Marvel movies – Best Top 5

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Marvel movies, Omg I love, love them. The fighting, the cinematic effects, the humour, the character casting, all of these things bring the movies together. As you all know, marvel has been one of the most consistent series of movies for a long time.

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Even though, I didn’t grow up reading the comics, the movies makes you fall in love with the different characters and their story lines are so infectious. I won‘t lie, I have become invested in watching all of the marvel movies when they come out.

Here my top 5 marvel movies , the once I recommend  everyone watch-

Thor: Ragnarok – third fave Marvel

I loved Thor: Ranarok, it was just a funny film all together. Chris Hemworth(Thor) embrace his character. This made me realise that heroes are not just about saving the world but are also about being the kind of person worthy of admiration. The different characters such as hulk, Loki and others bought the whole movies together with their tough, effortlessness, fighting and the different storylines each character had showed how they got to the where they were.

Black Panther – My second fave Marvel

I loved, loved, loved this movie. The combination of cast and characters, showing the culture of an African prince turning into a king. Aswell as showing the advances in technology within Wakanda and fighting within tribes and siblings and the betrayal within the prince family…. I don’t want to get into to it too much but all I can say is WAKANDA FOREVER…..

 Doctor Strange

This movie is visually amazing, Doctor strange character itself has it’s own power impact on the movie. The sharpness of the movies is amazing. Doctor strange being introduced to both magical arts and the threat he must deal with which was amazing, giving us visually gripping moments and fights that were just amazing to me.

Avenger: Infinity wars & Endgame – Best Marvel movies ever

First of all, bringing all characters together from all the different movies was the best, it allows us fans of marvel to see how all the different characters interact with each other. The intense fighting and pace of the movie was amazing, and I love it. All of the excitement and humour was what you expect from any marvel movie.

Guardian of the galaxy 1&2

Both of these movies were hilarious. My favourite character was Groot, I loved himmmmm and his little dance. Both movies had good action, bringing the element of Peter quill finding his father and him finding out who really was, was amazing for the vol 2 on the movie.

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