Spring Wintry Looks – fashion looks

Spring Wintry Looks Spring  Wintry looks, Its that time on the year right between winter and spring, where it is not too hot and its not too cold so… wearing warm but not so warm…

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How to start loving yourself more ❤

Right now, Self-Love is something that I use in my life daily. Loving yourself is hard and I wouldn’t say I am expert on Self-Love as everyone has their problems. But I do recognise the…

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How Apprenticeships helps your career

Okay okay, where do I start with Apprenticeships, Apprenticeships helps your career massively. It can bring you so much opportunities and you will realise how beneficial it is I always knew in Secondary and 6th…

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Law of attraction is real: Dreams do come true

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Dreams you have can come true by using the law of attraction. The LAW OF ATTRACTION is real, read more to find out all you need to know about the…

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Shopping Spree Madness for Christmas

For Christmas this year, I had a bit of a crazy Shopping Spree for myself and my family. As it is the time of year where you spread love, I decided to SPOIL myself and…

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