7 ways to keep positive mindset during a crisis

In the midst of a crisis, It’s so important to be able to keep a positive mindset during a crisis. There are many reasons and benefits of having a positive mindset.

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Generally, A positive mindset is all about being optimistic with any situations you are in. People who have a positive attitude can achieve anything because they remain hopeful and believe the best can happen out of any hard situation.

A positive mindset doesn’t mean less stress; it means you are equipped to dealing with stress in a much healthier way. Having a positive mindset during a crisis can help you maintain your stress level.

Benefits of having a positive mindset can not only help work better. If you Believe in yourself during this time, you can work to create actionable goals for you to work on. It can also allow you to keep on making more positive relationship.

In a crisis, you must try to stay as productive as you possibly can; allowing you to keep your mind off things.

7 ways to keep a positive mindset during a crisis:

1# Focus on what you can control

Focusing on what you can control in you in a crisis can help you keep a positive mindset during a crisis. Because you can’t control what is going on in the world around you.

I’ve realised that during a crisis focusing too much on the things you cannot control will have you feeling disheartened.

There are many ways to keep yourself empowered in such times, such as focusing on things you can control, work on the things you want to create and make better in your life.

If you need any inspiration on empowerment and keeping a positive mindset during a crisis; Take a look at this amazing Ted Talks about:

How to be your best self in times of crisis.

2# Start a Gratitude Journal

In life there are so many things you can be grateful for, so why are you not reminding yourself about those things?

During a crisis, I believe this is the best time for you to write down all the things you are grateful for. Gratitude Journals can be an amazing way to keep a positive mindset during a crisis. It takes little to no effort a day to sit down a writing your journal about all the things you’re grateful for. In many ways, this can take your mind of things going on in the world.

Once a day, sit down a write what you’re thankful for in life. It can be anything really even if its something.

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3# Start your day with a positive affirmation.

Setting your morning off with a tone is the right way to go about in times of a crisis. Having that positive mindset during a crisis can allow you to do the unstoppable.

You ever wake up and feel like today is gonna be a bad day because your morning started so badly. Well, I will tell you this, I definitely have had many of those days. So don’t think you’re the only one; What I have learnt about starting your day like this will become a pessimistic view that will carry on through the rest of the day.

While your day may start of negative, Never let it dominate you or your day. If you start your day off with positive affirmations, it can change your day massively. Speak to yourself in the morning, even if it something small, like declaring that you are going to have a beautiful day. By saying to yourself “Today is going to be great” or “I’m definitely going to have the best day ever”.

This can benefit you by keeping a positive mindset; You see how much your day changes and improves.

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4# Keep in contact with your friends during a crisis to keep you in a positive mindset

Keeping in contact with your friends can help you keep a positive mindset during a crisis, especially positive people surround your positive words sink in with every conversation you have with them because their words will not only stay with you throughout your day. I can lie finding positive people to fill your life can be hard. Learning to remove the negative people from your life can impact you so much.

Please Do whatever you can to help keep a positive mind during a crisis because it will not only help you be positive but others.

5# Be Easy and take your time with yourself

There are many benefits to a positive mindset, but something most of us tends to do is judge ourselves. Putting yourself down is not going to help you.

A lot of people tend to have a fear of making mistakes in general. Especially, During a crisis keeping, a positive mind is so important so go easy on yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Work as much as you can, and take care of yourself.

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6# Reading books to Inspire you to keep a positive mindset during a crisis

Getting inspired during a crisis is hard, especially when you feel drained. To keep me from feeling this way during a crisis, I like to read books to keep a positive mindset.

It will help you feel very motivated by reading the success of others. Helping you look at how far they’ve come and seen how they face all their different challenges.

This will give you the motivated to never to give up and keep on pushing, which can benefit you keep a positive mindset during a crisis.

7# Remember yourself of how blessed you are

Just because you are going through a crisis, this doesn’t stop all the blessing in your life. It doesn’t stop how great you are. Remember, you are always blessed. Keeping this in mind will keep you in a positive mindset during a crisis.

Never forget those things; having family and friends around you can make you positive. You have a roof over your head, and you have great friends and family. Remember that.

What are the few benefits of a positive mindset?

Benefits of a positive mindset#1 – Stress Relief

Stress Relief is a benefit of keeping a positive mindset because when dealing with a stressful situation positive people think more effectively.

Rather than them dwelling in a frustrating situation, they cannot change; they create a plan of action. They even ask for help from others, who they know who will help assist them with advice.

Benefits of a positive mindset#2 – Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity is a good way to benefit from a positive mindset because it increases your self-confidence and improves your chance of success.

