How to make a vision board for manifestation

Vision boards can help with so many things such as manifestation whilst helping you visualise what you want out of your life and put your life more into perspective.
Before making my Ultimate vision board at the beginning of the year, I was wasn’t that much of a positive person, I would be thinking negative such small things. I knew I needed a change. So, I started watching a reading ‘The Secret‘ about the Law of attraction and How positive thinking can change soo much. As well as reading up on how vision board inspire manifestation in all areas of our lives.

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I was at a point in my life were so many things, where hitting me all at once. At the time I was 21, I thought I would be in a different place in my life, and I wasn’t in that place I wanted.

I needed something to bring me to a positive place. I decide enough is enough and I know it was going to be straightforward. And I still working on it till this day but I am in such a definite place in my life. I would have never thought two years ago I would be where I am today and doing what I am doing.

Changes had to be made for my perspective in life to change. I can admit, watching ‘the secret‘ on Netflix, the Law of attraction, and creating the ulitmate vision board. has changed my mindset on so many different aspects of my life including manifestation. I still have a long way to go, but I know the only way is up for me…

Speaking of the Law of attraction and the secret, you can buy the book by click here.  It will give you an explanation of how the Law of attraction and manifestation works.
But today I am going to talk to you about what vision boarding is and how important it is and how to create them.



Vision boarding is also known as a dream board to help with manifestation. It is a collection of pictures, statements, and words representing what you desire most out of life. Typically, people tend to use images; they print & cut out for magazines, images that represent actively want they want for the future and their dreams.

vision board are a tangible representation of what you desire to have a compelling life. They bring the fun to creativity side out of manifestation when it comes to your dreams. Serving you with a invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you to daily action to pursue your biggest goals in life.

Vision boards help with visualising all your goals in life. As everyone as goals in different areas in their lives, you may have one main goal for financially, career-wise, relationships, friendship, travelling, future home or even car, or also starting your own business.

It’s an excellent way to release everything you have going on in your mind and putting all out on a piece of paper. It is the best way to illustrate every dream going on in your mind.
Your vision board can change, just like your dreams can, so it doesn’t have to stay the same always. Ultimately your vision board help you with manifestation and so much more.

For example, I have a vision board currently, and I have accomplished some of the goals I have put down. So I am thinking of redoing it and adding the new goals that I want to achieve. I need to start thinking bigger and better, think about my long term goals as well as my short term goals.
It’s a good idea not to put too many things on your board because you need to be able to keep focused and not feel overwhelmed with everything on there. On my vision board, I focus on the following:

  • Travelling
  • Blogging
  • New friendship
  • Getting my car
  • Getting my new apartment and more

But I started done 4 out of 5 of those things.. now I need to change it up and think bigger.


The benefits of an ultimate vision board can massively affect your goals and thee success for the future, helping you get what you want out of life.

1. Makes you decide what you want out of life

Creating a vision board focus you to make time for yourself to sit down and REALLY take your time to think about what you want for your life.
Everyone thinks about what they want but visually putting it down on a board or a piece of paper can get you to focus on what you wish to — forcing you to go beyond your casual thinking and focus on your aspirations.

2. Vision boards help you from getting unstuck

Our lives can be so overwhelming at time… Waking up every day, working and doing our regular routines.

We only have 24 hours in the day, which can be so limited and can become almost robotic as we most likely do the same thing every day.

This can be one reason for so many of us feel stuck in life. And make themselves overworked and exhausted, allowing them to lose touch of their creative/productive side of themselves.

If this show like you?

Then a vision board can practically help you unstick yourself, Get yourself out of overly programming your brain and get that productive side of you alive again.

3. Provides a daily reminder of your dreams and goals

Vision Board work so much because you can visually see your goals and manifestation every day..

Visualisation is accessible and a beneficial mind workout you can do.

