How is Self-hosting beneficial For Blogs

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Have you started your blogging on a free website, such as Have you considered self-hosting your blog website? You’re probably wondering what self-hosting even means, well this post will tell you and explain how it will all benefit you in the end.

So what is Self-Hosting?

Self-hosting your blog means you own your website, allowing you to choose a company to host your website on, whether that’s a blog or even a store website.

There are many free platforms out there like that you can sign up for but with these open platforms will not allow you to own your website.

If you are looking to go into self-hosting, then that site will need to be removed.

Self-hosting does cost money, but that’s all depending on what you’re looking for in a hosting company. For simple blogs, you can get hosting plan under $10/month. You can either switch over from your current plan on WordPress or Wix to self-hosting.

The Benefits of Self-Hosting your Blog

Self-hosting allows you to become open to a whole load of opportunity. These all allow you to customise your website, monetise your website and make it your own mini store if that’s something you’re looking to do!!

I am going to explain to you the benefit of Self-Hosting and why it will help your blogging experience.

Self-hosting main benefits – Its allows you to own your own Blog

Using the free versions of WordPress or Wix, all your content belongs to these open platforms. Giving them the right to take your site down whenever they want to.

But Self hosting your own blog allows you to own all your content that’s on your site. I know I know, Self Hosting may cost some money but remember you’re investing in yourself. You’re spending your time and your energy into making your blog your own. So owning your content is the best opinion for you. Giving your ownership of your own blog and all the content within that website belongs to you and you only.

Self-hosting main  benefits – Allows Monetisation on Your Blog

With free platforms, having the ability to put ads on your site is not an option. This could be a possible way of you earning some income. Some of the free platforms like Wix, allows you to put ads on your site but you will not be making anything from it.

Additionally, You don’t get the choice to pick which ads you want to show in your blog on the free platforms.

If you’re using the free versions, these ads can get removed but this will cost some money. Usually would be around the same price to self-host your website.

So instead of paying money to remove those ads, why not take advantage and use the funds for self-hosting.

Self-hosting main benefits – It Allows Your Own Customisation

With Free platform, there is a limitation on the selected themes which are free to help you style your blog. Don’t get me wrong, these themes don’t look terrible but they get overused by bloggers. This will not allow you and your blog to stand out.

But if you self-host, you’ll have tons of options of themes to choose. Also, it will allow you to customise your blog and change up as much as you want. You can either hire professional designer to design blog and style it to something you would want for your brand

Self-hosting main benefits – It’s helpful for SEO

SEO – search engine optimisation has a much better chance of a higher ranking on Google with a website that is self-hosted.

The reason being is because with the self-hosting website you have access to plugins. These plugins are helpful to you such Yoast. Yoast allows you to add and update your own metadata easily, as well as to add google search console and keep precise track of all your keywords that will enable you to gain more traffic.

Building your own Email List

You have the opportunity to add plugins to your website with self -hosting allowing more functionalities. These extra plugins will help you customise your site. Also allows you to create an easy Email list.

Building an email list through a free platform is possible; you will not be able to customise the email to the theme of your website.

But with self-hosting – You can create signup forms, opt-in forms and popups that you’ve designed yourself directly on your blog. This makes it easy for your new readers to subscribe and download content you’ve you created.

A platform that I would recommend is Mailerlite*, the reason being is because there provide you will a service thats highly affordable and easy to use.

It’s for Professionalism

Using a free domain doesn’t allow you to have a professional site. With self-hosting website will enable you to design a more professional – looking blog for you and you’re audience.

For example, when I first started blogging in February 2019, I was using Wix as a free version and platform. But it didn’t look as professional as my current blog. Around may times I wanted to change up my site as I didn’t like it very much, so I decided to move my blog site over to WordPress.

With help from Pipdig, I migrated my Wix blog site over to WordPress.

So Which Self-Hosting Company is best for you as a Blogger?

Well there are many hosting companies out for you to choose from, whether you’re a blogger or small business owner. But Personally, there is only one Company I would like recommend to you all. Because they’re the best and this is company I used from migrating over to word press and I am not planning on leaving anytime soon.

And that is Siteground*; I recommend them because they are the number one hosting company and they are very affordable.

Some of the things I love about Siteground* is that they are:

  • Affordable – with a different choice for plans
  • Trustworthy – updates word press automatically when there is a new version out
  • Fast And highly reliable.

They also help with migrating your old WordPress blog to self hosted one with support.

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self-hosting benefit you as a bloggerHow to use  self-hosting to make your blog better as a blogger


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