How to get Paid by Pinterest does – Course review!!

Getting paid on Pinterest using Affiliate marketing seems like one of the easy things you can ever do, but I tell you now it’s not as easy as it looks. Pinterest is a Social media…

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Friday Nights – Favourites Ideas

Friday nights, you can either do 1 of 2 things. Either you can chill and relax after a busy week at work or you can go out with friends or your partner and have a…

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Concert Ready for Drake – Fashion Tips !!!!

Okay, I was so excited for the Drake concert a couple of nights ago, trying to follow some of the comfortable but stylist fashion wear which is right for a concert for you to be…

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Best Version of Yourself is yours

Being the best version of your in today day an age can be very hard. This is because there are many things like social media that shows other people’s lifestyles and how they are living.…

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Blogging Needs what’s worth it & what’s not

Blogging comes with no limitations, I have realised this since I have started getting into it. Knowing what is worth spending your money to help your process. Just know, there are always better accessory, such…

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