When you are seeing something, which inspires you to get up and achieve your goals and manifestation daily through just looking at your vision board, helping you stay on track always.
If when you are facing a hard time, your ultimate vision board is there to motivate you over and over again,

4. Ultimate Vision boards will fire you up emotionally

Seeing your vision board can passionately help you connect to your own goals.

It helps you notice opportunities and merely making you imagine what something may feel like. Getting you passionate about what you want and get you ready to start taking action.

5. Vision Boards are fun.

Ultimately vision boards. are all about fun. Your vision board should be used for manifestation in the funniest way possible. They are a fun and risk-free and stress-free way to load your deepest goals and inspiration without scrutinising them.


They work because they are your thought being shown visually, turning it into something real.

BUT they only work for you if you prepared to work with them.

What do I mean by this.. you have to continually engage with them and use it to guide your action as you take steps to make your goals real.

You can’t just make a vision and only look at it briefly every few weeks or months even. You definitely won’t get anywhere.

The power of a vision board helps you get motivated to do the work which is needed to make things become a reality.

If you believe in the Law of attraction, a vision board will help you manifest. It guides you towards the things you want and enables you to imagine them and get your life to match what you have created on your board. if you are struggling with proactive. I recommend reading the post to below for Inspiration.

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Vision board are easy to create – you don’t need much… they can be done digitally, in a notebook, and on a board. You can do any way you feel comfy.

This is what I use for my board –

  • Cork Notice Pin Board Bulletin Vision Boards For Home Bedroom offices
  • Word Art – Affirmations
  • Scissors, tape, pins, glue stick – whatever you need to craft your board.
  • Markers, stickers, or other embellishments –which is entirely optional. If it makes you feel good, then, by all means, incorporate them.
  • Magazines – you can cut images and quotes from.
  • Colour printer – if you plan on sourcing all of your images from the internet.
  • Stuff that inspires you – photos, quotes, sayings, images, reminders all have a place on your board.
  • Time – Give yourself an adequate amount of time to put your board together. Do not rush it and set a limit on your creative juices. Invest the time in your vision board, so it works for you.

How to correctly use your Ultimate vision board for manifestation?

1. Make sure look at your vision board daily. You didn’t put it in your room for no reason – Look at it and visualise your manifestation because that’s what vision boards are for.

2.. Notice when you make progress. when it comes to your dream. Take the steps to notice when you are processing in the right direction. Even though it may take a long time, give it your all, put all your efforts into signalling those visions and manifestations into your life to help put move it a. good direction.

3. Celebrate your successes! When you make progress on a dream. Make sure you take the time out to celebrate it. It. could be the smallest of things but take the time out to be happy about it because you work. hard to get it and fulfil that goal.

You need to celebrate all your achievement because the more you celebrate your successes no matter how small, the more they will multiply. You will begin to see a. change and you’ll be motivated to pursue your manifestations and continue your journey.


To be effective, you need to reflect on what you want for your future accurately.

So choosing the most appropriate picture for you to show what you want for your future is vital.

Put things on your board that should be the result of what you want and are aiming for.

The internet can come in handy, as you may not find everything you want by flicking through a magazine.. as the internet has a limitless amount of perfect resource and picture to do so.

You can include words quotes on your board. And I recommend you do so. Single words that can tie into various elements of your boards. For example, Word-like Adventure can mean soo much and can sit amongst phones of travelling, business ventures and perhaps even a new relationship.

Positioning all your words and your images don’t matter. There are no templates to doing it. Some people prefer to put thing wherever their gut feeling tells them to, be creative with it because that what it is all about.

Organise theme sections for your vision board to help with manifestation. for different areas of your life. Keep it exciting, and by putting part together, it can be helpful because you seeing the images regularly can reassure you that you’re making the right decisions

The way you organise your Ultimate vision board reflect who you are.. be spontaneous. Personalise it the way you want to.


If you are also looking for law fo attraction tips and tips, I recommend reading the Sercet:  Law of attraction guide.

If you need a bit more help with your Goals take a look at this free Mastering your goals planner


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    Vision boards are so motivating! And there fun to make

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