The Best Youtube Favourites who inspire me

YouTube has inspired me in so many ways. There are many times when I have gone to YouTube to get inspired. There are several YouTube favourites that have inspired me to get up, get out there and put the work in to fulfil my dreams and desires.


I can’t express enough how many things there are on YouTube. YouTube can help you in so different aspects of your life, including your career, health-wise. Even, if you are just looking for life and some entertainment then YouTube is the way to go.


Being an Entrepreneur isn’t as easy as you think. Neither is just being a regular person, who is just trying to be happy and achieve their goals.

Often Entrepreneurs are glorified in the media likes to glorify, but I tell you it is not always as it seems.

Entrepreneurs do have ups and downs that both new and seasoned entrepreneurs experience. A little inspiration and motivation always help.

Youtube favourites

It not only allows users to learn from videos. As well as, motivates you are a person to wants to do better and achieve those dream you want. But it motivates the learner to share their opinions and ideas. Generating online discussion by YouTubers asking their viewers to add their personal opinion on the topic there were talking about.

My Youtube Favourites have all inspired me in different ways and have help laugh through my saddest times. These youtube favourites are so inspiring and have overcome so much negativity and are always a positive as they can be to their viewers.

Some of my Youtube Favourites who have inspired me or made me laugh at the hardest times in my life:

Nella Rose                  Queen Naija                     ClarenceNYC TV

GoldJuice                    The DDG Family              MsAaliyahJay

Kellie Sweet                Tiana Musarra                  Aliyahmariebee

Tray Bills                      IamJustAri                       Nakita Johnson

Kennedy Cymone        KB and Karla                  Jayde Pierce    

AliyaJanell                   Ashley Ortega                 Angela Babicz    

Mariam & Warren        DK4L                               Primetime Hitla     

ItsKianna                     TheACEfamily                Ashley Ortega

Be Inspired

and there are many more….

As you can I have a variety of YouTubers too I love to watch but I do have Youtube favourites and here’s why…

Youtuber channels

My favourite Youtube channel is Be Inspired … This is the best youtube channel allows you to be inspired in so many ways through daily motivation, workouts and Tips & Tricks on positivity.

My ultimate Youtube favourite is

… Queen Naija. I absolutely love her; she is so inspiring to see what she has been through and how she has moved up in the world and her motivation.  Her motivation and she never stops to overcome the negativity from what social media brings. She was a funny and relatable personality and I love it.

My Next youtube favourite is

… Nella Rose. Nella Rose and her fashions haul, what can I say they are absolutely hilarious. She just different with what she brings to YouTube. With Her talk with different friends, Like Chit Chat with the Mandem, Girl talks and Vlogs. Her personality always shines through in every video she makes

Another favourite of mine is

… Aliyahmariebee. She was the one who inspired me to get reading The Secret. As well as learning about the Law of Attraction. And all that inspiration finally encouraged me to start blogging.

MsAaliyahJay is another one favourite.

I love her Holiday/Travelling vlogs and the places she has been. Ngl some of those places she has been are on my Travel list. Also, her Make-up Posts are the best and even though I am not really a make-up person, I still watched them because they are so good.

Another Youtube favourite of mine is

Tiana Musarra. She is new to youtube and I just love how consistent she is. Here the post is different than other YouTubers. Even though she post the same content has other YouTubers, she different in many ways and her grind and positivity is just amazing. I love, love watching her.

GoldJuice is my last favourite.

Their pranks are the best, I won’t lie when I watch their videos always ended up crying with laughter. They are so bloody funny, and their whole relationship is just so cute, I love it ……

youtube favourites

If you need a little more inspiration and help with any inspiration on how to motivate yourself to achieve your dreams. Take a look at my post – Dreams  do indeed come true

Thanks loveliesss for Reading

Porshaa xxx


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