Marvel movies – Best Top 5

Marvel movies, Omg I love, love them. The fighting, the cinematic effects, the humour, the character casting, all of these things bring the movies together. As you all know, marvel has been one of the…

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Lifestyle changes – make a change now

Lifestyle of being positive is the key to having a healthy lifestyle whether that in your career, studies, goals, travelling and whatever you want to do etc…. Lifestyle changes show your growth, I know sometimes…

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Happy Lifestyle – Things making me happy currently

Happy and Good vibes in your life can turn a negative situation into a positive one. And I am all about that type of vibes lately, and sometimes its really needed.  I need positivity flowing…

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Spring Wintry Looks – fashion looks

Spring Wintry Looks Spring  Wintry looks, Its that time on the year right between winter and spring, where it is not too hot and its not too cold so… wearing warm but not so warm…

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Loving yourself more make a start ❤ – Self love Journey

Right now, Self-Love is something that I use in my life daily. Loving yourself is hard and I wouldn’t say I am expert on Self-Love as everyone has their problems. But I do recognise the…

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