Is Solo travelling as a female really safe?

Solo travelling has always been something I wanted to do for ages now. And it’s something I am going to look into getting into in the next year or so.

I know as a woman travelling by yourself to a whole different country can be very daunting. You always have to take extra precautions when travelling, even in everyday life. Because it’s not always as safe to walk the streets alone as I have been followed by cars in the streets. So travelling alone, it’s very natural that you as women take precautions as your fears can become over heightened.

I have done much research into solo travelling, and it is trendy, many of my friends have done it or even want to experience it. There is much question around solo travelling on whether it is safe or not for females to travel alone. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be, but as women making sure you take all the extra precaution to increase your safety while you are on holiday.

Moreover, this goes for all holiday trips, whether it’s a solo trip or girls holiday – this is the post for you so keep reading for the guide of the century to help ensure you are safe on your next solo female or girl trip travel adventures.

You’ve got to do your research on the places other women have been travelling alone. I have never gone by myself personally. However, I have always wanted to travel to Cape Verde. As one of my friends have been there and she loves it.

However, I have always loved going on holiday with my girls. It’s still a great feeling to go on holiday with your friends, whether it’s an adventurous holiday or a relaxing holiday because there are plenty of places to explore!

If you love adventurous holidays, like jet skiing, water sports and more?

Do you love partying, drinking and dancing?… I know for serious the everyone loves having a bit of fun once in a while…

Finding yourself through fitness journey or spiritual practices?

Moreover, there are many different countries that all you to do all of these things, Bali, Cape Verde, Thailand and more.
There are so many different tourist place to go and look at, from couples, families and solo trips.

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  • Get to grips know where you’re staying and know the places around it

Some people have a terrible sense of directions. I, myself have a good sense of directions, but not all the time I cannot lie.

Nevertheless, when travelling alone or even with friends, make sure you get to grips the area you are staying in. Well, at least take a look at where you’re staying get the name, and even do some extra research on the different areas you may want to go.

Whatever works out for you, makes sure whenever you are heading back to the hotel, you can quickly speak to your taxi driver and tell them where you need to go.

It’s good that you have some knowledge of where you are. So, make sure you scope out the surroundings.

  • Keep your phone charged always – have a battery pack on you still

Exploring a brand-new city, where everything looks so amazing. Of course, you are going to want to take loads of photo to show when you go back home.

It’s always essential to have a battery pack with you always because your battery could die before the day is out . Because I know if it were me I would love to spend the day out taking in all the new surrounding.

When travelling with friends or by yourself, make sure your battery is charged always.  Just in case bring portable phone charger because what if you want to get directions or make a call to get a cab or book an Uber – it means you’ve got a way to do it your phone is charged…

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  • Never get too drunk when Solo travelling

This tip needs too spoke on a lot more to be fair. This can be applicable whether you’re at home or on your travels. Make sure when you drink your alcohol, you don’t drink too much because as we all know drink too much can make you very vulnerable to others,

I know this doesn’t mean you should not drink at all but instead, make sure you are taking your time. Make sure you pace yourself. Always eat beforehand and have a bottle of water in between each of your drinks (it will help you not get a hangover).

This is so important, especially when you’re travelling alone and even in a group of friends… make sure if you are with a group of friends, make sure you look after each. However, when on solo travel, make sure you keep yourself safe and somewhat sober. This will a lot you get home safely

  • Bring extra spending money just in case

Spending money makes sure you bring extra spending money just in case of an emergency. Because you never know what could happen, you spend too much by accident and make sure that you are of aware of how much you are spending.

As long as you keep your wits about you when you are solo travelling and group travelling, you can have a fantastic trip, full of the adventure. Just live your life and don’t let anything stop you…. Just make sure you are safe and take extra precautions.

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  1. September 15, 2019 / 3:49 pm

    Hi there, this is a great post, and as a solo traveller I can’t recommend it enough! I personally can’t stress enough researching the area, the transport options, and also planning in a couple of hours to just browse the area when you arrive. This will give you an idea of the landmarks should you get a bit lost. If I can help you anyhow with your solo travelling plans just shout! Have a look at my blog when you have a moment – all the travels I’ve written about there (and more that I still need to write about) I’ve done on my own 🙂 good luck!

    • lifetimeflux
      September 17, 2019 / 10:11 pm

      thank you definitely take a look at your blog and if i have any question i will reach out to you

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