Law of attraction is real: Dreams do come true

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Dreams you have can come true by using the law of attraction. The LAW OF ATTRACTION is real, read more to find out all you need to know about the law of attraction & what attracted me to it …..

Law of attraction is real

Recently, I have be wanting to change the way I think and see things. This would allow me to start achieving more than I achieve now & start manifesting new and current dreams I want to reach.

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One day, I was scrolling through my social media, I came across one of my favourite social media influencer’s story post on Instagram. In the story, she was recommending her supporters read a book called ‘The Secret’. She was saying how inspiring the book was and that it would defo help make you change the way you think and do things.

I thought to myself,“This would be a good way for me to start changing the way I think and becoming more proactive within my lifestyle and not just settle in my current position”.

Positive, Positive- Law of attraction ‘The Secret”

So I decide to purchase the book & once I started reading, I was hooked on how much the law of attraction really does exist. Knowing how much it can affect your life in magical ways. I thought back to all the times when I was thinking negatively about things in my life and realised that one positive thought could’ve changed everything.

I realised your actions can change everything – Positive reactions to certain situation in life creates more positive things and vice versa. Lets say something negative happens in your life, reacting to in a calm way. This will indeed makes what happens next in you life so much better.  Instead of reacting in a negative way.

‘Law of attraction says like attract like’, This goes with everything you do especially when it comes to your thoughts. Imagine it like this, Every thought you think is a magnet & all your thoughts have a frequency. So, if you are having negative thoughts, be aware that you magnetically attracting the same frequency of that thought into you life. Everything sent out to the Universe return back to you…..

This made me realise that every thought I had becomes a thing and all my current thoughts are creating my future.

So, what you think about and focus on the most will appear in your life. Not only thinking and focusing on positive things but the actions you take to get to your goals will allow you to achieve all the goals you want to pursue.

My Creative Process – your lifestyle change

For My Creative Process, I have used several ways to help me start using The Secret & The Law Of Attraction in my life to get me focused more on my goals and achieving them:

  • Use the Law Of Attraction to your advantage

Make it into a habit and not just something you do as a one off.

  • Be Grateful for the things you have now

Your relationships, your experiences, your family and friends, your job and your lifestyle. This will eventually attract more good things your way.

  • Visualising the pictures of things and the lifestyle you want.

When you visualising these things, You are creating powerful thoughts and feeling of having them now.   Law of attraction will return to you in your reality, just as you saw it.

  • Being positive about everything, Even if it is a negative situation

Find away to overcome it and find the best outcome for you.

  • Creating a Vision board

Creating a vision board has allowed me to focus on what I want on a daily. Me seeing the board in my room everyday helps me focus on my dreams and goals that i want to aspire to. Allowing you to work hard to get there even if you don’t know how you will, just know you will get there.

  • Law of attraction diary

Help you focus and write down your plans and how you are going to work towards them daily. Organise your life  and following daily. This can help you achieve the goals you want for the months or years or even years from now.

I truly recommend reading ‘The Secret’ or watching the movie version of ‘The Secret’ on Netflix.

As you are the only one who can change your life, There are some many different possibility for you. There are no Limits in life, you just gotta believe you will get there. By work hard to get where you want to be. This book will allow you to create the lifestyle you want.

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Law of attraction & Manifesting you dream life

Law of attraction & Manifesting you dream life

Thanks for reading, Enjoyyyyyyy xxxxx

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