Friday Nights – Favourites Ideas

Friday nights, you can either do 1 of 2 things. Either you can chill and relax after a busy week at work or you can go out with friends or your partner and have a night out.

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Fridays are always and will forever be the best days of the week.

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Friday nights the start of Weekend

Fridays are the start of the weekend as we all know well. Allowing you chill and take some time out for yourself in the evening, but this is all depends on what kinda person you are. Some people prefer to chill at home and some feel since it is Friday why not get some freedom and go out for drinks or a meal, etc etc

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My Friday nights are more chilled than ever, I like to either go gym and work on my fitness, or just chill at home watching movies or different series as I love to watch programmes… Or either having my own little pamper session at home, putting a face mask own and doing all the little bits and pieces I didn’t get to do in the week.

Normally I like to watch movies and snack of my favourite foods… that is the kinda person I am chilled out and relaxed.

Ideal Friday night faves for me and Some Ideas for you if you need some:

Movie nights – Friday Nights

They are the best after a hard day at work. You can just come home and chill and relax by watching your favourite movies and eat your favourite foods. Its normally my cheat day, where I kind of just buy food. Eats and watch movies or programmes. Even, having movie nights with your partner as well.

Get togethers with your friends

Sometimes Fridays are also best for going out with friends and having a drink or two at a bar. Even if you are going out to party with friends or the movies, whatever you and your friends decided to do, enjoy your Friday to the fullest.

 Date nights  – Friday nights

Friday nights are good for date night for you and your partner to go out and enjoy each out company. Movies, dinner, top golf, mini golf, bars and more- enjoy you time with your GF or BF.

Late nights and sleeping in till Saturday

Friday night allow you to sleep in on Saturday if you are not one of those early risers. Giving you time to relax and sleep in late at the night and wake up late.

Go to a concert with Friends

Live music is always bound to be loads of fun. As we are in the right season and a lot a festival and concert are around the corner. It’s always amazing to be in an atmosphere, where the music is playing and especially being surrounded by a great bunch of friends

Have an adult sleepover or go for a drive with friends

You are never too old to have an adult sleepover. Trading in the heels for a pair of comfy socks and chill watch movies, cook food. Friday nights are not just about going out, you can have fun in the comforts of you own home. Spend less money as well sitting in the comfort of your own home.

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Porshaa xxx