I blog about on Clear Grow Shine. Recently, I have added digital decluttering/digital minimalism as well, because I think the amount we spend on our smartphones and computers is not healthy nor productive. My blog’s main target group are young professionals.

Even though some bloggers say that your blog’s name doesn’t matter, I brainstormed a lot about my blog name. I wanted it to encompass what I wanted to tell. So after many iterations, I came to ‘Clear Grow Shine’. These three words show the concept of what my blog is about. I like to think of it as a roadmap or 3-step process:

Clear your mind and surroundings (organizing), to make room to Grow (productivity), so you can Shine in life (self-care).

Advice for new bloggers #4 – What does your normal day look like?

  • I work from home, which I enjoy.
  • I usually wake up around 7 am and work out at the gym or do a short yoga session at home with a YouTube video.
  • I shower, dress up and eat breakfast – I like to take it quite slow in the morning.
  • Then I start to work. In the morning, I usually do writing tasks or other work where I need to be sharp.
  • In the afternoon, I often work on tasks that are a bit more ‘easy’, such as scheduling social media posts or creating new pins.
  • After dinner, I like to relax and read a book, take a bath, play a board or card game, or watch a movie.

Advice for new bloggers #5 – What is one quote you live by?

“Done is better than perfect”.

I can be a perfectionist, which will often slow me down, so I have to tell myself that done is better than perfect.

Advice for new bloggers #6 – What keeps you motivated? What or who inspires you?

Whenever I need motivation or inspiration, I like to think of my dreams, the goals I want to achieve. Or in other words, the ‘why’ I’m doing what I’m doing.

Advice for new bloggers #7 – What do you find great about being a female entrepreneur?

First of all, I don’t think there’s much difference between a female or male entrepreneur. What I find great about entrepreneurship is the amount of control I have. Control of my working hours, my business strategy, my goals, etc.

Advice for new bloggers #8- What are your goals in life?

I want to set up a successful business where I can genuinely help others and make an impact. Also, I’d like to start a family one day, live comfortably and travel to meet new cultures and see all types of nature.

Advice for new bloggers #9 – What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Be consistent. Set up some system to make it easier for yourself to be consistent and don’t give up. And don’t try to find out everything by yourself – you can fast track your progress by doing courses. I got myself a bundle of courses with the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles, which helped me a lot.

Help for new bloggers #10 – What’s your best saving tips?

Have a goal for your savings, such as setting up an emergency buffer or a certain amount for a down payment, etc. And set a realistic deadline for when you want to reach this goal. Then list all your monthly essential payments and calculate your monthly surplus. Part of your surplus should go towards your savings goal, part towards a retirement fund (long-term investment), and apart for fun things like eating out or holidays.

Advice for new bloggers #11 – Best business advice you’ve got for entrepreneurs?

Have a clear mission or business goal to help you set up an effective strategy. This is the type of advice for all new bloggers to hear as I am still learning myself. Everything you do in your strategy should get you closer to that mission or goal. Otherwise, you’re probably just wasting time and effort.

Help for new bloggers #12 – What tools do you use most for blogging?

  • I use Mailerlite to build up my email list.
  • Tailwind to schedule my pins
  • Adobe XD to create my pins.

These are the best tools I use for my blog and think it will give help for new bloggers just starting.

Advice for new bloggers #13- What books would you recommend for entrepreneurship?

I believe the ability to be focused and have a good attention span will help you in any profession. But our attention span is deteriorating because of our smartphones.

That’s why I recommend the book ‘How to break up with your phone’ by Catherine Price to everyone.

A related book, although I haven’t read it yet myself I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, is ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport.

Zuba-Advice for new bloggers

Advice for new bloggers #14 – What key strategy have you used to increase readers?

Using Pinterest consistently and uploading a lot of fresh pins for my posts.

Advice for new bloggers #15 – How do you use your social media platform for your blog?

I’m trying to get more active on social media, which honestly is a bit hard for me because personally, I’ve never actively posted on social media.

But for my business, I see it as an opportunity to reach more people and let them know about

Help for new bloggers #16 – What offers do you have that you would like to let us know about?

I have a free resource centre where you can find all my freebies, such as worksheets to break bad habits or creating a morning routine, a printable planner pack, recipes for easy meal planning and my eBook ‘Working from home: A guide to your productivity and office essentials’.

interview series with new blogger zuba

interview series - advice for new bloggers from zuba


  1. November 11, 2020 / 2:50 pm

    Zuba sounds like she has a great mindset and I wish her all the best on her blogging journey. I like what she said about perfect being better than ‘done’ as this is a mantra I need to live by as well!

    • lifetimeflux
      November 11, 2020 / 6:36 pm

      Thank you, I hope she reads this comment

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