My Travel Bucket list for 2019 – 2020

2019 – where it gonna take you? I am such a daydreamer when it comes to holidays and local hot spots. I really want to explore and travel this year. The last couple of year I have always wanted to go on a holiday with friends but there was always something stopping us.

But this year nothing and no one is going to stop me from exploring the world and fulfilling my travel bucket list.

I have mainly been on holidays with my family, which has mainly to Barbados (where my family is from).

From Barbados to St Lucia to Paris and Spain, all of the places I have been in my life. All of these places are the travel adventures of my life.

But I want to go on my adventures and experience new things. I will always cherish them because that where my love of travelling came from.

travel bucket list

My travel Bucket list for 2019 – 2020 – Check it out!!!

Take a solo trip

There nothing wrong with travelling alone. The idea of travelling by myself excites me but also scares me at the same time. It’s the fear of the unknown, challenging yourself. Travelling alone allows freedom for you to fulfil your own holiday goals. Instead of you compromising and sacrificing to come up with an agenda everyone needs to approve. Also, it allows you to Meet new People – when travelling alone yours most likely to meet a lot of new people. Many people will approach you and strike conversation with you from what I have heard from friends.

Water sports, water sports, water sport – do it

I am a lover of water. I love swimming, I was one of the best swimmers back in the days. One of my dreams is go and do several different types of water sports such as:


– Snorkelling
– Parasailing
– Scuba diving
– Wake boarding/ Water skiing
– Jet skiing

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Plan a Girls getaway in LA

I have always wanted to go on a girl getaway in American or an unforgettable vacation with my closest friends…. I have a couple planned this year.

Knowing how organised I am, I will plan a crazy schedule for the holiday… Tbh it been hard to make time for my friends lately as we are all in the stages of growing up, working, finding who we want to be and finding ourselves.

Going on a Safari

I always wanted to go on a safari, even though I am not really an animal person. still want to experience seeing animals I haven’t seen before. I know it might sound a little weird, I am not an animal person, but I want to go on a safari. I know, I know I just want to experience it as it is something new to me and I defo would enjoy it.

Celebrate a holiday in another country

There is no excuse with travelling – so why not celebrate one holiday season in a whole new country, I think it makes for major opportunity to experience new traditions and customs, other than just an English holiday season.

travel safari

Go to a festival Aboard

Festival Aboard, I have always wanted to go to one, like Coachella, or Merky festival and more. These are the things I always wanted to experience and enjoy.

Take a Road-trip

There is more to life than just getting up, getting ready, going to work, coming home and sleeping then having to do it over again. There are so many different things you can do; Road trips allow you to discover new places. Also giving you the opportunity to bond with the people around you and it encourages you to be spontaneous.

Travel road trip

And if you are unsure on whether bucket listing is for you or not, Here is are 10 benefits in to why you should use bucket list.

If there are holidays/ travel experiences you been on that you feel I will in enjoy, done hesitate to message me. Also comment some of your experiences on your travel bucket list…

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Porshaaa xxx