Top 8 Books for Personal development for happiness

If you are serious about your own personal development while getting your self together. Then you’re ready to gain as much knowledge, useful tips on how to get your life together and be a much happier person. This will provide you will the top 5 books for personal-development. Because these are the type of books life-changing self-help books which will help you analyse your life differently.

Did you know that being genuinely happy with your self is the best feeling ever? Or are you a person who happiness depends on others? With all the pressures of the outside world, the different influences, stresses and responsibilities which come with everyday life. All of these can affect being able to stay focused and happy.

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I have always been a fan of personal development book because its the right way for me to learn consistently and grow through reading.

We all need inspiring at some point in our lives and allowing us to learn how to be happy with ourself and make an improvement in our Personal development. These Top 5 books for Personal development help you find happiness in your life.

Top 5 life-changing Books for Personal development

Most personal development books are very inspirational. They provide you with great insight on life while making you deeply analyse your own.

Your development is personal to you and you only. Reading life-changing self-help books can encourage some people. This can push them in the right direction to becoming positive, happier and more confident in life.

There are so many great books out there. Books like these are the one you should look into reading to becoming happier.

Life-changing Self -help books definitely can the way you think about life.

Here are the Top 5 Books for personal development:


This is a brilliant personal development book to you inspired. Life-changing self-help books like this can help you give brilliant advice to boost your self-confidence. This book is so refreshing as it giving you an amazing 27 chapter full of inspiring stories, amazing advice and exercises to help you gain the experiences you need to get a better chance of self-development and more.

The book includes helping you with:

  • Identifying and changing your beliefs and behaviours which are stopping you from getting what you want out of life
  • Creating a life you are truly in love with and creating that life for yourself NOW
  • Make the money you deserve to make. The kind of money you never made before.

At the end of reading the book, you will become the BADASS you truly are. You’ll learn to understand why you are the way you are. This will allow you to learn to love the things you can’t change about yourself. You can take so much away from this book. You can learn how to use the Law of attraction to help get all the things you desire in life.


The second of the Top 5 books for personal development is Get Your Sh*t Together. This is another inspiring book to help you not hold back on anything in life. Giving you a guide to help you live. your best life. While you are learning how to live your best life; you’ll also learn how to get yourself together in the process.

For example, If you find yourself being the person who is always snowed under at work. And you want to get out of that habit. Then, this book for you.

It will be your inspiration to start getting started on big, personal projects you want to start.

Sarah Knight, the author explains how to get your yourself together, through organising. Whilst giving you the help you need to do the things you have always desired. This life-changing self-help book is so inspiring. It gives you the insight you need to change and create a better life for yourself.

So are you ready to get your sh*t together?

Personal Development BOOK3# FEAR IS MY HOMEBOY: How to Slay Doubt, Boss Up, and Succeed on Your Own Terms

This is another one of my top 5 books for personal development. The Author of ‘Fear is my Homeboy’, Judi Holler has used this book to help people with their fear of success. This book has an amazing message to say to those people, and here it is explained in detail.

Its time for you bosses to stop letting the fear around you stop you from succeeding. The Book helps you with levelling yourself up, not only personally but professionally too. The books allow people who believe they deserve more, out of life to get those things.

This book focuses on helping her readers shut down that feeling of self-doubt; so they can start taking action. After reading this life-changing self-help book, you will feel a lot:

  • Braver
  • Bolder
  • 100% more confident in yourself.


This book inspired one of my favourite posts. Take a look in more detail here:- How different types of habits helps make better decisions

‘Change your habits, change your life’ is an amazing follow-up to one of Tom Corley’s top bestselling books: Rich habits. This book recognises how the habits you have can transform ordinary individuals into self-made millionaires.

You will learn  some much from this book,  which includes:

  • Why we have habits
  • Habits that create wealth or poverty, or keep you stuck in the middle class
  • Habits that increases your IQ
  • All Habits that increase your longevity
  • Habits which eliminates depression and increase your happiness
  • Giving you the strategy you need to find your main purpose
  • Tips to help you fast track any habits you have.

Personal Development BOOK5# HEART & HUSTLE

Another amazing book from my top 5 books for personal development is ‘Heart & Hustle’, by Patrica bright.

This Life-changing self-help book is where Patrica tells her success story.

This book shows you how to hustle like Patrica bright has to get where she is today, by using your head and heart.

All it takes is three steps…

  • What YOUR BRAND is: how you can use who you are to smash it online
  • YOUR BUSINESS: how to run your side hustle like a total boss
  • YOUR BELIEFS: ditch the thinking that s holding you back

This book shows you the steps on how she got to where she was. And how to uses those tips to help you grow your brand, business and so much more.

Hope these books will help you as they have helped me. To believe in me and become the confident person I am today. These Top 5 books for personal development have to help me so much. I know they are will inspire you as much as they have inspired me.

Here are 3 more books on top of my top 5 books for Personal development:

Personal development BOOK 6# Good vibes, Good life

Good Vibes, Good life: how self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness is #1 Sunday times BESTSELLER.

If you want to learn how to truly love you and become the best version of yourself. You will be able to help transform any negative thoughts or emotions into positivity.

  •  Practise self-care, Overcome toxicity and prioritise the good.
  • Overcome your fears and become at one with Universe
  • Change your beliefs in great experiences.

Vex King is an amazing author and will show you in this book how you can change your world and the way you think, feel,  speak and act.

Personal development BOOK 7# Mindset

Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential. by Carol Dweck.

The book provides you with Decades worth of achievement and success research that will allow you to discover what the idea of how powerful our mindset really is.

It explains how our success isn’t just from our abilities and talent but it’s from how we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset.

Personal development BOOK 8# The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good

This is the #1 New York time bestseller. This book is about to stop trying to be positive all the time so we can truly become better, happier people.

Many people think Positive thinking is key to be happy, rich in life. But what Mark mansion is saying in this book is F positivity. He speaks a raw, refreshing, honest truth and tells it how it really is.

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