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Lifestyle of being positive is the key to having a healthy lifestyle whether that in your career, studies, goals, travelling and whatever you want to do etc…. Lifestyle changes show your growth, I know sometimes it can be hard to be as positive as you want, even though things and obstacles can happen in your life and distract you, always remember never let it distract you and get you done.

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As I person, I have dealt with a lot of ups and downs in my life. I realised that somethings can be hard and that every mistake is a learning process. All you need to do is get up, let go and move on, YES I KNOW it can be hard at times but this is the only way for you to be able to have a positive mindset instead of dwelling on it.

Have something to work towards-

It makes you have a focus on, something you enjoy doing, something that inspires you to do better, is better, thinks better, lives better. Having something to focus on can help distract you from anything not positive in your life and make you help work on yourself in so many different ways.

Live your lifestyle in a positive environment-

Be careful who you spend your time with because people will come into your life turn it upside down and drain the heck out of you then blame you for everything. Having positive

people in your life can change your like soo much, having but nothing positive vibessssss.

Don’t stressss-

Don’t I repeat don’t stress and overthink anything. Even the smallest of thing and if you do start stressing Stop, rethink, breathe and refocus. Doing all these things can help, as well as even talking to someone close to you. This helps you get a better perspective on whatever situation. Because even if something is going wrong, inevitable things can change within months if your work to your full potential.  Just go with the flow. Things always work out for the best in the end.

Don’t let anything stop or hold you back – Lifestyle changes

Sometimes taking a chance in life is the best way to start something new.

This includes new habits somethings that feel unfamiliar, something you love and something that can challenge you to come out of your shell.

Never get too comfortable and task risks you wouldn’t normally do. This is one of the reasons I started blogging, because its something new for me. Its something that allows me to come out of my comfort zone …. Knowing what I know doing things out of your own comfort zone can change the lifestyle you live for the better.

Learn to take criticism in a positive way – a good part of your lifestyle changes

Learning to take criticism from over people about you can help you handle thing in a healthier way. Instead of taking action and responding to them. The best way is to either let it go or respond at a later time. This give you time to take in what has been said and respond when you are calmer.

Finally, Starting your day positive. The way you start your day is how you set the tone for the rest of the day.

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Love Porshaaaxxx