How to turn procrastination into living productivity

How to Procrastination into living productively

Procrastination is such a bad habit for many people for years!! Learning how to turn procrastination into productivity can change your life in so many ways. I have always been a somewhat organised person, but procrastination has always got to me. I have recently started to become more productive in all areas of my life. Procrastination and productivity don’t mix well; you’ll never get anything done if you are always in procrastination mode. There are many ways on how to beat procrastination; these steps will help you do just that.


Let’s be real here; there are many steps to get your productivity up. This is incredibly easy when you put your mind to it.


If you’re ready for it, this post will include everything you need to transform yourself into a productive, organised person. These are easy to implement and get you started on helping you accomplish your daily goals.

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Being productive and increasing how productive you are can take some time. This is where disciplining yourself into staying into a path which allows you to achieve goals; you’ve set for yourself no matter how small they are.

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How to turn procrastination into productivity#1- WEEKLY PLANNING BEFORE THE WEEK BEGINS

For me, I have learnt the way to boost your productivity is to take an hour out each week and plan what you’re doing next week. Making sure you are planning it out for an hour will allow you to have a clear idea of what your day to day tasks are.

This is a good mental prep for the next week before it starts, so you are not wasting your time organising yourself last min. Also, this is less stress on yourself. This is how you beat procrastination and use your productivity for the better.

Planning helps with you look forward to the fun things you have to come. These fun things could be a way for you to distress; you can go out with friends and chill out at home.

Finally, get yourself a planner, where you can write your day to day task down to help get into a clear routine—this best way to turn procrastination into productivity. Creating a to-do list is a good way to beat procrastination.

I have used this method myself and learnt that to-do list actually works for me and help beat procrastination.

PS. Please make sure the task you set yourself to do, are not too overwhelming because sometimes to-do list often fails as we make them a bit too complex. Making it hard to turn from procrastination into productivity.

How to turn procrastination into productivity#2 – MAKE SURE YOU STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE

This is a lot easier said than done.

This is one thing I always struggle with. Sticking to the schedule is harder than normal for me.

My main distraction was to watch programmes and movies when I am supposed to be doing a task. What I would do is at least 50% of my task and then get distracted by what is on Netflix. I would complete half of my task than try to get back to work then get distracted by something else.

But my willingness to get the task completed, helped me get out of my procrastination mode and move productivity. Sticking to your schedule will do more for you than you ever really imagine.

After struggling to get the other half of the work done, I decided it was best to turn off my Netflix or whatever I am watching at the time.

I’ve realised after doing this when you have a schedule you need to stick to it. You will start to see your task get done quicker.

Your productivity really determines how you much work you get done. It can be a hard habit to get into when you are just in the process of learning how to beat procrastination.

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How to turn procrastination into productivity#3 – SET YOUR SELF GOALS AND TIMELINE – MAKE IT REALISTIC

Having big dreams, you must make sure you have set yourself a realistic timeframe for you to succeed.

Dreaming big is something I always do, like others I know. So, it would help if you thought about your goals and timeframe realistically, so you don’t disappoint yourself. Because there’s always going to trails you go through that may deter you from getting to a goal. And they may sometime come out of nowhere.

Setting yourself reasonable goals and timelines to get the best outcome for you to stay productive throughout the months, years and days to come.

Productivity is a process that you have to be consistent with because it will take some time to succeed and get out of your procrastination mode.

It is definitely known by me, that the dreams I set for myself won’t be completed in a month, so plan, plan, plan.

With a lengthy project, it can be tough to motive yourself at time. Always remember your timeframe, your goal and know you will get they eventually with the plan you have in place.

Learning how to beat procrastination with this method will help you realise that everything is process. It’s a good way of helping you realise that you have to start improving your productivity and start living.

How to turn procrastination into productivity#4 – CREATE YOURSELF A PROACTIVE DASHBOARD

Proactive dashboard !!!! Well, think of it as a measurable task list. Make a spreadsheet with a set of tasks you want to do through the months, set goals. Tick them off when done under every week during that month.

The main goal of this proactive dashboard is to record inputs and not just the outcomes you want. This will help you organise yourself on what you need to do and what you’ve done.

How to turn procrastination into productivity#5- TAKE TIME OUT TO STOP AND REFLECT

The responsibility is yours to take time out to reflect and chill. Knowing you have multiple different things you want to do; you need to take a step back and see what is actually working for you and what is not.

Also, It allows you to know what you need to prioritise and what you may need to change. So, looking at what you have done isn’t wasting your time. You’re just reviewing what you have done to optimises what you need to work towards.

Only you can stop your procrastination and improve productivity, so take action now and follow these steps. They will end your procrastination and start living with productivity habits.

How to turn procrastination into productivity#6- Experiment with your work.

Experimenting is a good way to step out and turn procrastination into productivity. Experimenting with your work and projects will allow you to step out of your comfort zone.

Even if it’s the smallest of things from changing your habits.

For example, when I started my blog, it was actually an experiment to see if I would learn to love it. I can say I have learnt to love it, and it helps me come out of my comfort zone. Not only improve my productivity and reduce my procrastination.

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How to turn procrastination into productivity#7- Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself can be a good way to help with your productivity if you reward yourself effectively for the tasks you do, whether it be. a small task or a big one.

Learning how to beat procrastination using a reward system/strategy can help you get o your goals in no time. Its because you know there will be a reward coming out of it, so you are most likely going to work harder.

Now you know how to stop procrastination and allow productivity to take over.

Now you have all the tips you need to start turning your life around. Change in your behaviour from procrastination into productivity will benefit you massively in the long run.

You will progress without you even know it, and you will see it in the work you do.

So take time, be gentle with how you work and start forming better habits. You will soon see that your work is paying off. Being consistent with productivity is the best way to beat procrastination. It will allow. You to focus on the work you need to do to succeed and meet your goals.

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