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I’m a Lifestyle blogger and I write content for my blog. to inspire my reader & help them grow. I have been doing blogging for nearly over a year. And, I must say I love it.

With the time I have been blogging, I have gather massive amount of confidence and gain a lot of supportive readers. This has massively improved my growth, subscribers and exposure.

My BLOG can benefit YOU massively


You’ll be able to get to reach out to a new audience and promote your product and blog through my site. It will be amazing to work & collaborate with some different bloggers on my blog.

work with Lifetime Influx…

Lifetime Influx is a place for Lifestyle(Personal Development) and blogging. Here are there of the way you can work with me:

Sponsored Post

Guest Post

Interview Swap 

Some Example topics I’m interested in working with

Personal Development:
  • Aspiring to meet your dream
  • Believing in yourself 
  • Building Confidence
  • Trying new things
  • Positive Quotes
  • Manifesting 
  • Abundance
  • Law of attractions
  • Stopping Self-Sabotage
  • Finding your purpose
  • Discovering your strengths and weaknesses
Anything Blog related.


100% original content, the content or topic should be relevant to either blogging or lifestyle(Personal Development)
Must be interesting for my readers, It should grab the reader attention
At least 1,000 minimum and 1,500 words maximum, SEO-optimised post with keyword phrase that are long tail.
– A links to the site/brand/company, 2 – 3 Blog Post or company for your business.
– Double check & proofread & grammatically check post, formatted with headline and subheading, which makes it easier to read.
– Do Step-by Step guide if necessary, Be Helpful and inspiring give the readers something learn from, such as tips and trick.
– We will be creating all graphics and images. 
– Your Blog post may be edited, e.g titles, links that refer to my post.
-You post will be shared to Social media, such. as Pinterest, Facebook and instagram.
– What do you need to included? – A Short Bio, your Photo and 2-3 do follow links to your website or landing page(no sales/ affiliate pages)
– Please share the Guest post, Once it has been published to your audience.
– FYI, any Submission that doesn’t meet these terms will not be published.
I will be taking a in depth look of the content. Its a great opportunity for you and contribute & collaborated with my readers. 
Be you and inspire people!
For Sponsored blog post – the fee is $200
This is the process: 
– Get Approval and pay first
– Submit the sponsored post to be through email.
Can’t wait to see some of these amazing posts that come in


  • Send me an email at to give me a brief discussion on your topic guest post or sponsored post, website, and product(for Sponsored post only).
  • If this fall in my category niche I work with, you will get approval response.
  • After approval, Pay the money in advance via Paypal using
  • For Interview swap Submit, Your questions to my email which I will response to with my answers. 
  • I will also send you my questions for you answer and response and send back to me.
For any questions, send me an email at, Thank you

Hello! I’M Porsha

 I’m Porsha, I am 23 years old , currently living in London. I decided to start blogging as I feel blogs allow a person to express themselves without feeling uncomfortable.

 I am on a mission to inspire young people my age to fulfil their goals. After four years of work and uni together, with all the working, I decided to take up my own adventure and explore my entrepreneurial skills.

I want to give new blogger/Entrepreneurs the chance to collaborate and work with me to. help. them grow. 
It’s a great way for them to get exposure and more.
I am happy to help share and grow their blog.