The Best Ways Manifest The Outcome You Want..

Everyone has dreams and desires of who they want to be. Most people put on hold their dreams and desires, imagine if you had the chance to know How to manifest all those dreams and desires in just one year.

Normally, most people set them self a new year resolution, that no one ever seem to follow, and most people end up giving up before the end of the year… I have been guilty of this on many occasions.

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This step-to-step guide will give you the knowledge you need to create all your dreams and desire this year and may year to come.

Anytime you want to manifest something new in your life, I would recommend you come back to this blog post and get inspired by going over each step again. Remember this doesn’t have to be at a new year, you can use this for anytime you want to start something new!!!!

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Your manifestation starts here:

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–  How to manifest what to want by changing your attitude – Gratitude is a must.

Living in the state of gratitude and appreciating all the opportunities and blessings in your life, show a clear sign to the universe that you have everything you want and desire at that moment. This allows you to attract more desire into your life, because you are showing appreciation of what you already have and reminding yourself that the world is a big reflection of you.


– Visualising your already living in that dream

Try to spend at least 5mins a day visualising yourself living your dream life. Try to do this in as much detail as possible – including where you are? What you are doing? Who you are going to be with? What you see, smell, hear and taste. By you focus on these sensations and feelings, ensures you are making them as real as you possibly can and can help make them reality.

– Prepare yourself for your dream to come true.

Preparing yourself for your dreams and desire to occur, you must get yourself prepare. Do it now, if financial abundance is what you want to attract, get your bank account and finances organised so handle any new income. Get your yourself ready got what you want to appear and happening in your life.


– Use your Intuition to help

Just remember your intuition is always right when it comes to most things. Trust it when you want to create a new project, attend event, call family and friend for guidance. Trust in all these things for a guidance and then take the action to do it. You have to meet the universe halfway when it comes to manifesting your dreams by moving towards what you want.

– Live in the present moment

Don’t put your life on hold, start creating the life you want now, don’t constantly reliving past situations and worrying about past friendships. You focus on these things can literally block your blessing and miss out on the miracles happening around you. Experience and appreciate the life you are living by learning to feel good now. You can do this by making a list of things that bring you joy and schedule them weekly. Also, Start writing a dream journey in past tense as they have just unfolded, write this in detail with all the amazing things unfolding and how grateful and happy you are.

Don’t forget to Celebrate your wins  and keep on manifest them outcomes….

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Thanks Lovelies, Enjoy the read !!!

Porshaa xxx