3 Most Common Fears Stopping Your Success

Many people in the world want to be successful. This includes bloggers & entrepreneurs and even people who work 9-5 jobs. All of these people have a talent of their own, but there is always something holding them back. And this is their fears. This post will give you an inside on the most common fears that are holding you back from your success and how to face them.

At the end of 2018, I told myself I am going to overcome that fear of mine and start-up my own little business through blogging. I have always doubted that I wouldn’t be successful which I think was one of the things that hold us back. But I have learnt to be able to escape that fear of mine. I needed to start something new of my own or even trying something different in an aspect of my life.

And 2020 could be the year to do precisely that. Overcome your fears that were stopping you from getting where you want to be. As George Addair stated, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of your fear”.

Don’t get me wrong; fear is not a bad thing. It is there as protection for us. Keeping us safe and comfortable, but you see that is the problem. It’s keeping you comfortable and holding you back from what really for you.

I, myself have an utter fear of not being successful at this moment, I am not where I want to be, but I know and believe that one day I will be. It can paralyse you from moving forward to the place you suppose to be going too.

This can not only damage your self-esteem, but it can stop you from making the necessary decision in your life which allow you to become the successful person you are meant to be. These common fears are things that hold us back and stop us from getting our full personal.


Most Common Fears 1*: The fear of being a failure

This fear is something that I feel is what I am most scared off, and I know many are too.

This is the kind of fear that you may start saying things like:

“If this doesn’t go to plan, I am going to quit it altogether.”

“I don’t know what I would do if this goes wrong.”

I would say this is one of the most common fears that many business owners have. It’s that fear that if you never go for what you want, you’ll never get what you wish for – kind of feeling. This feeling is what holds so many people back from achieving their goals. 

What is holding you back from you achieving your goals? What are you avoid, what is stopping you from doing what you want to do?

Nothing is perfect, and not all things are going to work out how you want, and there will be setbacks, failure and mistakes. But we all have to come to terms that these disappointments can be something positive that you can learn from for next time.

Many people use this fear as a way to push themself to be better and do better.

1. Have faith in what you are doing 

Honestly, thin about it how much credit do you give yourself, even if you’re afraid of failing. All the hard work you put in is what you are downplaying. As well as downplaying your capabilities and your strengths. Please try to think back to the time you’ve overcome bad situations in your life and how you learnt and grew from it. Remember, life is a learning process, and it all about growth and experience, not running away from what you know you’re capable of doing.

2. Speak your success into existence 

Instead of anticipating the worst of the situation, why not say to yourself that “You’re going to be successful in what you are doing” or even, “this business is not only to help me but it going to help a lot of other people as well”. Never plant negative about anything you do, which will have you doubting your success and your capabilities. Believe in yourself and everything you do. Be yourself and know you can do what you put your mind too.

Failure always happen but never let that be one of the things that hold you back because failure is something you can definitely overcome.

Most Common Fears 2*: Fear of Rejection

I have never known anyone myself that is okay with rejection. For most people, a level of acceptance from others is normal. But there’s different between being uncomfortable with rejection and being completely afraid of it. This can stop you from achieving personal and professional success. 

Ultimately, this fear is a reflection of the anxiety you may have with not being accepted. It’s like an overwhelming fear and people with this fear do things like:

  • Become people pleaser. These people are often the once that say yes to everything, but once they start doing what every they said yes to its not something they enjoy doing. But they do it out the fear of not being liked or accepted by others. 
  • Tend to wait on others to make offers instead of taking the inventiveness to make things happen or even ask for what they want. Preventing them from getting want they want because it’s a fear of being judged by others if they don’t get it.

1. Be Confident!

 You have to be confident in yourself because you have to remember it’s your life and no one else. Who are you living for? To please yourself or to please friends, your partner or parents? Learn what you are good at and don’t be scared to do it over and over until you get it right. You need to remember why you love what you are doing. Why are you excited to be able to build success in the way you want?

Your enthusiasm will have you shining because you have to let those people who don’t believe in your be the fuel to your growth and you becoming successful. You have to be the people to prove them wrong. The struggle with confidence can be hard but check this post out it may help you with your improving your confidence.

We have to learn to never let these type of things hold us back from getting things done, BE CONFIDENT!!!!

Most Common Fears 3*: Fear of Success

This fear I would say is the hardest to identify. You may not be afraid of what others think about what you are doing, and you’re probably prepared to learn as you go along. 

It’s important to remember that the fear of success is not just about being success itself, its more about all the other thing that comes along with success – including the pressure, the different responsibility, growth, money and more. 

Its can be tricky because you may be holding yourself back from doing something great, and you are unaware of it. Focus on what you class as successful and not what the media portrays it to be. You are the owner of your success you have to remember that.

1. Being successful doesn’t always require you to sacrifice things

Success doesn’t mean your friendships/relationships have to suffer in the process of that. Share your passion with your friends and family let them see what your dreams actually mean to you. Focus on a schedule that works for you, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your friends or family.

2. Success will never happen overnight

Success is a process, so it something you need to be able to handle. Throughout, the process of success, you have to stay confident within yourself. You need to have the ability to deal with whatever comes your way. You have to remember that you are building something – nobody knows what you’re capable of doing, and no one knows what your business means to you and how it works. So, when your time comes, you will be ready for it because you work your hardest to get there.

We need to learn to never let the fears you have to be the things that hold you back from your dreams.


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