This approach for an individual to keep a positive attitude become more productive even in stressful situations. They are not focusing on their failed mistake; they are focusing on the chance for it to be successful.

Benefits of a positive mindset#3 – An Active, curious mind

Another benefit of a positive mindset is becoming more active and curious. People with positive minds want to learn new thing and try new things out with a fear of failing.

There are many ways for you to keep a positive mindset during a crisis. I wanted to get you to see what a couple of other bloggers do to keep a positive mindset during a crisis to give you some motivation:

Positive Mindset during a crisis tips from Blogger#1: Katie Decook || Adventure with Kt

In the world of uncertainty that we are living in these days,s it can be straightforward to derail the plans you had in mind for yourself as well as losing the sense of motivation & positivity through it all. I even struggle from time to time. However, I’ve found ways that help me pull through. Here are some of my favourite tips.

  1. Reading self-improvement books. Rachel Hollis is one of my go-to’s! If you aren’t a big reader maybe listen to motivational podcasts such as ones from GaryVee or Andy Frisella.

  2. Limit your time on social media – Coming from a person who suffers from anxiety; I’ve noticed spending a lot of time on social media can sometimes be the trigger for it.

  3. This quote I am about to share is something I sometimes tell myself multiple times a day when I begin stressing. “You can not stress the things that are out of your control”. After repeating this a few times, strangely enough, I begin to feel some relief.


Positive Mindset during a crisis tips from Blogger#2: Nadalie Bardo || Itsallyouboo

It’s so easy to be caught in the riptide of negativity. It’ss all around us, from our social media challenge to every news outlet. Even doing something positive like going for a quick walk meets you with constant reminders that, “life is not normal.”

So, what’s the solution? How do you stay positive during these challenging times? I encourage you to choose one positive thought over another. When a negative thought like, “I can’t do [something you used to]” or “I’m stuck inside” comes into your mind, reframe it into a more positive light. Instead of being stuck, you’re safe. Instead of not being able to do something, you’re now able to do something else.

Can’t go to your favourite coffee shop or on that trip you had planned? Find something you CAN do right now. How about finally having the time to read that book that’s been on your nightstand, or write the book that’s been waiting for the opportunity to come out? You can also take the time to help someone else in need.

There are so many positive opportunities around you; if you’re open to seeing them. The truth is that you can’t control the situation, but you can always choose how you think about it and approach it. Positively or negatively, it’s entirely up to you. So, choose one positive thought, over a negative one.

Nadalie is the creator of the Slay Your Goals Planner, the only planner dedicated to helping you actually achieve your goals. She curates the very best content to keep you motivated and inspired to slay your goals in life and business.

Positive Mindset during crisis tips fromBlogger#3: Alicia Dutra || Downtoearthvitality

My husband and I were trying to have a baby!! After our first baby passed away in the 24th week, we were told it was a rare anomaly that wouldn’t happen again. After 4 more miscarriages, we conceived for the 5th time! It was twin girls!! I was so sure that was it! God couldn’t give me such a beautiful gift and take them away. Twins didn’t even run in our family!! Everything looked good until my 18-week scan.

One of the twins was low on amniotic fluid. The first baby passed while the other twin fought to stay alive. Sadly I ended up giving birth to the stillborn twins on week 24. (Patience & Veera, Dutra). Just the thought of not being able to become a mom angered and saddened me. My friends and family ask me how I’ve been able to get through it! My answer is gratitude. I shifted my thinking toward being thankful for the things I did have in my life. My loving partner, my health, my beautiful dog and the ability to love and enjoy every moment of life!

This shift in thinking even blew my therapist away! She said she’s never seen a couple so strong after such losses. I also have to give mindfulness some credit! My experiences have helped me think differently about pregnancies. I had to accept that my journey may look different from others. I have had 2 more miscarriages since then, but my spirits are still high. I know if I practice gratitude every day, I will attract more positive things to my life!

Positive mindset during a crisis

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    I love this! I love the look of your page and your writing style. You can’t read this post and not leave feeling positive. Thank you!

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  2. Kimberlie
    May 24, 2020 / 1:24 pm

    I love that you are helping people to remain positive in this difficult time. Affirmations and quotes as well as staying in contact with family have been crucial to remaining positive for me. Rest and taking it easy haven’t been options, but I hope they will soon be.

    • lifetimeflux
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      thank you, I love to see people inspired by my posts

  3. May 28, 2020 / 2:59 pm

    #4 I believe is more important than ever. I do think that we all are doing a better job of that then we were before any of this hit. Great post!

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    I can definitely relate to this I need to be more positive

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      positivity is key

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    Great minds think alike – great post girl! Will be putting these habits to good use x

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    and having a well planned scheduled for the day. This way the crisis did not damage my mind as much.

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