How to Improve your night routine for a Productive day

Every day is a new day, and starting your day good is always a bonus, and that all can start with having a good night. You can prepare yourself for a good day ahead from the night before. Combining these tips together can allows you to have a productive and calming night routine to help you have a productive day.

Staring your morning off right is going to set the tone for the rest of the day. So here are few tips and trick for you to implement into your night routine to all for a productive day.. So keep reading…

  1. Starting off your night routine early

Start your night routine off early…. Starting the night off early is always a good wait to get ready for the next morning. Best thing for you to do is remove your make up, clean up a bit (make sure that in the morning you have nothing left around to do, sort of your clothes for next morning, wash the dishes, clean up your room abit).. Put your phone down… Prepare your meal.. for the next day, preparing your meals for the next morning this will allow you get organised.

  1. Assess your to-do list

Look at your to do list, review it and see what you’ve achieved from that list for the day. Helping you plan out what you want to priorities for the next day. While preparing the list, you can make the decision of what you want you want to do for the next day. Doing this the night before can help you make the decision easier in the morning. You can even do a to do list for the whole week and set it up and review it daily to see if you have done all things you wanna do.

  1. Reflect on the day

Now let get into the productive part of the night. Get your planners ready or use note on your phone…. Ask yourself question about the day you had:

  • What did do everything you set out for the day ?
  • If it didn’t go to plan, why?
  • What went well today ?

These questions will help you recap on the day, giving you a clear mind on what you want to improve on for the next day. Now since you have already planned out your to do-list. Getting into planning and sticking to the plan you have made will be helpful for you.

Don’t pack your to-do list up with more than 3 things that will help you get close to your bigger goals. Packing up your to-do list can make it hard to do be able to complete all the thing set for yourself.

Learn to prioritise on the thing you need to get done, the most important things. If you are stressing about things make sure you set some time aside and thing about is it urgent can it be left till next week?

    4. Time to unwind and chill.

The part where you can just relax. This the one is the best one other for me… What I say it best for you to do is to turn your phone off. As it’s the end of the day. You have ready done and been on your socials liking people. It your time to relax and take a breather and enjoy the rest of the day that you have left.

What I normally do is either read one of my fav books or watch one of my seasons or movies. You can do whatever you think is best for you; yoga, meditation, make yourself a cupper, or even journaling. You can write your through down on paper or even talk to someone about how you are feeling about the day as well as talk about it and what on your mind. Be calm and be grateful for the day. And know that tomorrow is a new day with plenty of new opportunities coming you way. Focus of the positive aspect of your day and the best things that have happened. Remember to be grateful for what ever you have in your like and then expect even better for tomorrow.

night routine -productive day

improve your night -productive day


Remember, it is your life you have to be positive and get happy about all the things you have to come all the great opportunities and more coming you way

Keep in mind that beginning organised and relax at night will allow you to way up refreshed and new and get into the productive sprit.

Move positive vibe will attract more positive aspects into your life. Enjoy it and you will see the outcomes coming, all your hard work and positivity paid off.

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Thank you for reading

Love Porsha xxx


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