83 Unique New Year’s Resolutions 2021

 A  re you looking for New Year’s resolutions for your Personal and professional growth? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find 100 New years resolutions for your personal and professional growth. These unique new years resolutions for 2021 will hopefully lift your spirits and get you excited for 2021.

2020 had left some of us feeling a bit disappointed because most of thought 2020 would be the year of great success. I know More than ever we need something to lift your spirits ups. I hope these 100 unique new year resolution quotes for 2021 about personal and professional goal will help you look forward to a successful new year.

Think about everything in your life and think of the changes you can make. There are many steps you can take towards living our best life.

These are your first steps to making your personal and professional goals for 2021 the best yet.

Here is a choice of 100 New years resolutions for 2021 on personal and professional growth for you!

Remember, it’s not impossible to do. Your New year will be full of improvements with these quotes.

2021 may be the year for you?

There are many possibilities for you to grow. The countless about of times for you to get the motivation you need for 2021.

Whatever happens, remember you gotta have hope and make happen for yourself. Start the year of great.

Each of these resolutions on Personal and professional growth is inspired to help you be happy and progress.

Unique New Years personal  and Professional growth resolutions for 2021

#1. Mental: Unique Resolutions ideas for your Mind

How has your mind right now? Are you focused, or is your mind everywhere?

The best way for you to stay focused in 2021, I would consider this Unique New year’s Resolutions to help your mind be at one. Enabling you to focus on processing information better and improve your problem-solving skills in everywhere possible.

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Here’s a Unique New Year’s resolutions for 2021 to improve your mental health:

  • Limit the time you spend on social media
  • Go to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Try to learn how to meditate & get meditation in once a week.
  • Get to planning – Get yourself an organiser and keep consistent with it.
  • Be more positive and optimistic about everything you do.
  • Make self-love a part of your life by loving who really are and accepting just that.
  • Learn to spend quality time with yourself 
  • Less complaining and appreciate your life how it is
  • Be grateful
  • Be Nicer to yourself

#2. Social: Unique New year’s Resolutions ideas  2021 for you socially

Are you socially happy?

Your social life is significant. Because you need a balance of work and social life for you to keep happy, I would consider these Unique New year’s Resolutions to help you become socially happy with who you are and the people around you.

Here’s a Unique New Year’s resolutions for 2021 to improve your social life:

  • Get Involved more with team and clubs – Like volunteering.
  • Have more conversations with your friends about anything
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts – Friends disagree all the time, misunderstandings happen between friends.
  • Maintain an exciting social life, sometimes go with the flow. Be flexible
  • Be yourself always
  • Pick up a hobby
  • Play more
  • Enjoy the little thongs about life.
  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Strengthen your personal relationship

#3. Emotional:  Unique Resolutions ideas 2021 for you to be emotionally stable

Do you feel emotionally and mentally stable?

Your emotions are so important. Especially expressing your emotions, never allow yourself to get so drawn into feeling sad when problem arise. I am a compassionate person, so my emotions get the best of me at times. Trying to remain positive in every situation will help you so much. Smile even when you don’t feel like it, speak to someone you can trust openly.

Here’s a Unique New Year’s resolutions to improve your emotions to make you strong mentally:

  • Spend time with yourself at least 15 minutes a day to reflect
  • I’ll write in my gratitude journal daily.
  • Make sure I take better care of my physical health.
  • I will be kinder to myself and my inner dialogue.
  • Become more aware of my feeling
  • I’ll spend more time with the people that love me.
  • Give up on bad habits.
  • Stop overthinking the smallest of things.
  • Improve your relationships
  • Try to get rid of any worry and preoccupations.

#4. Physical:  Unique New year’s Resolution for physical wellbeing

Do you think you are physically healthy?

Physical health is something you need to maintain daily. Making sure you exercise at least 3 times a week to improve your health. I would recommend these Unique New year’s Resolutions for 2021 to help you become physically happy with who you are.

Here are New Year’s resolutions to improve your  physical health:

  • Move around more and exercise
  • Get more sleep
  • Take time out for yourself & practice self-care
  • Try meditate
  • Be present in the now
  • Stop negative body talk
  • Rethink your diet
  • Keep a food journal
  • Enjoy regular spa therapies
  • Try an extreme sport

#5. Spiritual:  Unique Resolutions to become more spiritual

Do you feel at peace, right now?

If you feel like you need to become more spiritual and believe like, there is something greater out there. This could be anything from the universe to God. It’s something you want to learn more about. Then consider some of these new years’ resolution to improve your life spiritually.

Here are New Year’s resolutions 2021 to improve your  life spiritually:

  • Simplify your life
  • Read spiritual books
  • Try & get involved in your spiritual community.
  • Learn and start mediation
  • Learn inner peace and happiness
  • Find a mentor
  • Keep a gratitude journal daily or weekly.
  • Pray everyday
  • Grow and reconnect  with the outdoors
  • Think of your mission

#6. Communication:  Unique Resolutions for better communication

Do you need to better your communication professionally?

Communication professionally is so important, and learning how to do properly is important. Consider the New Years Resolution to help you improve how you communicate professionally in the workplace. 2021 can be the year your new years’ resolution come true.

Here are New Year’s resolutions 2021 to improve your  communication professionally:

  • Take a presentation skills class
  • Learn to command the room
  • Be Friendly
  • Be helpful
  • Keep your phone off the table during with meeting someone
  • Be clear and Offer your opinions
  • Expand your social networking
  • Ask more question if appliable
  • Strive to be more specific
  • Address your main points
  • Practice improving your body language.

#7. Leadership skills:  Unique New year’s Resolutions 2021 for you to become a better leader

Do you feel like you need to improve your leadership skill?

Here are New Year’s resolutions 2021 to improve your  leadership skill for professional reasons:

  • Make trust your priority.
  • Make sure you take more accountability.
  • Build trust with your colleagues
  • Improve your communicator
  • Recognise all contributions whether they are larger or small
  • Do one thing that may scare you.
  • Have more fun
  • Spend less of your time in meetings
  • Schedule important task
  • Get up Earlier

#8. Organisation skills:  Unique Resolutions to become more organised

Do you feel as you need to improve on how organised you are? Do you want to be a better organise for the new year in 2021?

Here are New Year’s resolutions 2021 to improve your organisation for personal and professional growth :

  • Keep notes & Track all task and when you need to do them by
  • Keep to plan & don’t procrastinate
  • Delegate your work
  • Track your problem areas with care
  • Switch up your weekly routine

#9.Self-confidence:  Unique new years’ Resolutions  for 2021 to become more confident at work

Do you need to be more confident at work?

Here are New Year’s resolutions 2021 to improve your self-confidence for your personal and professional growth:

  • Cultivate your mindset
  • Embrace your fears at work
  • Improve your body language
  • Get your stress under control.
  • Let go of your limitations.
  • Take more risks
  • Commit to your daily routine
  • Reflect everyday

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I really do hope that these Unique new years resolutions for 2021 will help inspire your personal and professional growth. The new year resolutions 2021 will help you boost yourself up in certain areas in your life. 2020 has been a weird and problematic year, but with these 2021 new years resolutions, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.



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