How to clear negative energy to improve your life

Negativity can make you feel down, heavy. What negativity means to me could be very different from what it means to you. To me, negativity is unhealthy and unhelpful energy which surrounds you by specific…

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8 Blogging myths bloggers must ignore

There are a lot of myths about blogging that are entirely not true.  For example, do you even money from it? Is it even a real job? And honestly, I can tell you that blogging…

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How self-care improves your confidence in life

Being confident and successful is hard and doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, practice and energy to become satisfied in all areas of your life. Self-care improves your confidence in so…

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How to intentionally manifest your goals daily

Manifestation, well there are many definitions of the word itself, but in simple term, the word manifestation is something that you put in your physical reality to help manifest your goals in life through thoughts,…

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Is Solo travelling as a female really safe?

Solo travelling has always been something I wanted to do for ages now. And it’s something I am going to look into getting into in the next year or so. I know as a woman…

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