How To Regain Your Confidence & Become The Best You

There are many times you can feel discouraged in life. But being able to regain your confidence within any situations is very important. Getting your confidence back after failure will help put you back into perspective. Discouragement, disappointment, failure and setback.  All of these things help empower your mindset and make you stronger. Regain your true confidence & believing in yourself is so important. That’s because you can’t sit there and be discouraged forever.

How to regain your confidence for the year to come?

Nobody has limited self-confidence. I believe if someone is so confident in themselves. It’s maybe because they have worked their asses off to build for years. Regaining your confidence in any situation in life is hard; whether that be in the challenging world of business or just in life in general.

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Taking control of regaining your confidence may not seem like the easiest thing to do at first. But there are many ways for you can do to improve your confidence. It’s not going to happen straight away, but it will happen eventually.  If you believe, you can’t change anything, whether that be you not being smart. Just know you can change that.

You can become what you need to be despite what other people say. Never feel like you can’t tack control of your life and get your confidence back after failure.

Take control of your life, take control of regaining your true confidence and believe in yourself. You can do this by taking concrete action on how to improve you for the better. You can regain your confidence without anyone help. But never be afraid of asking for help Because there is always someone willing to help you if you need it.

Some people biggest challenge is dealing with the problem self-doubt. This is something I have definitely struggled with over the last few months. Gaining my courage back in certain areas has been a struggle.

when super-duper bored

How did I fix it?

After re-evaluating certain situations and having conversations with friends and family, I’ve realised that for you to be the best version of you, You need to start diving into learning more about who you are and the right steps to help you get there. Getting your confidence back after failure is hard but it doable, if you believe in yourself.

Regain your true confidence and believing in yourself

Regain your confidence #1 Know your values & How to understand them

The values you hold all come from a combination of your upbringing, who you socialise with, your education, and the media. These are the man foundations of all your beliefs; it what makes you take the actions/ decisions you take.

By having a clear understanding of those will help you regain your true confidence and believe in yourself. These Values of yours don’t change often, but they do evolve. This is why you need to continue learning about more of the world, meet new people from different parts and walks in life. These people will help you learn and get a new perspective on life, adding to your values.

Learning the importance of understanding your values took me a long time to learn. I still learning today at the age of 23 years old, I understand how important my values you are, but I am learning to appreciate and gain a new perspective on other peoples values.

Once, You can learn and identify the people around to see if their values align with your own. This will help you decide if those are the type of people you want in your life.

Regain your confidence #2 You need to understand yourself & what your purpose is

Knowing what you really want and what is important to you how you will regain your true confidence and start believing in yourself. It really means you need to get to know yourself and what you love about yourself. You’ll understand how people see you ant your potential.

Defining your purpose is so important because we as individuals all have a purpose. Regaining your confidence can help you define what your true purpose is. Its something that impacts and stays with you throughout your life.

The true meaning of regaining your confidence and believing in yourself all starts with your purpose.  Because. There could be thousands of obstacles in your way, especially when you are getting your confidence back after failure. This is where you have to take it as a hurdle put in front of you and jump over it will all your might.

Your purpose is for you to decide, and no one else can do that but you.

Regain your confidence #3 Talk it through with a friend

Things can go very badly sometimes, talking things through with a friend help you regain your confidence, instead, of bottling everything up and stressing yourself out.

Sometimes you get the best advice from your friend; it gives you someone to release any stress you are holding in too, especially when you are talking to someone you love and respect.

Expressing those frustrations can lift the weight of your shoulders and get you back in line with whatever you’re focusing on.

Regain your confidence #4 Revisit some of your Past successes

Revisiting past success is a good way to help you regain your true confidence and start believing in yourself. Because you can look at those past achievements to help you recognise that you can do whatever you put your mind too.

Being hard on yourself because you feel like your gonna fail is one of the things, I have been prone to do. But What I have learnt is that when I look at all my best achievements, it helps with getting your confidence back after failure.

Regain your confidence #5 Take a look at all the lesson you’ve learnt.

It is so important to take a look at all the lesson you have learnt. For you to regain any sense of your confidence back and start believing in yourself you need to learn that we as human always make mistakes.

And you can regain your confidence by admitting, apologising and learning from those mistakes. This is the best way to grow and regain your confidence to help you pursue your goals.

Regain your true confidence and Believing in youself#6 Redefine what success means to you

Similar to the different Values you hold in life, Your success is important to you. Success is not always concrete because that is your vision and it can change from time to time.

Life has a way of forcing you to adapt to what is going on surrounding you. For you to regain your confidence for the year to come you gotta adapt to change in the world around you. And Predominately have to adapt to change and you will change.

There is nothing at all wrong with this because this is just how you grow in life. This will help you with getting your confidence back after failure.

Success means to me being happy, being financially stable to get to goals I have for myself, being a kickass in my career and blogging and be able to have a positive impact on the people in my life.

At the age of 23, I have seen and been taught a lot and realised everything takes time and not rush thing because they will happen when they are meant too.

#7 Take the correct action and keep pushing through

To Step out of the position you are in now and regain your true confidence back and start believing in yourself. You need to start taking the steps to do so. These steps are things you need to do to get your destination.

Keep going, don’t stop because you don’t see a clear path ahead of you. Everything is a process and it’s all coming together slowly but surely.

Just remind yourself daily that the work you are doing is a work in process, Remember what you love about yourself and make sure you keep positive even if you don’t feel it, just have faith.

I know regaining your confidence and understanding yourself is never going to be easy but know it will happen. Remember everything takes time and it requires a lot of discipline.

So fight for what really matters to you and regain your confidence for 2021 because it just around the corner.

Its take time and self – awareness to help you believe in yourself and regain your true confidence. You are the only person that can get yourself there. Take the steps to start being self-awareness into your life and remember everything great is always worth working towards.

if you want to look into more about building/regaining your confidence this year, this video below is very helpful.


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